What Libras Are Like In Relationships

Combine all their qualities and Libra makes a great partner.

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Libras are one of the most romantic zodiac signs in astrology. They’re loyal, charming, and love to be in love — and that makes them wonderful partners... most of the time.

Like every other sign, Libras have their negative qualities, too. And these downfalls can cause some pretty serious problems in relationships, no matter how much those symbolic Scales want to balance them out.

What are Libras like in relationships?

Furthermore, what do Libras bring to the table as a romantic partner?


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Though they make loyal partners, and tend to suffer from indecision, superficiality, and manipulation. On the flip side, they are clever, social, always look on the bright side of a situation, and have charisma.


And all of those qualities combined make for quite a relationship.

1. Libras can’t make up their minds.

Libras are notoriously indecisive. They will relentlessly weigh the pros and cons of every decision they make, even the small ones.

Not only can this get frustrating for their partners in day-to-day life (because no one wants to wait around for someone trying choose what kind of coffee to order or what shoes to buy), but this indecisiveness can also affect the Libra’s ability to commit in a relationship.

No matter how into someone Libra seems, in the back of their minds they’re always weighing the choices of staying with them for the long haul. And that doesn’t make for the most stable partnership.


2. Libra always keeps a level head.

Balance is important in a relationship, and because Libra can stay calm in intense situations, this means their attitude is soothing to those around them.

They don't react quickly without thinking, so they tend to prevent arguments from becoming worse. Not only do they dislike confrontation, but their tendency to stay mentally strong during conflict can defuse any type of fighting between partners.

A relationship with a Libra is less likely to be fraught with disputes and more focused on resolution.

3. Libras care too much about superficial things.

After a while, it’s normal for people in relationships to start slacking a little in looks department. To Libra, however, this is totally unacceptable.


They keep themselves in tip-top shape, from their bodies to their wardrobe, and expect their partners to do the same for them. These seemingly shallow and materialistic expectations can put a lot of pressure on a significant other.

4. Libras have a selfless nature.

For Libra, they will do anything to see those they love happy, and Libra will go to great lengths to ensure this. It's even more important in their romantic relationships.

Libra's partner can expect this zodiac sign to go above and beyond to meet their every need, whether it's picking up their partner's favorite dessert, taking care of all the household chores, or booking a dream vacation.

Libra is also selfless when it comes to standing up for others. Expect to always feel protected and comfortable with them around.


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5. Libras can be needy.

Though Libras value their own strong-mindedness, they also crave the approval of others and hate to be alone.

Though it’s nice to feel wanted, their need for attention can seem clingy after a while, and Libra's significant others will likely wish they would be more self-assured.

Libras may not see the importance of alone time, but their partners will certainly long for some of their own, and that might ultimately lead to a breakup.

6. Libras are romantic.

When Libra finds a partner they truly adore, they shower them with love and affection at every turn. And they aren't afraid to hide it; they will shout their feelings from the rooftops for all to hear!


Libra is all about beauty and harmony, and they search for a soulmate who appreciates their efforts. All they want in return is that same level of dedication and romance, including sincere compliments and words of affection.

For the person they love, Libra pulls out all the romantic stops: flowers, chocolates, elegant gifts, expensive dinners — you name it, and they give it. Their need to please is also a great benefit in the bedroom.

7. Libras manipulate others to get what they want.

Libras can get along well with just about anyone thanks to their ability to easily charm and impress others.

But because Libras can read people so well, they can also spot their weaknesses a mile away, and sometimes they use those weaknesses against others for their own personal gain.


Romantic partners will at first feel flattered by how closely Libra pays attention to them and understands their quirks. But if Libras give into their manipulative side, sooner or later, their significant other will begin to seriously resent them, and the relationship will end badly.

8. Libras are loyal to a fault.

Once they are in a committed relationship, Libra's mind is made up — they are fully dedicated to their partner.

In monogamous relationships, they don't stray or cheat; they focus completely on the one they love, and don't become emotionally or physically involved with others.

Though it may take some time to get them to commit, it's worth the effort, as they aren't the type of zodiac sign to waste time chasing interests that go nowhere. Libra's commitment and loyalty is proof that they know what they want, and they aren't afraid to wait for it.


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