What Makes A Capricorn Happy?

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What Makes A Capricorn Happy?

Making a Capricorn happy takes some effort as they tend to have high standards.

Capricorns are also known as the sea-goat in astrology.

Born between the dates December 21 to January 21, they have tough exteriors and are quite independent.

The Earth sign is known to be grounded in what they do and they are quite disciplined and responsible.

What makes a Capricorn Happy?

Capricorns rule the tenth solar house of astrology which is associated with work.

Their ruling planet is Saturn, so not only do they love to work, but Capricorn will make sacrifices for the people that they love.

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Capricorns are happy to buy a loved one a gift or take on a project.

They enjoy working for others but they also feel best when they can work for themselves.

If you are trying to understand what will make a Capricorn happy, there's plenty of things that astrology teaches about this zodiac sign and their needs.

Here are a few things you can do to make a Capricorn happy, per astrology:

1. Compliment them!

Capricorns thrive on praise because they value how other people see them.

There is a saying that goes: “When their image is good, so are they.” Due to this mindset, they live for upward mobility in their careers and general prosperity.

They take their public image quite seriously and they would like others to notice it.

They love the feeling of accomplishment, and they love it when other people notice that accomplishment.

2. Acknowledge their efforts.

The materialistic achievement also makes them happy.

They like being complimented for the things they do and they enjoy doing the things they’re being complimented for.

Success in their respective career is very important to them.

Prosperity in their career puts a smile on their face. The money that comes with their success also excites them.

3. Embrace simplicity.

They enjoy the traditional ways.

Their traditionalist values usually allow them to ascend to leadership roles.

If someone is an artist who lives at home and believes they are bringing world peace through their crystal collection, they won’t have a Capricorn’s respect.

Capricorns respect tangible accomplishments, maturity, and emotional intelligence.

Respecting the traditional values is something that a Capricorn enjoys.

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4. Respect their mind.

Intelligence is something that attracts a Capricorn.

Capricorns don’t like it when people play dumb, so put your thinking hat on.

The Earth sign enjoys an in-depth conversation.

They want to be able to talk at length on any given subject, especially one that interests you deeply.

Capricorns enjoy it when the conversation naturally flows and it isn’t forced.

They don’t want the conversation to be stagnant and hard to get through.

5. Meet their standards.

Capricorns have high standards when it comes to anything in life.

If you can meet their standards, then they would be extremely happy.

As traditional as they are, their standards can be considered the highest out of the entire zodiac.

Their standards extend to their love life and their friendships.

Their social circle can be quite impressive since they have an impressive taste in people.

This impressive taste may stem from their high standards.

6. Love family.

Appeal to their family traditions.

Capricorns love their family and they have a full understanding of family traditions.

They are in tune with everything of their past and childhood and they have no issue bringing out those memories.

They would love it if you shared the sentiment when it comes to family.

They want to be able to pull their childhood photos around you and feel no judgment.

7. Work hard, be responsible.

Capricorn women would love a partner who works hard and is responsible.

Capricorns enjoy working hard within their careers and they’d expect the same with those around them.

Capricorns would want someone who’s as career-oriented and responsible as they are.

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