The 10 Best & Worst Personality Traits Of The Libra Zodiac Sign

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Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. If you were born between the dates of September 23 and October 22, which is also the start of the fall season, you have a Libra Sun sign.

Enjoying your first cup of cocoa of the season, and getting out your cozy socks and sweaters for your birthday, are just a few benefits of being born under the sign of Libra.

What is a Libra?

The symbol for Libra is unique in that it's not an animal. However, it couldn't be more accurate. The Libra symbol is the scales. Everything in Libra's world must be balanced, just like a scale. Libra doesn't feel right unless justice is served, and everything is equal and in perfect harmony.

Characterized by love, peace, and beauty, the Libra personality is most certainly the fairest of all.

Libra is one of the three Air signs; however, unlike Gemini or Aquarius, Libra isn't a strong gust of air. Instead, Libra seeks to divert Gemini and Aquarius' ;powerful presence into a peaceful, more harmonious breeze.

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Libras encourage us to slow down and enjoy this pleasant change in the air, but this is probably one of Libra's biggest downfalls. They care very deeply about others and feel a strong sense of responsibility, not only for their own opinions and well-being but for everyone else's around them.

Libra is often guilty of caring a little too much about what others think. This can cause them to lose sight of their own individuality, making it one of Libra's weaknesses. Libra will eventually be able to find their true selves — the journey of getting there will just take them a little longer than most signs.

Although Libra may lack the need for independence, they don't have any shortage of interesting ideas to bring to the table. Like the other Air signs, Libras are intellectual and always ready to communicate fresh opinions.

Nonetheless, you probably have time for a lunch break while Libra tries to make a decision — that is, if they ever actually come to one. Decisions will never be taken lightly when Libra is involved as they're careful to take every factor into consideration and examine everyone's opinion before coming to an assessment.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, though a compelling argument stands for the Roman goddess as well. It's no wonder why Libra has such deep love, as they are heavily influenced by Venus

5 Positive Libra Personality Traits

1. Cooperative

Libras like to work as a team. This may not be true for everyone, but they work well in groups. They like discussing and finding solutions together, which dives into their love of balance.

Libras like it when every person does their part to create an amazing whole. Since they are a Cardinal sign, they are natural leaders, so group projects are kind of their thing. In other words, teamwork makes the dream work!

2. Social

Libra is the social butterfly of the Zodiac. Many signs are envious of Libra's impeccable social skills since there are very few that rank higher.

Being social is the basic foundation of being a Libra as they love to be around people. They enjoy learning new things, which include meeting new people and getting to know them — i.e., learning what makes them tick, laugh, or cry.

3. Clever

Libras always have something witty to say, making them great conversationalists. They are also very quick thinkers, which makes them excellent problem solvers. If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, look to your Libra friend and they can most likely get you out of it.

4. Fair

Libra feels very attached to justice and fairness because they want everything to be balanced. They make sure everyone is heard before a decision is made (they probably won't be making it, though).

5. Idealistic

Libras believe in the best in people. They are the prime example of looking on the bright side due to their optimistic nature. No one is evil in their eyes to begin with, which is a good quality to have these days where there's so much hate.

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5 Negative Libra Personality Traits

6. Indecision

A people pleaser is one way to described Libra, and that's because it's true. Libras love balance and symmetry, so they weigh all options when trying to make a decision. But they can end up obsessing over the pros and cons for hours, and miss out on a great opportunity.

They look over every point of view, which could lead to them losing their own. Libras want to make the decision that best fits everyone and that often results in them losing altogether.

7. Non-confrontational

Libras dislike confrontation due to their natural position as a peacekeeper. They are more likely to help other people come to a solution through compromise, but when it comes to their problems, they'll just sweep it under the rug.

8. Self-pitying

Libras are a bit self-absorbed when it comes to tragedy. When things don't go well for Libra, they go into tunnel vision where they are only concerned with themselves and have difficulty seeing the bigger picture.

Therefore, they can linger in their disappointment and will throw a pity party for themselves.

9. Unreliable

Libras are known to be fickle and flighty, thanks to their indecisiveness and inability to commit to one thing. They can't keep a secrete due to their social nature, which can easily become gossipy if given the chance.

10. Vain

Being ruled by Venus, Libras love beautiful things. They will take those extra five minutes to get ready (even after grooming and preening for hours), and they are the sign that will take their skincare routine to the next level to avoid aging.

This can get in the way of creating relationships as they most likely won't hang out with people they deem less attractive.

Tips for Relating to a Libra Personality

1. Avoid confrontation at all costs.

Libras hate confrontation, so try not to pick fights with them. If you disagree or have a problem, it's best to bring the issue to light in a non-aggressive manner. If it doesn't feel like a confrontation, Libra is open to talking it out.

2. Surround them with beautiful things.

Take a Libra to an art gallery, buy them flowers, or make a candlelight dinner. They will love you for it. True to their nature, Libra also wants to look beautiful, so don't get upset or frustrated when they take a little too long to get ready.

3. Don't criticize them.

Libras are sensitive, so constantly teasing them, especially when it comes to their looks, isn't a good idea. They don't find the humor in that.

Also, if you want to bring their attention to something that could be potentially embarrassing about their appearance — for example, if they have a sticker left on their clothing — do it in a subtle way rather than causing a scene.

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Best Libra Compatibility & Relationship Advice for Libra

When it comes to Libra compatibility, this sign is most compatible with other Air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, and Fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius.

Libra and Gemini

Libras are naturally charming and exude a beautiful energy that makes them irresistible. They require a deep, meaningful romantic relationship, and it's crucial that it also must be an equal union for it to survive. That's why Libra and Gemini make a good match.

It's easy for Libra to lose themselves in their relationships, which can become a bit of a problem to both signs.

Most of this couple's issues will lie in the fact that Gemini is more independent than Libra. While Gemini no doubt loves their relationship with Libra, they also value doing their own thing. This is something Libras have a harder time wrapping their heads around.

They wouldn't mind spending all of their time with their partner, which can clash with Gemini's personality. The good thing is that since both signs are excellent communicators, and Libra is great at keeping the peace and values equality, their problems are always resolved quickly and diplomatically.

Libra and Aquarius

This match is anything but down in the dumps. It's a very carefree and fun match for the zodiac. Both being air signs almost signals for an immediate and natural connection.

Aquarius values their independence pretty highly, but that's okay because sometimes Libras get a little self-absorbed. It balances out in the end for a healthy relationship. Both of you are very sociable, exciting, and light-hearted, but also have a rational and objective side. This mixed bag makes for great conversations between two excellent communicators. You could easily call the other up at 2 AM to talk about your midnight thoughts.

It's not always rainbows and butterflies in this match. Things can get rough as a Libra can become bossy which can easily spark an Aquarius' rebellious side. So try not to step on each others' toes.

This pairing is a good example of when you are dating your best friend. You have fun and talk about everything, but when you want some alone time they get it.

Libra and Leo

These two signs are a definite power couple. Libra and Leo both have a strong desire to be noticed and be the center of attention. Leo wants to show you off, and Libra enjoys being put on a pedestal.

Leos are dominant in their relationships and Libras are naturally indecisive, so having someone to make decisions for them is great for Libras. However, Leos can take things too far and Libra may just agree to avoid confrontation altogether.

This match is a prime example of how opposites attract. While Libras are more intellectual, Leos are more passionate. It's a yin and yang type of relationship.

They both inspire each other with their creative ambitions, and Leo will be in awe of Libra's endless social skills. Since Libras enjoy debates, having a strong-willed Leo will keep thing interesting and keep both partners on their toes.

Libra and Sagittarius

These signs are similar in that they are both charismatic, optimistic, and avoid confrontation until absolutely necessary. Libras are drawn to Sagittarius' spontaneity and intensity with the hope that these traits will brush off on them.

An intriguing aspect of this pairing is that while Libras value contemplation and are extremely diplomatic, Sagittarius are blunt and very much to the point. It's an odd match when you look at it like that, but it's a good balance. And we all know how much Libras love balance.

Being ruled by Venus, Libra falls in love easily while Sagittarius will wait it out due to their independence. But when they do commit, it only means they are truly in love; they don't just give their love to anyone.

What are Libra's weaknesses?

Libras hate conflict, so they will keep their opinion to themselves if it's going to start an argument, which only results in bottled-up feelings. This is why Libra is sometimes considered weak.

While their diplomacy and tactfulness are valid, it can be hard to trust that they mean what they say. They also take an abundance of time to make a decision, which can be frustrated to the people in their lives and is often seen as lazy.

Who should a Libra marry?

Libra should marry Gemini because Geminis share many of Libra's traits. But, most importantly, they have the same strong desire for romance.

As Air signs, they are both very sociable and communicative people. This will fare well in making and keeping a successful long-term relationship, as both partners are open to going out and trying new things, and will keep an open line of communication.

Both are passionate signs and Libra appreciates the investment Gemini will put into making their relationship romantic.

Libras yearn and often spend much of their time looking for that traditional, old-school type of romance. They believe in courting and swoon over romantic gestures. And they have no problem doing their part in returning that love, whether through words or gifts.

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