5 Strange Myths & Facts About The Capricorn Zodiac Sign (Even If You Think Astrology Is Fake)

You might think you know Capricorn, but you don't.

5 Strange Myths & Facts About The Capricorn Zodiac Sign (Even If You Think Astrology Is Fake) getty

There seems to be a lot of speculation around Capricorns, and what they're really like based off of astrology. As a Capricorn, I'm here to set the record straight.

The people who get excited that I have the Capricorn zodiac sign have usually never met a Capricorn! We're far and few apart, but will definitely leave a lasting impression on your life.

Having a friend with the Capricorn sign means having someone who goes beyond being resourceful. Despite this, people still assume this sign is a grumpy old billy boat. In reality, Capricorns are just determined and set in my ways. 


Capricorn traits include being very driven and ambitious, but that means being perceived as workaholics. This means they know how to work hard and play hard.

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Everyone seems to have a different opinion about the Capricorn personality. While some get along with everyone, others can't stand to be around individuals with the same sign. Sometimes, our desire to make sure everything goes as planned clashes with others, but at the end of the day, we're just happy that things got done. 


A person's zodiac sign influences their personality, so now that you have an inside look at Capricorn, let's clear up all those weird myths surrounding this sign, and what it's really like to be a Seagot in astrology.

Myth 1. Capricorns are controlling.

this one is understandable. Since Capricorns have an amazing amount of self-control, it'd be easy to just assume that they also have an incredible urge to control the lives of everyone around too. But that's not true.

Even if Capricorn does give you some advice on life and it comes across as pushy, they just want the best for you because they love you so much. There's nothing Capricorn cares about more than family and friends, so just know they mean the best, even if it comes out the wrong way.

Myth 2. They don't like change.

A lot of people seem to think that Capricorns are devout conservative or traditionalists. They have their routines and they stick to them, because they work, but they aren't closed off to the idea of trying new things.


Why face new problems and challenges of something when what they're doing is perfectly okay? It just doesn't make a lot of sense.

Myth 3. Capricorn signs are extremely boring.

Capricorns take their jobs seriously. and know when to buckle down and get to work. But that doesn't mean they don't also know how to cut loose.

This zodiac sign is hilarious, and their friends always tell them how they make any activity fun because of it. They're less of a stick in the mud and more a fairy wand in a puddle of glitter glue. 

Myth 4. They're cold and standoff-ish.

Capricorns are generally serious and very stubborn. If they don't have to change to make something work, why should they? But this doesn't mean they're cold.


Personally, I have a bad case of RBF, but Capricorns are generally very sweet and kind once you actually approach them. If you decide to approach them, you'll realize they we can be a great companion, a shoulder to cry on, and even that friend that always makes you laugh.

Myth 5. Capricorns are so driven, they'll do anything to get their way.

Being goal-oriented is one of my few useful attributes, so please don't turn it into something negative. Only a few others can match Capricorns on their determination to get things done, but that doesn't mean they're going to bulldoze through everyone else.

While Capricorns care about reaching their goals a lot more than most signs, they care even more about their loved ones and the people around them. They would feel horrible and be totally lost if they reached their goal and then had no one around to share it with. 

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Fact 1. A Capricorn's word is bond.

If you ever need a friend to take you to the airport at 5 AM or help you move, call the closest Capricorn. Not only are they dedicated to their commitments, but they'll never leave a friend hanging.

There aren't many other people that are as dedicated to completing their commitments as Capricorns. They don't like letting people down, and more importantly, they don't like letting themselves down. Sometimes this can get them into trouble with putting too much on their plate, but they always make sure it's wiped clean. 

Fact 2. Getting on their bad side is not a good idea.

Nothing is worse than a scorned Capricorn. They put a lot of work into their relationships and expect the same. Once you've wronged them, don't plan on a simple apology winning them back over.

Generally, Capricorns don't just let people slide who have done them wrong. When it comes to people who have hurt them, Capricorn has no problem with cutting them off and not looking back. 


Fact 3. They have high standards for just about everything.

Some people see this aspect as being picky or rude, but they just know what they like. It's not that they're materialistic, it's that they want the best.

It goes far beyond clothing and shoes, though; they look for high-quality friendships and life experiences as well. Capricorns want to live their life to the fullest, surrounded by the best of the best.

Fact 4. Capricorns are resilient and strong.

Capricorn can get knocked down 100 times, and they'll still get back up swinging. This is where the whole "Capricorns are stubborn" thing comes into play. It's not that they're hard-headed, they're just super-committed. They aren't quitters!


For instance, one time I stayed up until 3 AM decorating a cake because I said I was going to, and didn't want to stop and start again the next day. Was I tired the next day? Yes. Was I proud of myself? You know it. 

Fact 5. They bottle up emotions.

Sometimes, Capricorns just want to prove to themselves that they can get through things without help. Usually, they can't, but they'll definitely try. The Capricorn's need to be self-sufficient and independent can get them into a lot of trouble here.

Nine times out of ten, their problem could have been solved if they reached out, but they'll most likely struggle in silence than reach out to a friend. Capricorns also have trouble opening up to people, which can make it even harder to ask for help. 

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Josie Fuller is a writer who studies Journalism and Women's Studies at The University of Florida. Her work has been featured on The Tab.