Why Are Sagittarius So Hard To Date

Struggle love might just be worth it with a Sagittarius.

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It’s no secret that dating is no easy task, and when you are going out with a Sagittarius it can feel so hard to do.

Countless books and coaches specialize in dating advice but rarely do they discuss dating this particular zodiac sign.

Which is heartbreaking. It takes a lot to find someone you genuinely like that is looking for the same things you are.

Things are even more complicated when you are dating a Sagittarius zodiac sign, and at least know that it's hard but not impossible.


Like any other zodiac sign, there are downsides to dating Sagittarius.

Why is Sagittarius so hard to date?

A Sagittarius can be so hard to date because of their traits and qualities.

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Initially, those characteristics can seem great, but as the relationship progresses they can quickly become turnoffs.

It’s always said that the things that you find cute in the beginning will be the very things that annoy you later on.

That’s not to say that Sagittarius zodiac signs are impossible to date.

This zodiac sign can make great lovers if they date signs that they are the most compatible with.

Sagittarius zodiac signs have the potential to get along great with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

Don’t despair, if you aren’t one of those for zodiac signs.

You and a Sagittarius can still make it work, it’ll just take much more compromise and patience.


Amid the difficulties of dating a Sagittarius, remember the positives of dating them as well.

When a Sagittarius is genuinely interested in you, they’ll let it be known.

They will not leave room for you to doubt their intentions with you.

Sagittarians are straightforward once they are all in.

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Going on dates with Sagittarius is like an experience like no other.

Sagittarians are spontaneous and passionate because they are fire signs.

Fire signs are known to take your breath away with their charm and confidence.

You’ll feel the sparks flying almost instantly.


Also, Sagittarians always believe in their partners.

They want to look at the bright side of things. Their optimism will inspire and encourage anyone they date

Now that you know why you should give Sagittarius a chance.

It’s equally important that you know the downsides of being with them. Even with all those great qualities, Sagittarius can still be hard to date.

Here’s why Sagittarius, zodiac signs are so hard to date: according to astrology.

1. Sagittarius zodiac signs are so hard to date because they are impatient.

Sagittarius doesn’t like to wait. When they want something, they want it now.

Unfortunately being impatient does not make for healthy relationships.


Patience is a must to keep any relationship harmonious.

Sagittarius has to understand that we all have our own lives.

Sometimes our availability doesn't line up, causing one or another partner to wait on the other.

Their lack of understanding of the importance of dating makes it hard to date them.

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2. Sagittarius is so self-centered.

Sagittarius are deep thinkers so they can easily get wrapped up thinking about their own lives and aspirations.

If they spend too much time focusing on themselves, it’ll just leave their partner feeling undervalued.


It’s safe to say that everyone craves attention from their partner when they’re in a relationship.

Instead of prioritizing the relationship, Sagittarius will prioritize themselves almost forgetting the needs of their partner if they do not serve them.

This makes it hard to date Sagittarius because relationships are supposed to be about the couple, not just the Sagittarius.

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3. Sagittarius zodiac signs are distant.

From time to time we all need space to gather and collect our thoughts, but going ghost on your partner is never the way to go about this.

Sagittarius has difficulties expressing negative emotions so they avoid having to talk about it altogether.


The aloofness of Sagittarius will drive a wedge between them and their partner because they’ll view it as a sign of distrust.

Sagittarius’ lack of vulnerability makes them hard to date.

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4. Sagittarius is so impulsive.

Spontaneity is great for keeping a relationship fun and fresh, but too much can have a negative effect.

Sagittarius fail to consider the repercussions of their actions.

They can’t just expect their partner to drop everything and go on a last-minute date all the time, we have jobs and other obligations.

Their impulsivity makes it hard for their partner to have their own life outside of the relationship.

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5. Sagittarius zodiac signs are argumentative.

If you and your Sagittarius partner get into an argument or confrontation.

Things may not end as quickly as you’d like. Sagittarius will take arguments to heart, so the argument will not be taken lightly.


They want to win the argument by any means necessary to prove their intelligence.

Sagittarius has to put their pride aside when arguing to keep the peace in the relationship.

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