Which Astrology Life Cycle You're In According To Your Age (And Your Ruling Planet)

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The 8 Astrology Cycles Of Life And Their Ruling Planets Of The Zodiac Signs

By Emilia Gordon

Our lives are highly influenced by sun, moon and other planets. While all of them have a consistent impact on our lives, there are certain phases of our lives where each one of them has the strongest influence and affect our behavior and decisions. 

Based on this, our life can be divided into 8 periods based on astrology.

0-7 years:

Moon is the ruler during this period which starts from birth. Because of the sensitivity of the moon, the child is extremely sensitive. This requires the parent to be cautious. The role of the parent is very crucial at this point in time.

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7-14 years:

Mercury’s influence during this time makes the growing child explore the world. They have a strong desire to change and end up in a different situation each new day. During this period, one learns the rules of communication with others.

14-21 years:

The ruling planet during this stage is Venus who symbolizes love, sexuality, and erotica. This period of adolescence sees the first encounters of love and sexuality. One starts exploring their emotions and sexuality and also focuses on outward appearance.

21-35 years:

Mars helps one settle down during this period. The aspirations, dreams, desires take the shape of reality and life goals are fulfilled. Establishment at both personal and professional level is accelerated by Mars.

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35-42 years:

Sun’s influence drives everyone to reach their desired social status. All human beings have to go through significant changes in the body during this time. This period is therefore very stressful both psychologically and physiologically.

42-56 years:

Jupiter heightens the level of spirituality among everyone. Important and significant decisions are taken during this time due to the influence of Jupiter. The sexual drive decreases immensely; women go through menopause and lose sexual attraction while men find a decrease in their sexual energy.

56-70 years:

The ruling planet of this period is Saturn. With Saturn comes wisdom and senility, loss of energy in the body which includes slowing down of bodily functions.

70 years and above:

Uranus instigates the search for new pleasures in life which one finds by delving deep into spirituality and indulging in family life with their grandchildren.

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This article was originally published at The Mind's Journal. Reprinted with permission from the author.