What Your Moon Sign Means And How To Find It, According To Astrology

Your moon sign represents your emotional inner self.

Last updated on Dec 15, 2022

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When we talk about zodiac signs, most people think in terms of Sun signs. After all, you can easily identify anyone's Sun sign (including your own) by knowing nothing other than their date of birth.

But while finding your Moon sign in your birth chart may be slightly more complicated, your Moon sign's meaning is an equally important part of who you really are.

What is a Moon sign?

Your Moon sign is the zodiac sign the Moon was positioned in at the time and place of your birth. It reveals your inner self and represents your emotional needs and deepest personality traits.


Whereas your Sun sign influences your dominant personality traits, your Moon sign influences the way you feel about and process your experiences, as well as how you then respond and regulate your impulses and emotions.

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How does your Moon sign affect you?

It's said that your Sun sign determines who you think you are (I.e. your personality), your Rising sign determines your self (I.e., your identity), and your Moon sign determines your inner world (I.e., the way you respond to external factors).

Your Moon sign is one of the most important aspects of your astrological chart. It explains how you connect with others on an emotional level, acting as an emotional compass while influencing your experiences and perspectives on your relationships with others, especially in your love life, as well as what you need to feel safe and secure.


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How to find your Moon sign

Whereas the Sun changes signs every 30 or so days, Rising signs change every two or so hours and the Moon changes signs about every two days.

So while your Sun sign can easily be identified by knowing only the day you were born, no matter what the hour, Moon signs shift so frequently that being born a mere two minutes apart from someone with your same exact birthday (even an identical twin)! could mean you each have entirely different Moon signs.


Because of this, the best way to find your Moon sign is to enter the date, time and location of your birth into a Moon sign calculator.

Now that you have a better sense of what a Moon sign is, and once you've visited a calculator to find yours, find out what your Moon sign reveals about your deeper, more emotional side.

Moon Sign Meanings

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Aries Moon

If you were born under an Aries Moon, nothing happens fast enough for you. As a Fire sign, instant gratification is your best friend. You're prone to whims and love living in the moment rather than waiting for things to come to you.

A Moon in Aries means you have an independent, free spirit. It’s hard for you to see the long-term.

You're fiery and passionate, so you face your problems head-on without bothering to tiptoe around other people's feelings. You're also prone to have short-lived crushes that burn hot and fizzle out fast. That said, you're not one to manipulate or play games. It’s straight to the point for you at all times.


Taurus Moon

If you were born under a Taurus Moon, familiarity is everything. You enjoy being rooted in routines and creature comforts, so building a safe home helps you feel content and at peace.

A Moon in Taurus means you're stubborn, but that also means you're true to your word. If you make a commitment to someone, you do your best to come through.

You have a romantic nature, despite being an Earth sign. Once your feelings are cemented for someone, they won't waver. Your relationships last because you never make a move without first carefully evaluating whether or not it will benefit you. Breakups and fall-outs are rare and a serious business for anyone with a Taurus Moon.

Gemini Moon

If you were born under a Gemini Moon, you're quite the charmer. Your pleasant personality and quick wit easily win people over, though you can get a bit touchy or moody at times around people with whom you feel comfortable.


A Moon in Gemini means you're curious-minded. You love adventure and exploring, so you're likely to be a jack-of-all-trades, as well as one the most well-informed people you know. You are a free-thinker who remains open to new ideas.

A nervous disposition and worried mind are fairly common for people with this lunar disposition. You tend to stress over little things, and may become restless and anxious when not in motion. Sitting still just won't do for you.

That said, you're social and fun, you love starting new projects, and you prefer to have a packed to-do list at all times.

Cancer Moon

If you were born under a Cancer Moon, you feel most at home in your emotional life, as the Moon is Cancer's natural ruler.


As a Water sign, you're a sensitive empath who is acutely in touch with not only your own feelings but also with the feelings of others. You have an amazing memory, especially when it comes to moments that were highly emotionally charged.

A Moon in Cancer means you're rarely detached. You hold on tightly to your possessions, home, and people you care for. They bring you a sense of peace, which is something people with this Moon sign constantly strive for.

You are cautious of change, dislike situations of upheaval, and hate superficial things. You prefer substance. You do have a bit of an insecure streak and will sometimes overcompensate with material items or creature comforts. But to balance it out, you have an absolutely killer sense of humor and a unique outlook on life.

Leo Moon

If you were born under a Leo Moon, you love being in the spotlight, but only on your own terms and in your comfort zone. You enjoy entertaining your friends and family and will go out of your way in order to be seen as the comedian in your friend group.


A Moon in Leo means you love to keep things organized, as you love to be in control. You're likely to be known as the organizer and planner in your family, scheduling and coordinating everyone's adventures to your heart's content.

You're also quite creative and love showing that side of yourself off. Whether your special talents lie in art, home decoration, or your great sense of style, you love flaunting your fiery spirit.

Virgo Moon

If you were born with a Virgo Moon, the little things in life appeal to you most. You feel your best when you're able to maintain a simple daily routine. You like to feel needed and useful, so being idle just won't do. You're always the first to step up and volunteer when someone is in need of help.

A Moon in Virgo means you're sometimes accused of being lazy, but that's simply not true. Sure, sometimes you lack self-confidence, but the truth is that you enjoy your life as is. You're happy with what you have, so there's no compelling reason for you to push yourself or others to gain more.


The worst thing for someone with a Virgo Moon sign is feeling out of rhythm with routine. Unexpected changes or a lack of planning make you feel unbalanced and may even cause you to have a minor freak-out. Still, no matter what, you're a reliable problem-solver by nature who always comes through for the people you love.

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Libra Moon

If you were born under a Libra Moon, you need strong relationships and partnerships in your life, because what's life without someone to share it with, right? This need is so deeply ingrained that those with a Libra Moon are prone to moving in with a significant other or getting married at a young age.

A Moon in Libra means the drive for peace, harmony, and composure in your life is strong. You're sympathetic, outgoing, and charming, all of which make you exceptionally attractive to others. And, naturally, you're a killer flirt.


Libra Moons are persistent and tend to notice the flaws in your life and in others more easily than most. It’s not that you're judgmental per se, you just happen to spot imperfections others might miss or ignore.

Scorpio Moon

If you were born under a Scorpio Moon, you tend to seek out emotional intensity more than you seek material goods. You want to feel all those dramatic emotions as they bubble to the surface because if you're not going to dive deep, what's the point?

A Moon in Scorpio means you have a constant need for change. You're always going through some kind of rebirth or turning over a new leaf. You want intense experiences, adventure, emotions, high drama, and high action. This need is so intense, others might call you an adrenaline junky. Your personality takes up a whole lot of room, and your presence is tangibly powerful.

Scorpio Moon signs are all-or-nothing type of people. Doing things halfway or good enough just won't cut it. You may also have a heightened fear of betrayal, which means you will do just about anything to avoid being taken for a fool. Commitment is key for you.


Sagittarius Moon

If you were born under a Sagittarius Moon, you love your freedom. You're happy and easy-going, but you need as much space as possible, preferring not to be confined or cooped up. You're an active person always looking for fun new activities and cool adventures.

A Moon in Sagittarius means you have a helpful attitude and giving spirit, making you a natural-born teacher. With your upbeat and cheerful personality, you're pretty much the human embodiment of a puppy. No one can stay mad at you.

Your spur-of-the-moment planning style and blind faith that things will always work out also make you an exciting companion that people want to keep around.

Capricorn Moon

If you were born under a Capricorn Moon, you're about as level-headed as it gets. Staying productive and useful are basic staples of your life. You're cool-headed, steady, and reliable. You maintain clear boundaries for yourself, and you set realistic goals.


A Moon in Capricorn means you're not much for risk-taking. You enjoy safety and security above all. Feeling too many emotions isn't something that sits well with you. If one of your friends comes to you while they're having a breakdown of sorts, you have a hard time containing your awkward laughter.

But pat yourself on the back, because you're also a guaranteed fixer. You put a lot of value in keeping your head in the real world. You need to feel respected and want to know you're spending your time doing something worthwhile. Don't worry; you always are.

Aquarius Moon

If you were born under an Aquarius Moon, you notice everything. You love spending time in nature, and people-watching is one of your all-time favorite pastimes. You're probably pretty shy, but you're fascinated by human behavior specifically because you feel so different from others or like you don't quite fit in.


A Moon in Aquarius means that, despite your social butterfly tendencies, you're a loner at heart. You prefer sitting at home watching a movie or reading a good book rather than going out where you'd have to socialize.

As an Air sign, you love your independence and were probably a willful child. The word "no" just doesn't quite fit in with your plans.

You like to think you're above experiencing basic emotions because you're more complicated than that, but if you're honest with yourself, you know that you're likely to give into whimsy when a mood really strikes.

Kindness is a big concern for you, and you enjoy helping people with their problems. You can sometimes be a touch unreliable and unpredictable, but your charm and kind spirit make you worth it.


Pisces Moon

If you were born under a Pisces Moon, you're definitely the dreamy type. Reality is just too boring for you. However, what you lack in practicality you make up for in empathy. You can easily put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and you have great intuition.

A Moon in Pisces means you have a uniquely silly sense of humor and are super-easy to make giggle. You have a tendency to daydream and go in and out of focus, so you easily become overwhelmed. When this happens, you need to take some time to be on your own to re-center yourself, especially after prolonged social encounters.

You're soft-hearted and care for others immensely, which makes you a sucker for a good sob story or romantic tear-jerkers. You tend to be readily accepting of others, which can sometimes be mistaken for a weakness, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Your ability to let others in and accept them for who they are is one of your greatest strengths. Because of this trait, you have a large circle of friends, and people trust you without hesitation.


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