Why Are Capricorns So Smart?

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Why Are Capricorns So Smart?

Are you a Capricorn that when having a conversation with someone, you accidentally drive them away with your intelligence?

There are lots of celebrities, humanitarians, scientists, and politicians that prove Capricorns are some of the most brilliant zodiac signs on the planet.

So, why are Capricorns so smart?

The symbol for Capricorn is the goat, which is known for its resourcefulness and resilience.

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Ruled by Saturn, the most dedicated planet in astrology, Capricorns hold a constant desire to explore and investigate new territory no matter what. You like tackling problems as if you were solving a puzzle to get to the fruit inside.

So what is it that makes your zodiac sign such a bright mind?

Here's why Capricorns are so smart, per astrology:

Capricorns think for themselves.

As a Capricorn, you have a unique perspective on life that others could only dream of having. You are able to find motivation in anything you do and want to believe the good in everyone.

You accept new ideas because you understand that there are other ways to look at things; it's not just black and white in most cases. The world is a strange place but you can't help but explore every aspect of it so you can find more knowledge to share with everyone else.

Because of this, you love asking many questions to get a better grip on what's going on. You also love to indulge in interests that others would see as annoying or a waste of time, as you find them very fascinating.

Capricorns love to solve problems.

Problem-solving is not out of the ordinary for you as you want to see how things could play out if done in a different matter while helping others along the way. And don't forget about your sense of humor, which is so specific but gets everyone laughing along.

Just remember, you are smart because of you, not because of anyone else. And when you start acting like yourself, people will notice.

Capricorns think outside of the box.

As a Capricorn, you have a strategic way of thinking. Instead of making impulse decisions, you think of every negative and positive outcome before going through with things.

You have a clear idea of what your goals are and you know exactly what you have to do to get the perfect results. You also are willing to help others when they are needing guidance and are not shy to let others know how smart you are.

You take responsibility.

Responsibility is not difficult for you, and people are more willing to come to you first before anyone else. The reason being you know how things should be done and in what way that others would look over, along with hating slacking off when you know the task needs to be done right now.

Although you take the time to plan things out, that doesn’t mean you are immune to making some mistakes along the way. However, you are able to find exactly what went wrong and make sure not to repeat it when you go down that road again.

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Smart Capricorn celebrities:

Michelle Obama (January 17, 1964)

During her time as the first lady, Michelle Obama advocated for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity and healthy eating in public schools. She also started many campaigns, such as Let’s Move!, Reach Higher, Let Girls Learn and Joining Forces.

Diane Sawyer (December 22, 1945)

An American television broadcast journalist, Diane Sawyer anchored for major networks such as ABC World News, Tonight, Good Morning America and 20/20. She was also the first woman correspondent on 60 Minutes and now is a special contributor on ABC News.

Christiane Amanpour (January 12, 1958)

Host of CNN’s International’s nightly interview program, Chief International Anchor for CNN and host of Amanpour & Company on PBS, Amanpour has won many television journalism awards, including Emmy Awards for News and Documentary. She also has received nine honorary degrees, has been named CBE by the Queen of England and was inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame.

Gabby Douglas (December 31, 1995)

An American gymnast, Douglas won all-around champion in the 2012 Olympics and all-around silver in the 2015 Olympics. She also was a member of the gold-winning teams both in the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics as part of the “Fierce Five”.

David Bowie (January 8, 1947)

English singer-songwriter and actor, David Bowie was a leading figure in the music industry and is regarded as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. In the U.S. Bowie received five platinum and nine gold certifications, was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 and was placed among the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time by Rolling Stone.

Stephen Hawking (January 8, 1942)

An English theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking’s work on the physics of black holes along with writing the best-seller “A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes” has gained him fame and fortune. Hawking has won many awards, including the 2012 Special Fundamental Physics Prize for his discovery of radiation from black holes, the 2006 Copley Medal for his contribution to theoretical physics and cosmology, and the 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Martin Luther King Jr. (January 15, 1968)

One of the most visible spokespeople and leaders of the Civil Rights movement from 1955 until his assassination in 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. advocated for the civil rights for Black Americans.

King won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for combating racial inequality through nonviolent resistance and before his death, expanded his focus to include opposition towards poverty, capitalism, and the Vietnam War.

LeBron James (December 30, 1984)

Basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James has accomplished three NBA championships, four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, three Finals MVP Awards and two Olympic gold medals.

James also holds the all-time record for playoff points, is third in all-time points and eighth in all-time assists along with starting his own charity foundation The LeBron James Family Foundation.

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