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YourTango is a purpose-driven publisher focused on love, relationships, emotional wellness, and self-empowerment.

We aim to open our readers’ hearts, build relationships, and ignite positive change in millions of lives through compelling, actionable editorial.

Our goal is to foster the human connection — in all its joy, messiness, heartache, healing, wonder, and triumph. We cater to people of all backgrounds, recognizing the benefits and beauty of inclusivity and in learning from one another.

YourTango is more than just a media company on a mission. We are activists who believe that love is an action word.

We seek to motivate innumerable positive acts that collectively lead to transformative change. We hear regularly from our audience about the impact of our editorial on their lives: from changing attitudes to offering a deep sense of validation to finally learning to let go...and so much more.

We have even been credited by some readers for saving their lives, thanks to the hope, courage, compassion and vulnerability shared by our gifted contributors.

YourTango’s editorial voice is powerful, revealing, and inclusive, due to the incredible chorus of diverse voices that comprise it. These voices are at once brave, genuine, insightful, and empathetic.

They beautifully elevate what we specialize in publishing: moving personal stories, illuminating expert advice and analysis, compelling opinions, and thoughtful deep dives grounded in research that offer helpful context in a confusing world. In addition, we provide a sprinkling of news and pop culture, energizing wellness tips, and seriously addictive, astrological insights.

We connect the dots between love and relationships; self care and caring for others: emotional intelligence, social justice, and happiness. We know that you cannot thrive in the absence of love.

YourTango’s content hits every emotional note so as to foster a true connection with our audience, allowing us to tug at your heart strings, tickle your funny bone, and open your mind.

We have built a powerful platform in which our robust community of readers, writers, brands, and the foremost thought leaders and experts in mental health, wellness, and relationships connect and engage where it matters most: the heart.

While we don’t typically break the news, we do a beautiful job of humanizing it.


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