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What It's Really Like To Have Sex With A Leo

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What It's Like To Have Sex With A Leo, Based On Their Personality Traits & Astrology

Just like men and women born under the sign of Leo (between July 23 and August 23) strive to be on top in all aspects of their life, so too do they strive to be leaders in the bedroom.

But, although they (almost) always need to be the aggressor and initiator of erotic liaisons, Lions are also the most determined, committed lovers among the zodiac signs.

In other words, it ain't over until everybody's satisfied.

The heavens' lusty leonine looks after the entire pride, even if it's just a pride of one, meaning their significant other.

This is not to say that Leo's personality traits don't also lead them to desire a healthy sense of "me time" between the sheets. But even their favorite role-playing scenarios focus on love and devotion, in addition to being the center of attention.

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Being catered to is a front-and-center reoccurring fantasy. A lord or lady serviced by an underling, in any and every method possible, is a sure-fire way to ignite their lust.

Picture a king or queen seated at the throne, their crouching subject on hands and knees perched between the monarch's spread thighs, pleasuring them with their mouth. You get the picture.

In the sack, Leos prefer dominant erotic postures — anything that makes them feel like they're in charge.

For men, it's missionary, and for the ladies, it's cowgirl (woman on top). Both sexes are partial to rear-entry positions, commonly known as doggy style, where both partners are on their knees. Nothing makes a man feel like a king or makes a lady feel more like a naughty kitten.

Although Leo is most aroused when they're treated like the gods and goddesses they truly are, they're not above reversing roles every now and again to get a taste for how the other half lives and loves.

After all, in their eyes, giving another being pleasure and making them quiver and shiver in orgasm is a sort of mastery all in itself.

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Since self-pride is a strong motivator for Leos, they tend to be excellent lovers.

These lions have to be the best at everything, including lovemaking. They need to shine, even when giving, and that's good news for Leo's sex partners.

The downside is that Leos can be incredibly possessive, jealous and insecure. They're not above lying to impress their mates or to secure their devotion. In Leo's case, it's a desperation move that they'll only resort to when feeling cornered.

Leos are simply not cheaters and they don't lie to pull one over on their mates. If they do spout falsehoods, it's only to secure love.

To avoid this silly brand of game-playing, be sure to tell your Leo how wonderful they are and how much they're appreciated — a lot. This will keep their egos sufficiently pumped up, but not to the degree that they're out of control.

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Leo is also unique in that they can't seem to separate love from sex.

In the wild, lions mate for life. For the most part. Females stick with one mate, but males have several main squeezes and stay with their harem for life. But for lions in the bush, having more than one lady lion is more a matter of survival and a guarantee to keep the pride plentiful and strong, spreading their seed around to keep numbers up.

It has less to do with lust and more to do with Darwinism — survival of the fittest and all that.

On the whole, Leos are filled with love and affection, even if they do tend to come on very strong. They can get impatient when their needs aren't filled, but their frankness and directness in bed is a breath of fresh air.

They are the mirror opposite of Moon Children, who expect you to guess what they crave — another reason they're not a good match for each other between the sheets.

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Ariella Moonstone has been a sought-after astrologer for several decades, counting many recognizable names among her private clientele. Vivian Woodley, MA/MFT, has been a licensed therapist for more than 20 years, specializing in issues related to sexuality. Their book, The Astrology Sex Diet is available on Amazon.

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