7 Ways Aquarius Shows You They Love You (As Written By An Aquarius)

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NO ONE compares to an Aquarius.

Aquarius isn't the most affectionate Zodiac sign and I am the first to admit it. Instead of being all lovey-dovey with my significant others, it can feel like a business contract most of the time (especially if it's first date territory); lots of small talk and keeping my guard up doesn't really make dating all that fun.

If this sounds like you, then you are in the same boat as me.

But here is one thing a lot of people tend to forget: Aquarius is no stranger to love. In fact, Aquarius can love HARD ... but only with the right people.

And yes, Aquarius is a little non-traditional when it comes to showing you how much they love you, but rest assured that they DO love you ... they just tend to approach it a little differently.

What makes Aquarius so exciting (and interesting) to date is that they are unconventional and different; no two dates will be the same with them and you can bet that they won't stand for a cookie-cutter night out.

Love to an Aquarius is like getting into the school of your dreams or finally being able to pay for that new makeup palette you've been eyeing up. In other words, it's a BIG DEAL.

They aren't the type to blurt out "I love you" without weighing the pros and cons, and waiting way too long before actually saying it ... your typical introspective behavior.

But even if the words don't come easily, that doesn't mean an Aquarius doesn't love you. It just means that they show their love in a different way.

That can mean showing love through actions or other forms of communication, but loving an Aquarius is exciting and different, and totally worth putting up with their intermittent craziness. Why? Because their love is better than anyone else's (and yes, I DID just compliment myself).

An Aquarius wouldn't be an Aquarius if they didn't change the rules just for themselves, right? Here's more:

1. She shares her private life with you.

Aquarius is one of the more secretive signs who doesn't like opening up to others. To them, being emotional means feeling vulnerable and letting their guard down. If an Aquarius really trusts you, she will start opening up more. She will only share some of the most intimate parts of her life with those she really loves. If she takes the time to tell you something important to her, listen; being exposed is a new concept to her and she wants to know she is trusting the right person.

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2. She makes time for you no matter what.

Aquarius can be all about her self sometimes, but when someone she love's is in need, she is there for them, no questions asked. Oftentimes, Aquarius can seem shallow to people who don't know her well, but in reality, she is just putting in a lot of effort to be there for those whom she loves most. If Aquarius is always there for you, whether that means through texts or in person, she really cares about you.

3. She says "I love you" differently.

Saying "I love you" is hard for an Aquarius because it is another form of vulnerability. Being a creative sign, she is more likely to say those three little words differently, because that's just how Aquarius rolls. But don't be fooled; just because she isn't saying, "I love you" outright doesn't mean she isn't saying it at all. Phrases like "be safe" or "text me when you get home" have just as much meaning as any "I love you" to an Aquarius.

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4. She will spoil you.

Aquarius is all about going over the top when they love someone. You can tell you are really special to her if she is always trying to spoil you. That means cooking your favorite dinner, buying you gifts even when it isn't your birthday or Christmas, and being extra generous in the bedroom. Showering someone with affection only happens when Aquarius is most comfortable with you and truly loves you. So, if that happens, you must be one special someone.

5. She is your friend above all else.

 Sex and relationships can mean nothing to an Aquarius if you aren't friends first. Aquarius is very good at detaching emotion from sex and if there is no foundation, relationships, too. If you and an Aquarius are friends before anything else, then you know their love is the real deal. For her, commitment is so much easier when you've already won her trust as a friend. She values and loves her best friends the most, which is why it is important to have that before you can have anything else with an Aquarius.

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6. She lets you take charge.

Denying an Aquarius of her power is a big no-no; she likes being in control and being free from commitment. She is the only one who can get away with this kind of behavior and it makes her feel like she is in charge of her life. If she loves you, however, she is more willing to let you take the reigns because she trusts you. It may take time for your relationship to get there, but when it does, you can be sure that that means she loves you. If you sabotage that trust, though, there is no going back; especially with an Aquarius.

7. She makes you feel special.

Love is more than words with an Aquarius. If she isn't showing her love without words, then she is making you feel totally special with compliments and admiration. She praises your strengths and makes you feel like you are on top of the world, all because she really thinks you are. She loves to love those who are closest to her, which doesn't come often or easily for her. If you find yourself basking in the glow of her praises, then she definitely loves you.