The 3 Evolutionary Stages Of Each Zodiac Sign

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Knowing our Sun sign is only the first step to understanding the importance astrology plays in our life. Like a guidebook from the cosmos, the deeper we travel into its mysteries the clearer ourselves and our life path can become.

Our natal or birth chart isn’t fixed, but it's fluid. Our zodiac signs experience different stages of life. This means that as we learn, grow and evolve, what our charts represent at birth evolves from undeveloped to mature. By the final stage of life, we’ve learned the lessons that we’ve been meant to.

Part of this is understanding that within each zodiac sign there are three life phases that relate to your age and energies.

Each life phase is represented by a symbol that is often associated with that particular sign. Where we are with our lessons will determine what symbol we resonate with, yet even if we find that we’re not as far along on our path as we had hoped, it doesn’t mean all is lost. Life is a journey, and it wouldn’t make sense to have achieved all that we were meant to early on in. Instead, it’s about looking at our life honestly and with gentleness so that we can not only accept all that has already been woven into the fabric of our life, but also all that is yet to be.

What are the 3 stages of zodiac signs?

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First stage of zodiac signs

This is where we all are when we’re born. We begin here in a space where we are what others tell us we are — even the superficial qualities of our zodiac sign. We feel limited, we look outside of ourselves for answers, and when we find what we need we inevitably move on. While a part of this phase will forever remain with us, as we grow, we will also outgrow those parts of our lives that we thought we needed around this time.

Second stage of zodiac signs

During this phase, we are in crisis, turmoil, and often chaos. This is the moment of becoming for all signs. The space between who we thought we were (First Phase) and who we will become (Third Phase). But we don’t get polished into a diamond by ease but by challenges. This is when we’re tested and when we have to come to terms with life not going as planned, with loss and even multiple tests from the universe. Oftentimes this phase of life can be more solitary, even if only internally as we come to terms with our truth and who we are. Then once we have, it’s as if we rise into a completely different version of ourselves.

Third stage of zodiac signs

As we step into this space of identity it can feel as if we’ve won the war against ourselves. We see things more clearly about ourselves and those that we share our lives with. For many of us, we’ve done a lot of self-work up to this point where we’ve faced down our darkest demons and walked away with wisdom to share with others.

During this time, we step into the truth of who we are and begin to live life on our terms. It’s a time of peace and divinity where we feel a deep connectedness to the world around us. While it doesn’t mean life will be perfect or that there are no more lessons to learn, it does mean that we’ve reached the zodiac maturity point of our birth charts.

To understand our zodiac stage of life isn’t just to help us see where we are at, but it’s also to give us hope that the journey isn’t over.

3 stages of Aries: The Ram, The Shepherd, The Reborn Sun

The Ram

Passionate and normally known for being a fighter, Aries is associated with beginnings. This is about the potential that you have as the sacredness of inner fire and knowing. But as you go through life it may feel like you’re fighting too many battles. Fighting to be yourself, to be seen, to be successful; until eventually you exhaust yourself and feel at a loss you surrender to life which leads you to enter into the next phase.

The Shepherd

Wisdom comes slowly here the further you step into your truth of what actually is worth fighting for — and what is not. You become more discerning and allow parts of your life to drop away which are no longer resonating with your truth. During this phase, you may go into hermit mode or self-isolate so that you can heal your wounds and also learn to trust yourself more deeply as you discern passion from anger. Once you do though we will feel ready to reemerge as a new version of yourself.

The Reborn Sun

This is a stage of acceptance and peace but there is also space for what will grow. This symbolizes the beginning of a new phase similar to how spring is celebrated after a long and hard winter, for many things often have to die away during the life of the Aries so that they can be reborn as their higher self. During this phase, there is also an exuberance for all that will come trusting that now that we’ve done the inner work, we’re ready for our outer life to align with those changes. There is no futile fighting anymore but only the steadfast strength that comes from knowing whatever is meant for us will always be ours.

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3 stages of Taurus: The Bull, The Minotaur, The Demigod

The Bull

The Bull is a sacred symbol often depicting strength, steadfastness, and even single-mindedness. Think of the bull; it doesn’t often contemplate which direction it should go in but only rushes forward regardless of if it’s at its peril. This is the lesson of the first stage of Taurus as they often meet all sorts of obstacles and barriers simply because they rushed ahead and tried to force their will upon others. Only once they can see that they can’t make life or those around them bend to their will do they enter into their next phase where they have to face their darkness.

The Minotaur

The half-animal, a half-beast creature that spent its life in the darkness is symbolic of not seeing the effect your behavior has had on those around you. Whether your family or friends, it’s not your will or even stubbornness that they need but your intelligence and presence. Often during this phase, you are plunged into darkness, oftentimes alone, feeling defeated by life and not understanding why with good intentions you are still facing what feels like only difficulties. Only once you enter into this divine loneliness will you understand that the prison you’re in is one of your own creations which leads you to see you can always leave and which propels you into the third life phase.

The Demigod

Once you’ve realized that the darkness you were lost within was one of your own creations, you then use the strength of your will and mind to create something new. This is because you are now able to rise into the divine being that you were born to be. You are able to harness those powers and qualities for good now, which means that your presence in the lives of those around you will be seen as needed and necessary. You will truly look at life from a more divine space of purpose and will live your life trusting the flow around you, no longer needing to force your will. By having faced your darkness you truly have transformed yourself and your life so that while nothing will ever be perfect, you are now able to see the beauty within it all.

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3 stages of Gemini: The Twins, The Ship, The Stars

The Twins

In the beginning, life is something that is purely meant to be explored. You are constantly searching, experiencing, and taking in the world around you. Seeking out newness and adventure at all costs you seldom stop at any one thing long enough to fully learn about it. However, by spreading themselves out so thin they feel unfilled and often begin to pause asking themselves if there is more to life than just this. At this point, they take that unconscious step into the next phase of life as they begin to search for more meaning.

The Ship

Like the myth of the twins and Homer’s Odyssey, is the point of your journey where you venture off to try to find and determine your own truth and meaning. How you live and what you view as important may become challenged and will likely change during this time. The most challenging piece during this phase is that in order to keep growing you will have to let go of how you previously saw life which will lead to great sadness and disappointment. In order to keep moving ahead and not progress backward, you need to tap into your deep faith in being able to trust things that you can’t see or explain.

The Stars

Once you have learned that just because there are disappointments in life doesn’t mean that they aren’t working out better than you could have planned everything changes. This is the point that you are able to deal with rejection, life changes, and even natural endings in a healthier and more positive way. You no longer need your bubble of illusion and can instead be able to guide others with your own inner wisdom and light.

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3 stages of Cancer: The Crab, The Hyrda, The Peacock

The Crab

As you first begin to move through life you operate like the crab. The crab has a protective shell which is how you live this first stage of life; as if everything potentially is there to crush you. Not believing in your own strength, you often feel like you get pulled and tossed around by the waves of life yet not able to see the bigger picture. Just like the crab moves, you seldom move in a straight direction and instead, meander back and forth through your life. While family and friends are always important to you, like the scavenging nature of this animal you tend to accept less than what you deserve early on just so you have something. But this is also part of that difficult life lesson that leads you to the next phase.

The Hydra

A mythical creature who multiples the more it is hurt depicts the vengeful and overpowering nature this sign can possess. Usually, this only comes out in matters of love and home as that is the most sensitive spot for the crab. Once you learn the unfortunate lesson of having accepted less than you deserve which usually ends in betrayal you often want to strike out and hurt others in the same way that you were hurt. Once you learn that this doesn’t end with your happiness you start to heal. You begin to realize that there is more to life than you had thought and that there are also numerous opportunities for love and happiness. As your perspective widens and heals you become more hopeful and start to come out of your proverbial shell.

The Peacock

Just like this magnificent bird, at this stage you command attention. Not with your words but because when we’ve evolved into our higher self, which for you is that of a queen, your own actions speak for themselves. A true embodiment of love, grace, and compassion you now use your lessons in order to help those around you never experience the pain that you did.

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3 stages of Leo: The Lion, The Warrior, The King

The Lion

At birth, as a Leo, you often feel as if the world is yours. You’re confident, passionate, and feel quite literally as if you can handle and take on anything that comes up. You are a true leader, however, you are still young (whether in years or in spirit), so others will question you. When this happens you often go into a rage and self-destruct. At this point you will be thrown into the next phase of life.

The Warrior

Because of coming into this stage questioning themselves, this phase becomes all about worthiness. During this stage, you will be asked to determine what makes you feel worthy, which begins with you trying to prove you're just that to others. Once you realize that it’s not about how worthy others see you but how worthy you see yourself you will begin to learn the lessons of this phase. While there will be lessons around patience and vanity, this stage will ultimately teach you to look deep within yourself to your spirit because that is the part of us that never fades.

The King

As you emerge from the darkness of the second phase you truly are embodying your divine power. You understand that a true king, or queen, doesn’t have to demand that power but only to live their life as if they already have it. You accept criticism with grace and as an opportunity to become better. You understand that a leader doesn’t have to be perfect whether in words or appearances because your worth is in your deep sense of love and understanding for all those around you.

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3 stages of Virgo: The Maiden, The Dark Maiden, The Queen

The Maiden

As you begin life, you tend to embody the idealistic and even naïve qualities of the deity Persephone, the goddess Virgo is based on. While she is youthful, playful, and intelligent she lacks the ability to see people for who they truly are and to make decisions that are ultimately for her good. She tends to want to see the best in everyone and even often thinks that she can help or fix them as a natural healer. This is what leads to the downward spiral of entering the second phase as you learn that no amount of love can prevent betrayal.

The Dark Maiden

The Dark Maiden is the phase of life where you will face your own darkness. Oftentimes having to self-isolate, be wary of becoming depressed. Nothing seems to matter much at this point as all you can see is all that you've lost, all that’s been done to you, and no matter how much you try you can’t make sense of the pain that you feel. This is part of your logical nature trying to understand the lifelong lesson of why bad things seem to happen to good people, or why love doesn’t always last. Once you learn that life is a balance of both and that just because there’s a risk of being hurt or having difficulties doesn’t mean it outweighs the love or beauty that exists you will re-emerge as a more understanding, accepting this version of yourself.

The Queen

At this stage, you understand life extraordinarily well. You know that while today could be amazing it doesn’t mean that tomorrow won’t be wracked with challenges. No longer do the difficult moments in life make the beautiful ones irrelevant though as you’ve learned that everything in life is part of a greater cycle of purpose. You see that it’s not things only going well that make life enjoyable but how everything has its space and always comes together when you least suspect it.

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3 stages of Libra: The Scale, The Blindfold, The Manifesto

The Scale

As a Libra, you always are trying to take in as many options as you can at this point of your life so that you can feel as educated as you can when making a decision or choice. While you are searching for fairness or justness, there’s a strong likelihood of developing some codependent connections at this point as you try to make things be what you think they should be rather than allowing them to be what they’re meant to be. You may feel dependent on others to know what to do next or even how you should feel about yourself. Only once you get to that breaking point of feeling like you don’t know which way to go next because nothing is working will you enter into the second phase.

The Blindfold

Essentially during this stage, you give up trying to be fair or just and instead make decisions based on what you want or need at the moment. You decide that since no one else is abiding by these virtuous rules that you feel called to pursue then you shouldn’t either. You enter the dark side of your psyche, seeing only the negative, jealous and unscrupulous tendencies in life. During this phase, you feel as badly about yourself as you do about the outside world. Even at times giving up trying to do the right thing or even what you feel called to do. Once they realize that listening to their internal compass is what defines them and makes them who they are they begin to move behind their pain.

The Manifesto

You become the great manifesto during this stage of your life. With your head and heart in sync, there is nothing that you can’t accomplish. No longer burdened by unhealthy relationships or needing others to define you, you’ve grown beyond the simple definition of what fairness is and instead, subscribe to a more universal approach to balance. This is what gives you power during this last phase and helps you continually rise above whatever challenges may litter your path.

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3 stages of Scorpio: The Scorpion, The Eagle, The Phoenix

The Scorpion

You are in survival mode early on in life. This means your primary purpose is to not get hurt. However, as this is unavoidable in life you then want to inflict pain on those who have done the same to you. It doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not, you have a very retribution-based approach to life at this stage. If someone crushes your dreams you often either take that very same energy out on someone else or worse on yourself. Your stinging nature during this time can often come across as emotional unavailability with you keeping away what it is you say you most want. As you realize that none of this is leading to success in life or love, you eventually retreat to the darkness to try to hide from being hurt anymore.

The Eagle

The first inclination of this phase is to avoid being hurt again by not being around anyone. The eagle flies higher than any other bird which means there’s a tendency to be lonely during this time. Not because no one is there for you or because people don’t love you but rather because you’ve self-isolated out of fear of being hurt again or of having to change. The eagle learns that it doesn’t have to hide in order to keep itself safe. You can find success in life and in love but in order to do so, you need to take a chance on each. They learn that failure is the only redirection and that while pain is a part of life, it doesn’t have to define who we are.

The Phoenix

You become unstoppable. The things that once burned you are only a part of your rebirth now. You are able to elevate away from being defined by your pain to being defined by how you heal from it. You no longer need to stay wounded out of fear of moving ahead. You have realized how truly powerful you are and that no one can make you feel anything without you first giving them permission. This means you will elevate to that space of rebirth where you have finally allowed yourself to live life exactly as you were meant to.

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3 stages of Sagittarius: The Archer, The Arrow, The Centaur

The Archer

You are sweetly idealistic during this time of your life. Believing that you are being guided by the universe, you don’t yet understand that means you may have to encounter things you don’t want to deal with. You continually take aim at new things, art projects and relationships and never hesitate to try again. But during this phase, you’re not learning anything. You think trying again means success when success is really determined by the lesson learned. Because of this you will give up at some point and think that you can’t have the life or love that you want, not realizing yet that this is only the beginning.

The Arrow

Your vision has gone from giving up to being so single-minded you still aren’t able to find success. While you are still trying to take aim at those things in your life you think you want, or that you can feel you won by achieving the lesson here is that you don’t really need them. This is the phase where you learn what you want versus what you need and how if it’s not the latter then it will always feel empty. You will learn true success isn’t determined by what we win, but by what we learn and what we allow ourselves to receive. You start to look at everything differently, realizing that it was you that was keeping yourself small and you start to understand that freedom is only something you give yourself when you stop trying to make life be what you think it should be.

The Centaur

This mythical creature is the symbol of freedom, wisdom, and strength. You have endured what you thought would break you and you have come back stronger than you could have ever imagined. You don’t just mindlessly shoot your arrows hoping one will land but know soul-deep what is worth your energy and what isn’t. You are in a phase of embodying true success as you have now learned the value of connecting to your soul. No decision or choice matters if it’s not one that you feel deeply connected to. You act from a place of abundance rather than fear of lack which opens you up to receive all the universe has in store for you. No problem or challenge becomes too big for you as you’ve now mastered both discipline and patience.

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3 stages of Capricorn: The Goat, The Cave, The Horn of Plenty

The Goat

A very dependent person early in life, the responsibilities that others ask you to take on eventually feel like they might break you. While you are always able to work for what you want and for what others won't, you don’t tend to look up a lot during this phase to find out why. Often getting so sidetracked by the goal of success you often don’t always ask yourself what you’re working so hard for, or if that success is even what you want. You can be taken advantage of by others who see your hardworking nature and think that means you will work hard for them while they take it easy. Because of this, it’s your trust being shattered that will lead you into your introspective second life phase.

The Cave

Because of your lack of trust in other people, you go into a phase of isolation where you cut off most and try to avoid relationships. Of course, this isn’t the way to master or learn anything, but you don’t know this right away and think that your avoidance of love and life is you being all the wiser. During this phase, you tend to find great career success as you throw yourself into your job because often that is what you feel like you can control versus personal relationships. Eventually, though, you become lonely and begin to learn that work isn’t enough and that the reward of love is always worth the risk.

The Horn of Plenty

Life is full as you enter this stage of your life. Both feeling successful in your career and in love it feels as if you truly are rich in all areas of life. You now understand the value of hard work but also require those in your life to do the same because you now understand that it’s important to have your needs met too. Your idea of success has transformed by this phase and you are able to look at the bigger picture and see that if something isn’t working it’s for the best because it means something better is out there. This enables you to focus your time and energy more wisely so that you now are only working on those things that truly matter to you.

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3 stages of Aquarius: The Cupbearer, The Owl, The Angel

The Cupbearer

Often feeling lonely or cast out early in life, they can spend their beginning phase trying to fit in or be like others. This only distances them further from their own truth and the reality that they were born different for a reason. Unfortunately, this leads to sadness, whether apparent from the outside or not, and causes them to become lost to themselves. They also will likely become people-pleasers around this time as they search for acceptance and love so that they feel they have a place in this world. Only once they realize they are truly different, and they weren’t meant to fit in will they enter their own phase of darkness to discover their purpose.

The Owl

An owl silently operates in the darkness seeing all. This is the energy that you bring to your phase of discovery. You will want to experience people, the world, love; all of it. But yet there’s still a separation between you and your innermost self. While this phase is teaching you how to be your true self it will involve you trying on the identities and personalities of those around you. However, once you accept and realize that you are you for a reason and that you never had to fit in anywhere but rise above to attract the tribe meant for you, you ascend into your third phase of being.

The Angel

This is what divinity on earth feels like. You have stepped into the true power of being you. Your innermost essence means you’re healing, helping, and transforming the world (or even just your part of it) to help make it a better place. You have settled into your true self and found happiness by just being that person. Because of this, you try to guide others to help learn the same and no longer care if you're misunderstood. You’ve reached that space of alignment and you understand what it means to live your truth, regardless of what anyone else does or says.

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3 stages of Pisces: The Fish, The Darkness, The Ocean

The Fish

As you begin life, you live at the mercy of others. You feel everything and also take it in which means you are easily able to be influenced by people and by your environment. Often, you’re not even sure who you are or what feelings are actually yours as you start off in life. You can get overwhelmed easily and often go through a period of immense sadness as you feel that you can’t help everyone. Everything seems too big or too heavy, it’s during this time you have often withdrawn and enter into your second phase.

The Darkness

In this place, all you want to do is forget. You want to forget the pain of the world, of those around you, and even more so, your own. While It's heavy enough living under the burden of being able to feel the world's emotions and feelings, you tend to take heartbreak, betrayal, and pain internally to a whole other level. Often this affects your physical body and your life in general. All you want to do is forget which means you will often use substances, people, or even just the belief that you’ll never be loved in order to do so. You descend into the darkness. But the miracle is that in the giving up associated with trying to forget, you were also surrendering into the pain where there was light waiting to take you back to the surface.

The Ocean

Here you become a God of the ocean and of the emotional world. You feel everything as deep as you do now has become the superpower that you use to help others, change the world and live an abundantly rich life. You are part of something bigger than just this world and because of your divine surrender you walk and live with one foot in the spirit world at all times. You've learned that your heart is your greatest asset and embrace it for all that it is and all that it feels.

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