Water Signs Compatibility: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces Shared Traits

Water signs wear their emotions on their sleeve.

Last updated on Oct 18, 2022

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Each of the twelve zodiac signs is associated with one of four elements — fire, earth, air, and water — each of which shares certain personality traits, characteristics, and factors that determine love compatibility.

If your Sun, Moon or Rising sign is one of the three signs tied to the water element, or if a water sign is featured in another prominent placement in your birth chart, familiarizing yourself with your element and astrological modality is a great way to better understand yourself and your relationships with others.


Water Sign Compatibility With Fire, Air, And Earth Signs

Since our zodiac signs rule our personalities, emotions, and how we project ourselves to the world, they are a great tool to use in finding a compatible match. While some signs love to explore and try new things, others tend to be more reserved and love their routine.

Often, it is best to avoid your sister sign (the sign directly opposite yours on the zodiac wheel) since you may clash. And while each of the water signs has their own best matches, there are some certain aspects that affect all water signs' compatibility with the signs belonging to each element.


Water and Air Compatibility

Like the winds of change, air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are all about action. They’re hard to catch because they are always on the go.

They breeze through life collecting as much information and experience as possible, which they love to share with others, but they can be a little restless at times and fickle when it comes to their emotions since they don’t always remember to check in with themselves or others.

Water may evaporate in air, or the two may help each other expand to new heights. These two elements are often a great source of inspiration to the other, with air signs helping water sign partners better express their deep, dark emotions, as water signs help air sign partners find a path for their creativity.


Water and Fire Compatibility

The fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) tend to be passionate but temperamental. They’ll keep you warm but burn you up just as quickly. They need constant fuel and energy to keep their light alive, but need to be nurtured and managed or else they get out of control.

When water combines with fire, the two elements may add to each other in a beneficial way, producing a heady form of steam; or, they may counteract, smother, and extinguish the other's very essence.

Which way things go depends on the ability of the two individuals in question to maintain respect for and balance with the other.


Water and Earth Compatibility

The earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are down-to-earth and steady. They’re practical and grounded, and are the kind of people you can lean on in times of need. But they can get a bit too stuck in their ways and may even exhibit materialistic tendencies at times.

Water softens earth. Because of this, water signs can bring out the more emotional side of typically practical earth signs, while earth signs can help water sign partners better manage real-world struggles from a more rational perspective.

Water and Water Compatibility

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) have as much depth as the ocean and are just as unpredictable as the tides. They are awash with emotions and filled with floating dreams. They need to be nurtured to ensure they don’t drown themselves in their feelings.


Water combines with water to create... even deeper waters. While water sign pairs are likely to have an innate understanding of each other, they may also flow too easily over and around one another's boundaries.

If the two water sign partners are able to remain self-aware and balanced, this can be one of the strongest bonds in astrology.

Cancer Compatibility

Perfect Love Match: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces

Cancer zodiac signs wear their heart on their sleeve and always want to give love to those around them. Since they feel a lot of emotions, they sometimes can quickly spiral into a moody state, but if they trust you, they will always be a shoulder to lean on and will give you their support.


However, if you are mean to them, it will hurt their feelings greatly. They do not want negativity in their life, so if you don’t serve them, they will ghost you and forget that you existed in the first place.

They need to be surrounded by people who love and appreciate them. Due to their many emotions, they also get worked up and worried about the smallest things.

They are also incredibly hard on themselves, so it is best they get the reassurance they seek. Be honest with them because their intuition helps them see through anything.

Scorpio Compatibility

Perfect Love Match: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces

Scorpios are reliable and deeply loyal but can be somewhat defensive. They are dedicated and always up for a challenge; they are intense and feel things to the highest degree.


Scorpios can slip into a sad mood easily, but this helps them connect to the world around them. It is crucial that they get time to be by themselves because they value their privacy and personal space. They dislike being controlled or told what to do since they want to be the ones that are in charge of their life and choices.

Although they can be secretive, if a Scorpio trusts you, they will always be committed and loyal to you. Scorpio is a dramatic sign, but they do spice things up and provide endless entertainment.

Pisces Compatibility

Perfect Love Match: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn

Some might find Pisces to be a little spacey, but they are just daydreaming. They are true romantics and are always on the search for their soulmate.


Pisces seek freedom and privacy and sometimes have the need to escape from their present reality. They also make great friends and will always be there for you when you need them.

Their "go with the flow" attitude is something to be admired, as they are always up for anything.

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What signs are compatible with water signs?

Water signs often find great compatibility with earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Water naturally nourishes the earth, so this makes great sense. Not only that, but water signs are sensitive and compassionate, which is a great match for strong-willed signs like the three earth signs.


These signs work together because they teach each other something to make their individual lives more fulfilling. Water signs can teach earth signs how to be more emotional and allow themselves to feel their emotions rather than repress them. Earth signs can keep water signs balanced and grounded in reality when serious matters are at hand.

Are water signs good together?

Water signs can create incredibly strong bonds. They're refreshing and, at the same time deep, so their dreams are intense and their goals as a couple are very ambitious.

Water signs understand one another easily since their emotions are at the forefront of their personalities; in fact, since they are intuitive, they can easily detect how another person is feeling almost immediately.


But this can be a problem between two water signs.

They don't really get time alone where they can feel and reflect on their own emotions separate from each other. A relationship between two water signs isn't necessarily meant to succeed, but they surely have a good chance if they balance boundaries.

What signs should not be together?

Water signs and fire signs can be steamy and passionate, but they often end up hurting each other with exhausting energies and scalded emotions.

Other elemental combinations that shouldn't mess with each other include earth and air signs, because they have troubling blending. That is, they could probably talk for hours on end, but the emotional connection may drag for them.


The best combinations include air and fire, and water and earth; in this way, the elements complement each other.

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