The Meaning Of The Gemini Symbol And Zodiac Sign Glyph

Why does the Gemini symbol look like that?

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The Gemini zodiac sign is the third sign in astrology. The Gemini symbol is the twin, often represented by the Roman numeral two. 

Meaning of the Gemini Symbol

The Gemini symbol stands for a companion. It consists of the roman numeral two with branches at the top and bottom. The Roman numeral two is for the two twin stars Castor and Pollux that are holding hands, representing their unbreakable bond. 


gemini symbolPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

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The Gemini glyph is supposed to represent the four different desires that are represented by Gemini. The set of twins Castor and Pollux is represented in the middle 2 lines and the other two, called pillars, are the twins' desires. 


Each pillar is going in a different direction, which represents Gemini’s scattered ideas and desires. The pillars also fit together to hold the essence of Gemini inside safely. 

What does Gemini mean?

If you were born under the zodiac sign of Gemini an element of air, it means that you are dual-natured and quick-witted. Under the tropical zodiac, Gemini dates land between May 21 and June 20 or June 21 depending on who you ask.

The Gemini horoscope states these people are social butterflies and also being a mutable sign are intellectually curious. You are also known to be playful and have a variety of passions. 

Why is the Gemini symbol twins?

Gemini represents two personalities that are very different from each other. They are sociable but also restless. They are in constant need of intellectual stimulation. 


Geminis need constant excitement and variety in their life because their personality doesn’t allow for a lot of depth. They are always looking for a strong emotional connection that’ll last and that’s why it’s hard for some to find their person.

The Gemini woman can have conflicting emotions because of the twins' personalities. One moment she can be passionate and gentle and the next very distant and standoffish. However, she can commit to a relationship but it will take time.

She loves a lively conversation about a lot of things because change comes easily to her. This is why it can be hard to understand a Gemini because their sign is governed by the planet Mercury, which controls speech. If she talks a lot it means that she wants others to hear what she has to say.

Gemini’s unpredictability makes it difficult to stick to a schedule as well so she’s better off just doing what she feels. 


The Geminis twin personalities always competing against each other can make it difficult to understand a Gemini but you just need to give them time. You will understand once spending time with her that that’s something that makes her unique from all the other signs. 

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What is the animal for Gemini?

The spirit animal for Gemini is a deer. They end to have an insane amount of energy, are fun and intelligent.

They are also creatures who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. Deer are said to depict charm and our inner child.

The Mythology of Gemini and the Gemini Constellation

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which got its name from the Roman god of communication, travelers, and trickery. However, Mercury was also the guide of souls in the underworld. 


The Gemini constellation consists of ten stars.

gemini constellationPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

The two brightest stars are named Castor and Pollux (Polydeuces), which are the Babylonian Great Twins in Greek mythology. The brothers are known as Dioscuri, or “sons of Zeus.” Apparently, though, only Polydeuces was Zeus’ son, while Castor was the son of the mortal King Tyndareus of Sparta. 


The two were very close growing up, like twins. They became so inseparable that when Castor died in a fight with Argonauts Idas and Lynceus, Polydeuces asked Zeus to share his immortality with Castor, and then they were put in the sky together. 

The constellation Gemini means “the twins” in Latin and looks like two twins holding hands to represent the unbreakable bond of two brothers.

According to Greek mythology, the twins are supposed to mend differences in the world and make them right, ready to give their life for a brother or sister or friend. 


The twins died young so that is a reason why Geminis constantly feel like there’s not enough time for them to fully experience something. The twins also had very different personalities, causing a Gemini’s to have different personalities from each other, there’s an uncertainty to Geminis because you don’t know what one you’re going to get. 

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