9 Well-Known Celebrities Born With A Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Famous Capricorn Celebrities That Prove To Be Famous You Need To Work Hard

These Capricorn celebs keep it cool and collected in spite of their fame and fortune.

The disciplined Capricorn sun sign has produced many of history’s greatest minds and masters of almost every domain. Among them are the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15th) and Isaac Newton (January 4th).

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It’s hard to live up to those two names, but there are some modern-day Capricorn horoscopes are greats as well. These 9 celebrities were born between the dates of December 22 - January 20th. Their Capricorn traits go beyond their zodiac sign's discipline in achieving fame and success.

If you are a Capricorn, you might have noticed yourself taking a distinct interest in certain celebrities on this list, even before knowing that you shared their zodiac sign. Your cosmic connection to one another is distinguishable, and you likely share some common traits or interests. 

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This list doesn’t include as many glamorous celebs as a Libra or Taurus zodiac sign; however, this isn’t surprising. Capricorns are notoriously serious about their work and responsible when it comes to fame and notoriety. If a Capricorn is famous, it’s because he or she has worked extremely hard at their craft and regimented in practicing and achieving their goals.

Here’s how each of these ten Capricorn celebrities expresses their individuality as well as their distinctly Capricorn traits attributed to their horoscope personality, according to astrology.

1. John Legend (December 28th)

John Legend is a musician and activist. You probably know him from one of his hit songs like All of Me or Ordinary People, or maybe you just know him as Chrissy Teigen’s husband. Legend has a smooth voice that really brings on the chills, especially coupled with his romantic lyrics. He worked his way up from humble beginnings, relying on both his brains and talent on the piano to work his way into stardom.

2. Blue Ivy Carter (January 7th)

Blue Ivy Carter may be only 6 years old, but she was born into greatness (and not just because of her Capricorn zodiac sign!). Blue’s parents are Beyonce and Jay-Z, which means she has high chances of being equally as successful and talented as either of them. We don’t know much about her own personality yet, but I’d bet that she’ll be as hardworking self-controlled as Capricorns come. She has a huge name to live up to!

3. Kate Middleton (January 9th)

Kate Middleton is classy and elegant, so becoming Duchess of Cambridge came naturally to her when she married Prince William. She has devoted her place in the public eye to being worldly and charitable, much like Princess Diana before her. Her Capricorn class shines through, and she remains down-to-earth despite worldwide fame and status.

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4. Zayn Malik (January 12th)

Zayn Malik is a solo musician and former member of the boy band One Direction. While One Direction allowed him to make a name for himself and rise into musical fame, Malik has been thriving on his own. A little-known fact is that outside of his music, Malik is gifted at managing his own finances and taking the initiative of his own life and resources. This is a distinctly Capricorn trait, and it’s rare among young celebrities.

5. Liam Hemsworth (January 13th)

Actor Liam Hemsworth is more than just a pretty face. You might recognize him from the Hunger Games saga or as Miley Cyrus’s fiance, but he’s actually a really compassionate guy. Those who know him say that he is remarkably responsible and often takes initiative in helping others and managing complications in his work and life. He’s the quintessential example of a responsible Capricorn.

6. Orlando Bloom (January 13th)

You might remember Orlando Bloom as the early-2000’s heartthrob from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and Lord of the Rings. Bloom hasn’t let fame consume him; he tries to go about life as normally as possible in spite of his stardom. While he is extremely talented as an actor, he enjoys the simplest aspects of life and remains humble.

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6. Michelle Obama (January 17th)

Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States, is cunning and smart. She has a natural knack for leadership roles, which many Capricorns do consider their natural intelligence and sense of responsibility. She is highly educated (more than most First Ladies before her, in fact) and used her status to motivate others to stay educated and healthy. Michelle Obama makes a great role model for Capricorns and other zodiac signs alike.

7. Betty White (January 17th)

Betty White is everyone’s favorite white-haired sweetheart. Her acting career spans over eight decades, with highlights including The Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland. Betty White’s personality is bubbly and lovable, and her dedication to her career and resulting legacy are distinctly Capricorn.

8. Jim Carrey (January 17th)

Jim Carrey is arguably one of the most talented comedic actors of all time. With movies such as Ace Ventura, The Grinch and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in his repertoire, it is clear that Carrey is extremely gifted in character acting across many subgenres of comedy. In recent times, Carrey has also displayed a talent for painting political artwork on his Twitter account. He pushes himself and the strong self-discipline is highly apparent in all that he does.

9. Ellen Degeneres (January 20th)


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Ellen Degeneres is a comedian and TV personality who has truly made an empire for herself. She is also an icon in the LGBTQ+ community, as she is an activist for the cause and came out herself in 1997 to tons of tabloid coverage. She carries her activism across several additional domains, including animal rights and humanitarianism. Ellen’s Capricorn sensibilities truly come out in the management of her empire, and, like others of her zodiac, she makes a fantastic role model.