Capricorn Woman Traits And Unique Characteristics

The Capricorn woman is the most romantic lover you could ever dream of.

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Ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries, karmic lessons and divine timing, those with the Sun sign of Capricorn are born between December 21 and January 20.

Known as the Goat or Sea Goat of astrology, this earth sign is also a cardinal sign, meaning they exercise control in their lives in a way that makes them feel secure. The Capricorn woman is take-charge, loves routine, and is grounded.

While many think Capricorn women are closed off emotionally and are cold and boring, these ladies are far from it. Because they are of the earth element, they tend to be reliable and disciplined, but remain sensible and ambitious, driving forward to achieve their goals.


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Despite her stoicism and tendency to be pessimistic when things don’t happen according to plan, they are incredibly organized, are able to solve even the most complex problems, and actually have a sense of humor hiding behind their stand-offish exterior.


In love and in life, Capricorn women need patience and affection, despite stereotypes that say otherwise. She takes time to open up to others, but once they have earned her trust, she freely expresses her precious thoughts and ideas.

Capricorn woman traits

As the hardest working zodiac sign in astrology, Capricorns are meticulous and highly ambitious. They have an aggressive approach to accomplishing their dreams, are great at delegating, and tend to set high goals for themselves, simply because they know they can handle it.

Capricorn women are also incredibly loyal to their friends, family, and romantic partners. They value kindness and thoughtfulness and are truly conscientious of the needs of others. This zodiac sign is reliable by nature, and will always defend those they care for.

Unfortunately, Capricorn’s need for power and logic means they seldom take risks; above all, they need stability in life, and being spontaneous is too much of a, well... risk. Their lack of impulsivity can cause issues in their personal lives, as many think of them as too rigid and unwilling to try new things.


This sign is also critical of others, expecting people to adhere to their own values, having no room for anything different. This comes off as condescending to those around them. Along with being critical, Capricorn women are hard to appease and question situations that seem too good to be true. Their pessimism can also lead to a point of contention in their personal lives, especially if things don’t go the way they had planned.

Capricorn women know what they’re doing.

She knows how she will handle things when they inevitably go wrong from time to time. Because she’s always prepared for any type of situation, you can count on her to make things work.

She’s incredibly loyal.

If she's given you her heart, a Capricorn woman never sees a need to stray elsewhere. In fact, the thought of anyone cheating in their relationship is enough to make her blood boil.

Capricorn women are warm and joyous.

Despite their tendency to be cold, the love they give is so strong that it can melt any heart. Once they love someone, they are affectionate and become an ideal partner.


You can be certain Capricorn women will have your back.

They always want what is best for others. Choosing this zodiac sign to be in your life means you have an endless amount of support and loyalty.

Capricorn women listen intently.

These women are always there to lend an ear and offer sound advice. If you need help with a confusing issue or someone to hear you out while you vent, this sign is the one to do it.

She’s full of passion.

If the Capricorn woman of your dreams has chosen you, her passionate kisses will be your first clue. Because she won’t outright tell you her true feelings, her kisses are bold and show what she feels inside.

She’s not materialistic.

While she’s driven in her career and works hard, these women know what really matters most in life: love, loyalty, and dedication.


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Capricorn women in love and relationships

Not only does the Capricorn woman have high standards in her relationships, but it can seem almost impossible for a suitor to win her approval. She takes her time in finding a partner, preferring to wait for the right person rather than the most convenient one. Not a risk-taker, she chooses the safe approach and gives a potential relationship plenty of introspection.

Once the Capricorn woman begins falling in love, she’s loyal to a fault. Heck, she won’t even flirt with other people if she already has a partner. If she trusts her partner fully, they get to experience the compassion and emotion she hides deep down; in fact, she’s incredibly sensitive, so her ideal partner is someone who complements this trait while having understanding.

However, despite her loyalty, she can run into trouble in long-term relationships in terms of communication and practicality. Capricorn women tend to be withdrawn and indifferent when trying to relate, and though they are reliable, they don’t compromise, even if it means putting an argument to rest. Any potential partners must be aware that this zodiac sign has strict boundaries and doesn’t do well with disappointment.


When it comes to Capricorn compatibility, Taurus and Cancer are their best matches. Taurus, a fellow earth sign, understands Capricorn’s need to be responsible and work hard, and both value financial stability. Cancer, a water sign, brings out Capricorn’s emotional center and, as the Goat’s sister sign, is the perfect example of opposites attracting.

While she appears reserved and restrained, in sex and intimacy, the Capricorn woman knows what she wants in bed. Unless she truly loves and cares for someone, sex with her could be unemotional; she prefers a partner who respects her needs and understands her high expectations.

Capricorn tends to stay rational during sex, fearing being emotionally vulnerable. That’s why it’s important for her to take her time in forming connections, especially with a sexual partner. The ideal sexual experience for her is one that’s satisfying but gives her what she actually needs: a little bit of curiosity and experimentation.

She can get a bit wild when with the right partner and has a sexual appetite that's not easily satiated. And while she’s a powerhouse outside of the bedroom, Capricorn women have no problem having a dominant partner calling the shots.


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Family is of the utmost importance to Capricorn, and as a wife and/or mother, she gives her all. As a mom, she’s dedicated to instilling a sense of reliability and structure in the life of her kids. She’s most often the dominant parent but is maternal in the love and protection she desires for her brood.

In family life, she’s also set in her ways when it comes to traditions. She desires to keep the memories of the past alive and does so by making sure her kids and partner value the same.


Just like their family, Capricorn women highly value their friendships. Though they tend to fit in with a wide range of social groups, they prefer their closest friends to those with whom they are merely acquaintances.


They are often the mom of their friend group, taking care of anyone who needs help. To these women, their friendships provide them with all the support they will ever need, even more so than their romantic partners. Capricorn women will put their friends’ needs above their own, and are focused primarily on their happiness.

On the downside, because they have such high expectations, they are frequently let down when their friends don’t return those same qualities of loyalty and selflessness. Still, they challenge their friends to always be better and see themselves in the highest regard.

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Capricorn woman career

Because of her strong work ethic, the Capricorn woman makes the perfect professional. She’s dead set on making her way to the top through hard work, ambition, and skill. These women are ideal employees but are best suited as those who are in charge of making things run smoothly.


Capricorns tend to throw themselves into their work, dedicating their time and resources to finishing a project. In fact, it doesn’t matter how long it takes them, because, in their mind, they won’t stop until every single facet is perfect.

Ideal professions for the Capricorn woman include teaching, law, finance, business, or management — any career where they can count on those around them to complete the task at hand, offer support, and approach projects with the same fervor. However, she must be careful not to lose herself completely to her work, which can lead to depressing feelings, especially if her job is not fulfilling.

Famous Capricorn Women

Capricorn women are driven and ambitious, and these famous Capricorn women are proof that the more you put into any endeavor, the more you get out.

Kate Middleton: January 9, 1982


Michelle Obama: January 17, 1964

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: January 13, 1961

Diane Keaton: January 5, 1946


Betty White: January 17, 1922

Dolly Parton: January 19, 1946

Regina King: January 15, 1971

Mary J. Blige: January 11, 1971

Diane Sawyer: December 22, 1945

Zooey Deschanel: January 17, 1980

Sade: January 16, 1959

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