What To Expect When Dating A Leo

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dating a leo

Lions have the loudest roar of any big cat. And Leos are the exact same when making their presence known.

The Leo zodiac sign is known for its strength, loyalty, and powerful demeanor.

Leos have a strong passion for others and are dedicated... as long as you do the same for them. Whether it’s family, friends, or a lover, they will commit to the ones they love.

With all of these cool qualities, why wouldn’t you want to date a Leo?

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Leos are ambitious and will only date a person if they support them in their career. If they have a dream and set their mind to it, there's no stopping them, and they will demand your support if you're dating them.

Of all the fire signs this one is the most dramatic and attention-seeking. They are natural-born leaders and don’t hesitate on taking over anything.

When you're with a Leo, life is anything but dull. They can easily light up a room when they walk into it. After all, they are ruled by the sun.

Leos have a contagious positivity that follows them everywhere. Although they adore being the center of attention, they don’t mind sharing the spotlight with the people they care for.

Leos love a good time and will make amazing things happen and give you incredible experiences.

What it's like dating a Leo

When dating a Leo, they strive to be the hottest couple, but they love individuality and will make sure they don’t lose themselves in any relationship. Leos are independent, and if you get in the way of their success, they won’t second-guess ending the relationship.

Leos let their heart take control, and they are big fans of love and being in love. They go for what they want and refuse to let anything stop them from getting it.

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Things to know before dating a Leo

1. Leos are passionate individuals.

Your Leo partner is passionate about love, but they are also passionate about life, in general. They are ruled by the intensity of emotions which can be overwhelming at times, but they don’t let their emotions take over.

2. They love to have fun!

Leos can be the life of any party. They don't like being bored, so they will do anything to keep their minds entertained.

They are very adventurous and curious about different things — and may find themselves in tricky situations because of it.

3. They are hopeless romantics.

Leos aren't afraid to show and tell you their feelings. They love the idea of love and will do anything for the person they commit to.

They enjoy being pampered, but they love spoiling the person they are dating. Just like the Lion, they enjoy loyalty, and they will give you that as long as you're good and loyal to them.

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4. A Leo will forgive, but will never forget.

Leos are quick to forgive you if you've betrayed them, but they will never forget it. They don’t like to dwell on conflict, but they will never forget what you've done.

They don't like to keep grudges and prefer to move on from conflict instead of constantly talking about problems.

5. They are inspirational.

This zodiac sign is known for being extreme leaders who thrive on encouraging others. They want others to succeed as much as they want success for themselves.

They can be jealous in relationships, but when it comes to inspiring others to be great, jealousy is never a factor. They enjoy for their family and friends to be their best selves and fight for their dreams.

6. Leos are optimistic and hopeful.

They are very hopeful and always try to find the light at the end of the tunnel. They strongly believe that the best things will happen in the end, and they are confident about that.

Leos are self-motivated and will surround themselves with other positive people because they believe the best outcome will be the result of any sticky situation.

7. They are genuine people.

Leos will speak their mind at all times, and they are upfront about all situations. They aren’t afraid of telling you the truth.

They also don’t mind you telling the truth about them as well, because as much as they can dish it, they can take it.

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