The Ultimate Capricorn Compatibility Guide: Understanding Love And Relationships

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Ultimate Capricorn Compatibility Guide

How to truly love the Capricorn in your life.

Knowing your zodiac compatibility is seriously helpful when you're out and about in the dating world. It really helps you understand exactly what you need and want in a relationship and who you need to be looking for!

These days it's hard to find someone that you're truly compatible with. It sometimes feels like you're more likely to win the lottery than find that special someone. Understanding your zodiac sign's love compatibility can help guide you towards Mr. Right. 

Capricorns are determined as heck with a single focus that makes them great leaders. As a Capricorn, you know what you want and what you definitely don't. When you fall in love, you tend to have your future planned already. First comes wedding, then kids, or maybe just traveling the world together. 

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Capricorn's biggest problem is that you're a bit of a Negative Nancy. You can easily become depressed by the lack of romance in your life or past failed relationships. But ultimately, you make up for it with your sharp wit and amazing ability to weather any storm. You're tough as nails and you stick with your man through any difficult situation. If he gets sick, you're able to take care of him, while keeping to your daily routines. You're a master multitasker with a drive to get things done.

To win a Capricorn's heart you have to put in a lot of time and be very patient. She may seem cold at first, but she's worth it! Here's everything you need to know about Capricorn relationships, compatibility, and love.

Best Capricorn zodiac compatibility

Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces are the best love matches for Capricorn. Virgo and Taurus values line up perfectly with Capricorn's while Scorpio and Pisces gain the emotional support they need through Capricorn's intuitive insight.

Who is Capricorn NOT compatible with, according to astrology?

Aries and Libra are too different from Capricorn to make things work in the long term. Libra is way too carefree for the hardworking Capricorn and Aries is too impulsive.

However, even though you may not be compatible in the romantic department, sexual compatibility is a whole other beast. Aries and Capricorn are definitely NOT lifelong partners, but when they get together in bed sparks fly. Aries can always bring out Capricorn's wild side.

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Top Capricorn relationship needs

Capricorn needs stability. She wants the house, the family, and a solid marriage to live comfortably. She dreams of having it all, and you need to give that to her. If you aren't interested in anything long-term, then you are wasting her (and your) time.

What Capricorn brings into the relationship that other signs can't:

She will be super committed to you. Capricorns just don't have that much time in the day. They workaholics and are trying to be the best in whatever career they have. So if they make time for you, you're very special to them! They will be loyal to you and stay with you through thick and thin. Capricorns may appear cold, but they are extremely sensitive and want to shower you with their love.

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Where a Capricorn is most likely to find love

When you're ready for lasting love, the best place to start looking is through your friends and family. Telling your family and friends you're looking for someone can help you out a bunch! They know who you are as a person and they won't hastate to introduce you to someone they believe is a good fit for you. It's also scientifically proven that if you meet partners this way you're more likely to get hitched. 

But not everywhere is there a love match for a Capricorn. You may not have the best luck looking for love online. Yes, it is possible to find someone of substance there. But you're likely to quit before you meet them thanks to the random inappropriate messages or number of guys who just want to hook up.

The best time for a Capricorn to find love

The best time to start looking for love is when you can love yourself. You have to fully appreciate yourself before you can have a healthy relationship with anyone else. You have to do you first before you start to try to do anyone else. Figure out what makes you tick, so you'll find a guy whose goals align with yours.

What makes a Capricorn so irresistible

She has a no-nonsense attitude and is extremely direct. Capricorns have natural confidence about them. They are uniquely genuine, and will ALWAYS tell you the truth. It can turn a lot of guys on. She can be sensual and seductive whenever she chooses.

But sadly, sometimes this ruins Capricorn's chances at love. Being so direct hurts a lot of feelings, sometimes when you're not even aware of it. Let's face it, you do not sugarcoat things. You say what you mean and mean what you say no matter how much it hurts. It can send a lot of men with ego issues running. But if a guy says around and gets to know you, they'll know that you mean well. 

How to make a Capricorn truly happy in her relationship

You need to make sure she knows how devoted you are to her. Capricorns can do a lot. She makes sure you know how much she loves you with the little things she does, like picking up your favorite drink when she was out or making sure to do your least favorite chore. Take her out every once in a while. Listen to her as much as she listens to you and do little things to make her life a bit easier. 

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So how EXACTLY does someone make a Capricorn fall in love?

Capricorn is a busy lady full of ambition and you have to be able to step up to the plate! She wants to know that you're as driven as she is. She wants a doer and achiever, not a dreamer that sits still while life passes by.

This earth queen also needs someone who can satisfy all of her desires — if you know what I mean. But before you can even get to that point with her, you have to prove that you're serious about having a relationship. Her intuition is so sharp she can easily weed out players. Be true to her and she will fall for you.

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