The 6 Most Adventurous Zodiac Signs, According To Astrology

They seize every day.

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For some people, being adventurous means doing something physically demanding or something with an uncertain outcome. These are the people who climb Mount Everest, even when they know all the dangers and can plainly see the bodies of the climbers who didn't make it to the top.

For others, being adventurous is going to a foreign country and immersing themselves in the culture. They are confident that they’ll be okay, and that help will be there if they should need it.


Adventure doesn't have to mean risking your life or having impossibly high goals of achievement. A true adventurer knows that their barriers come from within and they have the ability to push past them.

If you're one of the most adventurous zodiac signs, you are brave even when the challenges you face are your own.

Sagittarius is the most adventurous zodiac sign.

There's a whole wide world out there and the Sagittarius individual would like to see as much of it as possible.

They love to travel, see and do things that they never even knew existed, and get to meet people along the way. New friends are everywhere for a Sagittarius.


As much as they love and need cities and towns, Sagittarians need to be out in nature from time to time because it is revitalizing for them and they become inspired by natural phenomena.

Having adventures and new experiences is vital to Sagittarius' happiness and sense of well-being. They fear a dull moment more than they fear jumping off a cliff.

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More adventurous zodiac signs

1. Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries' catchphrase might be, "Why wait when you can do it now?" They try to seize every opportunity that's presented to them.

Aries won't let fear, overthinking, or looking foolish stop them. If there are doubters and naysayers, an Aries will ignore them.

They thrive on adventure and they crave excitement, so anyone who tries to bring them down with their rationality will only annoy or anger the Aries individual.

Aries love to travel, love to take risks, and face physical challenges head-on. Don't tell an Aries that they can't do something or that it's too risky because it will just encourage them to go for it even more.


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2. Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Geminis are dreamers, but they're the kind of dreamers who believe that the purpose of life is to make those dreams a reality. They might dream of traveling through China or marching for justice in Washington D.C., and when they achieve these dreams, they create new ones.

Geminis have a curiosity about the world and the ability to communicate with anyone around them, so they have a strong sense of how to overcome whatever kind of obstacle that may come their way.

One good thing about Gemini's social skills is that they when they travel, they make friends wherever they go and end up having friends all over the world.


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3. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarians like to combine their love of travel with their need to make the world a better place, so they often combine volunteer work with travel. For an Aquarius, there's no better way to see the world than to work in a country helping its citizens.

If they can come up with a tool or invention that will improve life for an impoverished country, all the better, because that feeling of satisfaction is what keeps an Aquarius individual going. 

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4. Libra (September 23 - October 22)


Libras will travel to experience culture and/or fight for social justice, and they believe that life is on their side when they fight for others. Libras tend to feel inspired by other cultures and ways of life.

They like to mix up their routine from time to time and just do something new. If they are never challenged or stimulated, they get lazy, but they know this about themselves, which is why they try to cultivate the more adventurous side of their personalities.

You can call it serendipity or synchronicity, but when Libras do something outside their comfort zone or take a risk, no matter how small, it tends to work out for them.

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5. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpios have a thirst for knowledge and are attracted to the unknown, so they're no strangers to adventure and excitement. They love to try new things and travel is one of their passions.


Since they have a competitive streak, it's no surprise that they like to challenge themselves to do things that other people might fear such as extreme sports, non-touristy destinations, and spiritual retreats.

Scorpios tend to not want to stay in the same place forever and like to just pick up and go whenever they need to energize themselves.

Scorpios are deterred from any setbacks they encounter, and they try to learn from their mistakes and keep moving toward the next challenge.

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