The Ultimate Taurus Compatibility Guide: Understanding Love And Relationships

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Taurus Compatibility Guide Love Relationships
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Everything you need to know about the Taurus in your life.

Knowing your zodiac compatibility is SERIOUSLY helpful when you're out and about in the dating world. It really helps you understand exactly what you need, want, and who you need to be looking for!

Us Tauruses are strong, reliable, practical people, BUT even we sometimes wonder why it is we can NEVER seem to find anyone we click with, and when we do, it NEVER goes right.

We like to think we’re always grounded and realistic and for the most part, that’s true! But we also HATE sudden changes, and seriously, changes are inevitable.

We just want to find that perfect, soulmate relationship like in the fairy tales. Romance, sensual touch and intimacy are things we CRAVE and when we don’t have it, we always go looking for it.

The problem is… we are STUBBORN. I mean, like really freaking stubborn. Good luck ever getting a Taurus to admit they’re wrong because we likely never will.

BUT, we are some of the most loyal, loving partners out of all the zodiac signs in astrology.

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You won’t find anyone more devoted to a relationship than Taurus; whether it’s cooking you dinner, buying you a new shirt or planning a romantic night in, she’s always thinking of you above EVERYTHING.

You may need to break through a hard exterior to really get her to tell you how she feels, and there will be times where she'll probably make a small change the most complicated situation in the world. 

She may be the most hard-headed girl you’ll ever meet, but she’s SO worth it.

So… How do you know if you’re compatible? What should you do to make Taurus the HAPPIEST?

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Maybe you don’t know where to look for love or maybe you want to know EXACTLY what to do to make a Taurus girl fall in love with you. Or maybe you can’t seem to figure out why your relationship seems to always be at the breaking point.

We have the answers. Like, ALL the answers.

With extensive research, some serious observations I, your own born and raised Taurus girl, have complained everything you’ll ever need to know about being compatible with a Taurus!

So who exactly is Taurus really compatible with? 

Taurus is most commonly compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Taurus' well-rounded personality makes her easy to love and compatible with A LOT of different people! You love the romantic and sensitive signs because they know exactly what to do to give you exactly the attention you need.

That's great and all, but not everyone is compatible. Who is Taurus NOT compatible with, according to astrology?

Leo and Aquarius are pretty much the OPPOSITE of everything Taurus wants and needs. Aquarius and Leo are adventurous, spontaneous and play by their own rules, which DEFINITELY doesn't match Taurus' structured and routine lifestyle.

Taurus loves a good adventure every once in a while, but too much sudden changes will NOT work for her.

And even though you may or may not be compatible in the romantic department, sexual compatibility is a whole other beast.

Taurus and Sagittarius are SUPER sexually compatible, but romantically they have NOTHING in common. Taurus brings the sensual side and Sagittarius brings the fun side to the bedroom.

Although your sex is well-rounded, your communication skills are pretty much down the toilet. Your ways of thinking are completely opposite, stick to friends with benefits (if even that)!

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Here is what Taurus actually needs in a relationship to make it work:

Taurus needs stability. She knows what she wants and when she wants it, but that can be seriously hard to find. Taurus needs affirmation that you’re still in this, even if you think it’s SO obvious, she likes to be reminded that you’re not going anywhere.

BUT, even if she doesn’t really like it, she needs someone who will challenge her when she’s being too bossy or stubborn. She hates change SO much, but she needs someone who will help her ride the waves of life in a way that keeps her head above the water.

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So what WILL Taurus bring into the relationship that some other sign can't?

Taurus will always be the voice of reason. If you’re ever feeling like your life is LITERALLY falling apart, she will be right there with you to remind you exactly why everything is going to be okay.

Her practical and reliable side makes her the person you know you can run to and she’ll NEVER blow you off. Taurus tends to get PRETTY romantic and she’ll always be going above and beyond for you.

Her loving energy is MADE for relationships, so never doubt her ability to love you to her full capacity!

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So where exactly should a Taurus go to look for love? 

Bookstores, coffee shops, the grocery store; these are places that fold into your everyday routine and it’s likely you’ll find someone you REALLY like, especially when they like all the same things as you.

If someone can catch you in your most comfortable place, you’re likely to feel WAY more comfortable with them! It’s even BETTER if they’re a friend of a friend or a setup, that way you trust that they’re the type of person YOU want to be with!

But not everywhere is there a love match for a Taurus. Try not to look in these types of places for your romantic interests:

Don’t go looking for love in any sort of stressful situation; work or school leave you pretty stressed and you’re pretty much uninterested in everything when you’re focused on important projects.

And don’t even THINK about meeting someone at a bar or a club, it’s SO not you and you won’t want to go through the trouble of stalking hardcore to find out what kind of person they are.



When is the best time in a Taurus' life to look for love:

The best time to find love is when you’re NOT looking. You’re focused on YOU and only you and you’ll feel at your happiest! Then… Someone will come in and sweep you off your feet like never before.

You don’t have any time to analyze, over think, or run away out of fear. They may be someone you wouldn’t even expect to fall in love with, so keep in mind that those closest to you may be the next love of your life!

But one thing you don't want to do? Don't waste your time opening Tinder or sliding into ANYONE’S DMs when you’re still not over your ex. You'll never be able to hide the fact that you’re still SO in love with the person who broke your heart.

You may think you’re trying to move on, but the only thing that’s going to heal you is time and some TLC from your girlfriends. Focus on YOU before you start focusing on ANYONE else.

You put so much energy into your relationships, you need to give yourself some serious time to take care you yourself!

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Why is a Taurus woman SO damn difficult to resist?

Taurus’s loyal and loving heart is SO difficult to resist. She’s sweet, yet strong, stubborn, yet committed; she’s pretty much the ideal partner in a nutshell. She’ll cook for you, and you’ll be hooked.

All it takes is to see her break from her more serious side, and you see how absolutely adorable she is. Spend more than a day, and you’re IN LOVE with a Taurus.  

But sadly, Taurus sometimes ruins her chances at love.

They’re not kidding when they say that Taurus is as stubborn as a bull … Although the stubbornness can translate easily into resilience, it can also come to bite her in the butt. She can be SO uncompromising that it can seriously strain a relationship.

Chances are if there’s any sudden changes or insecurities in the relationship, she’s going to try to run away and COMPLETELY ruin her chances at love.

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How to make a Taurus truly happy in her relationship:

Taurus is pretty easy to please. She’ll let you know what she wants and when she want it, so all you have to do is make it happen. Any time she’s stressed or feels out of control you have to do some SERIOUS TLC to make her feel comfortable and happy, or she’all start flying off the deep end! Taurus just wants to be happy, and as long as you’re loving and kind, you should have it in the bag.

Taurus hates to be told what to do. She ALWAYS thinks she’s right, and when someone tries to tell her otherwise, she’s immediately turned off.

Don’t even THINK about trying to debate, argue, or question her motives. Taurus doesn’t like to be challenged or play games, she is completely comfortable forming her own opinions and sticky to them. You’re pretty much asking to get rejected if you act selfish or boastful!


So how EXACTLY does someone make Taurus fall in love?

Be the perfect balance of someone who challenges her but also has the same morals and values as her.

Be a lover of tradition and family, extremely affectionate and surprise her with gifts every once in awhile! Show her how much you value quality time together.

Taurus tends to be high strung, so in the moments she can relax and show her fun-loving side. It’s important you show her she’s a priority.

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