4 Zodiac Signs Who Are Capricorn's Worst Enemies

These signs have minimal compatibility with Capricorn on all levels.

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Capricorn, the goat of the zodiac, is by nature very patient and hard-working. They do not get into fights easily and usually try to solve things in the most efficient manner possible so things don't get messy later.

But no matter how much they want to keep the peace and go on with their life, conquering their goals and dreams, sometimes Capricorn cannot avoid making enemies.

And when it comes to astrology, the following zodiac signs are Capricorn's worst enemies.


Zodiac signs who are Capricorn enemies

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1. Leo

Leo does what Leo wants, regardless of what anyone has to say. And this can literally get in your way if you are a Capricorn — or at least create really embarrassing situations that are difficult to get out of.


These two signs can have a tense truce if they are careful, but most times than not they are at each other's throats.

Only, Capricorn doesn't like overt expressions of aggression, so the throat thing will be more on Leo's side than Capricorn's. But Capricorn will definitely plot revenge (best-served cold) if push comes to shove.

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2. Cancer

Capricorn and Cancer are opposites for a reason.

When one says "day," the other says "night." When one wants to cuddle, the other wants to work. When one wants to talk it out, the other refuses to talk.

Of course, it's not always this extreme. Not at the beginning, at least. People are more civil with each other at first.


But eventually, the two will be at loggerheads with and be absolutely annoyed by each other.

Both just can't seem to get why the other is so mad at them!

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3. Aries

Capricorn and Aries would fight to the death if they could. But the judiciary won't allow it.

Capricorn can't stand Aries because the latter, like Leo, does what it wants and sometimes in the most impulsive and unpredictable manner possible.

This can literally spill water all over Capricorn's carefully laid-out plans and irk them to no end. Especially if the Aries is a rebellious employee and the Capricorn the boss.

These two would be sworn enemies by the end of the day if they were left alone without mediators finagling peace.


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4. Aquarius

Aquarius and Capricorn are the kind of enemies who pretend they are cordial with each other (just cordial, never friends), but behind the scenes, both want to win at the cost of the other's defeat.

Aquarius, in particular, gives off the vibe that they are better than Capricorn. And they will deny it if you ask them directly. But deep inside they do feel they are superior. Not just to Capricorn but everyone.

Capricorn can sense this in Aquarius and doesn't buy the cordial pleasantries that Aquarius uses to pretend they are humble and friendly.


They don't point it out though. That's not Capricorn's style. But it frustrates and irritates them to no end because they do not like humbuggery.

The main reason why these two would be each other's worst enemies is because both have big dreams and want to be at the top of the food chain. They just manifest their desires and express them in different ways, that's all.

And if there's only one spot at the top... you know what that means.  

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