Who Are Aries, Leo & Sagittarius Fire Zodiac Signs + What Makes Each Unique

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Who Are Aries, Leo & Sagittarius Fire Zodiac Signs + What Makes Each Unique
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In astrology, there are three unique zodiac signs who share energy but express that element's property differently.

The three fire zodiac signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

What is a fire sign, according to astrology?

The fire element reveals that life’s beauty is the gateway to liberation for each zodiac sign and is the pathway to their expression.

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Aries is a cardinal, fire zodiac sign. Leo is a fire fixed zodiac sign.

Sagittarius is a fire mutable zodiac sign — all fire energy, and yet their personality traits make each astrology sign different from the other.

Fire enjoys outdoor activities and celebrating the gifts of mother nature.

Fire releases friendly energy and they’re sociable

Along with Fire’s excessive zeal, strong fire elements tend to have emotional mood swings, restlessness, and manipulative behavior.

One of the ways to control those outbursts is by going for a walk.

Coffee is a catalyst for jittery behavior, which tends to aggravate the heart.

Another wonderful characteristic that the fire element shares with the world, is their honesty.

If anyone needs advice or a blunt response, then head over to your friendly fire element.

They are also hard workers as well as being protective.

A fire element could lash out if you throw shade or gossip about their loved ones.

Read below to find the astrology personality traits and astrology love matches for each fire zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Best Love Matches: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Symbol: The flying ram

Planetary Ruler: Mars

Power Color: Red

Aries personality traits:

Aries have a dynamic personality with a competitive outlook in their daily lives.

If they’re not working on their crafts, then they enjoy going to social gatherings.

Aries personality strengths:

When it comes to fight or flight, you can count on Aries to fight.

Unfortunately, sometimes without thinking due to their protective instincts.

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Aries personality weaknesses:

Their weaknesses are impatience, mood swings, short fuse, and impulsiveness.

Their leadership skills help them complete goals and encourage teamwork.

Best careers for Aries zodiac signs:

Career choice wise, Aries would enjoy career paths as managers, policemen, soldiers, and so on.

Along with taking up any challenges, Aries is able to quickly assess it and come up with solutions.

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Friendship and Aries zodiac signs:

Aries are not picky with their circle of friends.

They desire a wide range of friends in their lives in order to obtain different views on personal matters.

Communication and Aries zodiac signs:

Other’s who are honest with Aries, tend to have better relationships.

Those who are energetic and brave, are considered a long-term friend to Aries.

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Leo (July 23-August 22)

Symbol: The lion in the cage

Best Love Matches: Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Planetary Ruler: Sun

Power Color: Gold, Yellow, Orange

Leo personality strengths:

Leos believe royal blood flows through their veins.

They’re considered natural-born leaders.

Leos are recognized as a classic theater fanatic.

They tend to be dramatic, creative, courageous, and have the need to outshine others.

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Leo personality weaknesses:

Their weaknesses are arrogance, stubbornness, laziness, and an inability to be flexible for others.

They make up for it by being noticed as comical, kind, unique, and passionate.

Their self- confidence makes them attractive to others.

Best careers for Leo zodiac signs:

The show must go on,’ as the saying goes.

Leos use their creativeness to solve problems, regardless of the complications.

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Friendship and Leo zodiac signs:

Any Leo’s worst enemy is their ego, but they are a friend to all.

If they become attached to it, then they become vulnerable to other’s attacks.

Leos are known to become great coordinators.

By being reliable, they tend to be great at hosting celebrations and other events.

Communication and Leo zodiac signs:

They’re extroverts and receive their energy from outside sources.

Leos are loyal to their friends, because of their commitment to individual values.

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Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Symbol: Archer

Best Love Matches: Gemini, Aries

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

Power Color: Blue

Sagittarius personality strengths:

Sagittarius is flexible to changes, as well as being energetic.

They’re born to achieve any goals under any circumstances.

One of the interesting facts about Sagittarius is that once they have feelings for someone, they’ll never stop caring about them.

Even if they don’t like them, the bittersweet cause Sagittarius to always care for them.

Sagittarius personality weaknesses:

Their weaknesses involve conducting actions without much thought about the consequences.

Sagittarius is always down for anything and being there for their family and friends.

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Best careers for Sagittarius zodiac signs:

They’re misfits and enjoy stepping over boundaries.

They’re known to be the plug for news, gossip, or informative insights, which always lets them have something to offer.

Friendship and Sagittarius zodiac signs:

As a Sagittarius friend, if you break their trust, good luck getting it back.

They believe in moral values and dishonesty truly gets under their skin.

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Communication and Sagittarius zodiac signs:

They have a tendency of being blunt, so forget about any chances of tactfulness.

Sagittarius will not spare your feelings, because brutal honesty is the only way to reveal truths.

Sagittarius is afraid of living a monotonous life.

Traveling is the dynamic action they aim for.

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