Libra Dark Side: Bad & Negative Traits Of The Libra Zodiac Sign

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Born between September 23rd and October 23rd, the Libra zodiac sign is guided by the air, like the other air signs Aquarius and Gemini.

The Libra personality is free-spirited and doesn’t like to be tied down. They are expressive and imaginative and are always willing to open their hearts to those around them through charitable measures.

Libra is the 7th zodiac sign in astrology and is associated with relationships and partnerships. Ruled by Venus, Libra is one of the zodiac signs that values love and beauty; in fact, most Librans are known to avoid confrontation and ugliness.

Libras will strive for tranquility in all aspects of their lives, from their relationships to their careers. They are often the peacemakers in their circle of friends, as they wish for everyone to also be calm and at peace. As a result, they are seen as some of the most pleasant people to be around and communicate with.

But they also have negative personality traits that can be as harmful as their positive personality traits are helpful.

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Like all zodiac signs, the negative traits gradually tip below the surface. These changes are so dramatic that it is often difficult to tell that the usually peaceful and romantic Libra is capable of such actions.

6 Negative Traits of the Libra Zodiac Sign

1. Self-indulgent.

Libras are usually one of the more charitable people in the room. They won’t hesitate to give a person what they need when they need it if it’s in their power to do so.

However, Libras can also be incredibly self-indulgent. They enjoy the finer things in life, and won’t hesitate to ignore their more charitable side to purchase new fashions, furniture, or anything that strikes their fancy.

2. Superficial.

Libras love the beauty of life. They will be the first to acknowledge the color purple in a field or appreciate the outlines of a drawing.

With this love of beauty, though, comes an obsession with being beautiful. This can lead to judgmental behavior where Libra avoids things they do not find beautiful. Sadly, this can sometimes include others' appearances.

3. Indifferent.

Even though they are known to be one of the more emotional signs, Libras can become detached very easily.

In situations where you might know them to react with love or affection, if they have deemed the specific situation as something they aren’t interested in, they will become numb to the situation and not give it any attention whatsoever. This can often blind them to the realities around them.

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4. Indecisive.

In their search for peace and maintaining balance, Libras can be highly indecisive. They will spend minutes (and sometimes hours) agonizing over the perfect decision to make.

Unfortunately, due to the flighty nature of the wind, they will also change that perfect decision to another decision, and sometimes back to the previous decision, which can often be frustrating.

5. Vindictive.

Libras usually love maintaining the peace; however, they still become angry at times. This will cause them to engage in vindictive behavior.

If they feel someone has wronged them — or, worse, their suspicions are true — Libras will work to get even with that person. They may become manipulative, which is something not commonly seen with this zodiac sign.

6. Controlling.

In their quest for tranquility, Libras can be tyrannical in demanding peaceful solutions to all of their problems. They have no qualms about asserting what they believe to be the correct way to end any conflict. They are known to get angry if people don’t adhere to the things they say, to the point of using their charm to manipulate the situation to get their way.

Like all zodiac signs, Libras are complex.

Even though their negative personality traits are daunting, they are not forthcoming with negativity. In fact, their desire to remain good is so overwhelming that we rarely see their negative traits.

Watch out, though — just like any scale, Libras can tip in any direction when weighed down too much.

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Briana Johnson is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.