4 Astrology Aspects And Transits That Could Indicate Depression

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Your natal chart is the blueprint of your life.

While the 12 houses show the different areas or sections of your life, the placement of planets in the houses as well as the planetary rulers of each house reveals how life will progress in every area, including mental health.

By looking at the birth chart we can get plenty of hints as to the types of physical or psychological problems that can occur.

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When it comes to mental health the most important planets to look at are Mercury, the Moon, the Sun and the Ascendant, while the first, third, and twelfth houses are connected to health.

Mercury rules the intellect, the mind and how we think and communicate. The Moon rules emotional health, what makes us feel secure, the Mother and early family life. The Ascendant is our public face, showing our looks and the way we come across to others while the Sun represents our ego, and who we really are.

The first house is important as it shows us the true self and how we go about things. The third house of the chart relates to the mind and thinking so the planets here, if any, and house rulers are important. Lastly, the twelfth house represents our subconscious mind.

Natal Chart Placements That Could Indicate Depression

Most of the time problems with depression or anxiety occur because of afflictions or hard aspects to Mercury, the Moon or the Sun in these houses. Sometimes the Ascendant can be afflicted and this could cause a problem as well.

1. Hard Saturn aspects

Saturn is a planet frequently involved in cases of depression, especially when it makes hard aspects to the Sun, Moon, Rising, or Mercury signs. Hard aspects, including the opposition, square, conjunction and quincunx, from Saturn can cause a number of issues connected with depression.

According to TikTok creator and professional astrologer Amy Tripp, LMSW, these aspects can indicate real depression or pessimistic thinking.



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“Saturn’s energy can be heavy and inhibiting and it can really slow you down," Tripp says in a TikTok video. 

When it comes to the Moon, which “is your mood and inner space," she explains, "Saturn in hard aspect can affect your emotions, and sometimes hard aspects from Saturn to the moon can show loneliness, feelings that you aren’t being nurtured, or inhibitions with expressing yourself emotionally.”

The Sun, on the other hand, "represents your ego and identity, and when Saturn is in hard aspect it can make you very judgmental of yourself.”

Lastly, because “Mercury is your mind and thinking. When Saturn is in hard aspect to Mercury it can show pessimism or negative thinking.”

However, Tripp notes that "Just because you have these aspects however doesn’t mean you will be depressed, you have to look at the whole chart. These are just some of the most common indicators.”

Likewise, if you're feeling uncharacteristically depressed but aren't "prone to depression," Tripp adds, Saturn transiting one of your personal planets could be to blame.

2. Hard Mars aspects

Mars has a significant effect in terms of our actions, courage and energy. Adverse aspects with Mars can indicate disorders that are chronic and often physical in nature.

Mars in the third house in particular, if badly aspected can indicate anger, rage and issues with communication or thinking. 

Mars is a planet frequently connected with depression and anger. Mars is, after all, called the “God of War" by astrologers for a reason. When Mars is involved with the personal planets in hard aspect, it typically relates to inner anger that is manifested in an outward way, but Mars can also cause depression or an uncomfortable feeling, especially if it is affecting the Moon or Mercury.

For example, Mars conjunct, square or opposing the Moon typically results in those who get angry or depressed too easily. These individuals must focus on not letting their own emotions get out of control too fast. This aspect can also relate to problems that can cause depression as a result of the early home life or a difficult relationship with the Mother.

If both Mars and Saturn are in hard aspect to the Moon, it can lead to harsh and antisocial behavior and anger problems and has been linked to bipolar behavior.

Mars in hard aspect to Mercury can confuse or cause a person to be verbally abusive to others. This person must learn to think before speaking, but sometimes this aspect indicates a career as a speaker or announcer of some type. It is important to look at all aspects in the chart, not just one. 

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3. Afflictions to personal planets by the other outer planets

Saturn isn't the only outer planet connected to mental health.

Neptune rules intuition, dreams, and fantasies. Hard Neptune aspects to the personal planets are anxiety prone and can cause confusion, low self-esteem, lack of awareness concerning surroundings and other people as well as insecurity. Neptune aspects can also lead to addictions.

Hard Pluto aspects to the personal planets tend to cause obsessions or obsessive behaviors.

Hard transits from Uranus to the personal planets can cause mental or emotional changeability, nervousness, and unpredictable behavior.

There are many planetary transits in the birth chart that are prone to depression. These are only a few that are widely recognized, and the entire chart must be taken into consideration, including transiting planets.

4. Transits affecting Venus

Venus in the chart mainly affects our ability to find pleasure, love and money. Hard aspects involving Saturn, Pluto or Neptune can cause depression as well, although it is typically not as serious as afflictions to Mercury, the Sun or the Moon.

Saturn in hard aspect to Venus can lead to social anxiety or make social interactions and love more difficult to come by.

Pluto in hard aspect to Venus can cause obsessive behavior or extreme jealousy in terms of love relationships.

Neptune in hard aspect to Venus can lead to confusion and lack of clarity in Venus-related pursuits.

If you are feeling depressed more than usual or thinking of harming yourself or others, contact a mental health professional immediately.

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) Helpline: 1-800-662-4357
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
  • Samaritans: 1-877-870-4673
  • National Hopeline Network: 1-800-442-4673
  • Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255

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