Capricorn Man And Scorpio Woman Compatibility In Love And Life

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The Capricorn man is an interesting character and he is oddly complemented by the Scorpio woman, who, in turn, can be well-matched by him.

The Goat and the Scorpion who on earth would think these two could be friends, let alone lifemates? And yet, of all the zodiac signs and couplings that occur in astrology, these two are right up there with the best-matched.

Each zodiac sign has what the other one wants, and if they do not find it, they believe in putting in the effort to make things work. They believe they're a good couple, therefore they are.

Capricorn is a very reserved sign, so they look to others for wanton passion and exhibitionism. They find that in Scorpio, and it thrills them to watch Scorpio in action.

Scorpio does what Capricorn only dreams of doing.

The Scorpio woman represents freedom and lack of inhibition to the Capricorn man. She has the ability to open him up and give him the freedom he so desires, yet is too shy to get on his own. She is a wild child and he is all about curiosity.

Capricorn man and Scorpio woman compatibility

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Capricorn is an earth sign and Scorpio is a water sign

It seems that these two complement each other so well that all problems that come up are readily fixed with respect and proper communication. They want to put in the effort, and neither party is willing to give up on the other.

Working on the relationship is not work — it is what is necessary in order to create longevity. With so much in common on so many surprising levels, it is no wonder they get along.

Together, they are more than the sum of their parts.

Capricorn man and Scorpio woman marriage compatibility: medium

There is no doubt that this coupling has an excellent chance of creating and maintaining a beautiful, long-lasting relationship based on respect and love.

If they argue, they work it out. If they are personally plagued with problems, they will give each other the respect and space to work it out on their own, and the option of talking it out together.

This duo is pure potential, usually realized and always positive.

When it comes to marriage, however, while it is not a terrible thing for a Scorpio to partner up with a Capricorn, her best bet would be a Leo or a Pisces. She needs the ego-driven passion of Leo, while she craves the thoughtful sensitivity of Pisces.

Capricorn man and Scorpio woman sexual compatibility: high

Yes, yes and more yes! In fact, their sex life and understanding of what they want is almost enough to convince them that they need nothing more — if only life was so easy.

They are expressive sexual partners who fully devote themselves to the pleasure of the sexual act; they are generous, thoughtful and always ready to try new things. Their sex life is so good that they make great "sex-only" friends; however, both crave love and wish to pursue their relationship further.

The Capricorn man supports the Scorpio woman's lusty desire, and she recognizes his need for a playful, fun sex life. 

Capricorn man and Scorpio woman compatibility in values: high

Both signs value self-respect, and they work hard toward gaining confidence and self-esteem.

They both know that they can only love another if they love themselves. In this regard, they will take time off if needed to decompress and find peace within themselves.

They are not interested in taking out their frustrations on the other, which removes the idea of constant bickering. They do not bicker; they work it out, and this sharing of emotion and conversation is what they value most.

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Capricorn man and Scorpio woman emotional compatibility: low

The Capricorn man and the Scorpio woman may find a glitch in the seemingly perfect relationship they have created.

Both signs are somewhat proud; they want to impress the other as having it all together, and we all know that is the stuff that breaks down after a while. And even though they are willing to talk everything out and come up with a solution, it is difficult for both Capricorn and Scorpio to admit to having any kind of emotional issue.

The more they deny their feelings, the more repressed they become. They are compatible to a point... until the emotions take over.

Capricorn man and Scorpio woman trust compatibility: medium

If both parties make a concerted effort to deal with their own personal issues, they will find themselves perfectly aligned in trust.

Trust was never an issue between these two, but what they both need to learn is how to deal with their own problems. In other words, they trust each other implicitly, and now they have to learn to trust their own selves.

The good part is that they are willing to do this together: to listen, to teach and to learn.

Capricorn man and Scorpio woman communication compatibility: high

The Capricorn man is extremely practical. Communication is what he is all about, and expressing himself is easy.

His need for control is not oppressive; he is thinking of the greater good and he knows how to manifest this. If he can get his thoughts across, he knows all things will fall into place.

The Scorpio woman is passionate but pragmatic. She does not act on impulse and that fits right into the Capricorn man's playbook.

The two of them know how to work towards a goal, and are unafraid to bring new and fresh ideas to the table. Their communication is open, honest and fearless.

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