The Negative Personality Traits Of The Cancer Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

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The Negative Personality Traits Of The Cancer Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

Everyone has negative personality traits they hide from the world, even the kindest zodiac signs.

Sensual, intuitive, and emotional, on the surface, the Cancer personality always seems to be one of the more compassionate zodiac signs.

As friends, they are extremely giving and personal, always willing to offer advice and a listening ear. As lovers, they are dedicated to all of your desires and are devoted to your happiness.

Ruled by the Moon in astrology, the Cancer zodiac sign is deeply sympathetic to other people and are often the biggest empaths.

When a Cancer is around, you will hardly ever feel any sort of loneliness or discomfort. They will protect and guard your feelings, and anything they feel needs to be protected.

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Born during the summer, they are the first horoscope of the water signs. Deep below the surface looms a mysterious side that can be dark and dangerous, something we don't usually associate with jovial Cancer traits.

These personality traits are rarely shown, but you will be surprised that they are coming from the sweet Cancer. 

Here are five Cancer personality traits that may make them intimidating to other zodiac signs.

1. Cancers are overemotional.

The Cancer zodiac sign is ruled by water and like the other water signs — Scorpio and Pisces — Cancers are guided by the Moon. Being guided by the Moon’s phases, these signs will often have stark changes in emotional output.

Like a pendulum, they can go from the highest of highs with a cheery disposition, to extreme lows with a constant need for validation. Through this, they are still known to show great understanding for others, but also expect great understanding in return.

2. This zodiac sign can also come across as moody and clingy.

When Cancers aren’t met with compassion and empathy, they are prone to negative sides of their personality. They can become vindictive in their pursuit for reciprocity.

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If these affections still aren’t returned, Cancers are known to become moody and won’t hesitate to brood around you until they get their way. This will often involve attaching onto you at all times.

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3. They are often accused of being suspicious.

Cancers can be very suspicious when they are unaware of everything that is going on around them. They will question you about every little detail, and won’t hesitate to check bank statements or your text messages to ensure you aren’t lying.

This stems from a fear of being misled or undesired. They will doubt other’s intentions until there is a consistent showing of what those around them intend to do.

4. At times, you'll notice the Cancer personality is pessimistic.

When faced with failures or the possibility of losing, Cancers are prone to be pessimists. They will allow the negative thoughts as a result of insecurities they have.

Often, they will also express their negative outlooks, and are very reluctant to think positively once they’re in this state.

5. Cancer becomes manipulative when they want something they can't have.

One of their more hidden traits, Cancers can be very manipulative when they need to be. Due to always being full of understanding, they know exactly what to say and do to make those around them do as they wish.

Even though they tend to be more moody when not getting their way, if they go too long without having what they want, they’ll create the situations they desire in one way or another.

Despite their negative personality traits, Cancers are not likely to swing to their lows unless their fears are amplified.

Their glass hearts should be guarded, and, when they are, you will receive such a great amount of affection and love. Still, watch out during full moons — not everyone can handle the emotional pendulum.

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