The Negative Personality Traits Of The Scorpio Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

These less than flattering characteristics lie just beneath Scorpios' tough exterior.

The Negative Personality Traits Of The Scorpio Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology Getty

People born under the sun sign of Scorpio (between the dates of October 23 to November 21) possess personality traits that make them the most emotional yet cunning of all of zodiac signs in astrology.

It’s easy to be drawn to a Scorpio. They exude passion and confidence, taking on leadership roles with ease and class.

On the flip side, individuals represented by the symbol of the scorpion tend to have their share of negative personality traits, even if Scorpios know how to hide them fairly well.


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As waters signs, Scorpios keep a cool, calm demeanor that's envied by others, but they may also be some of the best emotional suppressors in astrology. And their emotions are their greatest weakness.


Not unlike their animal namesake, Scorpios put up a hard layer of emotionlessness. Unfortunately and unintentionally, Scorpio's dark side can come across to others as rudeness or anger. But there's a reason for all they do.

Here are 6 negative Scorpio personality traits that can be off-putting to others.

1. Abrasive: Scorpios act out to avoid being vulnerable.

In truth, this is nothing more than an attempt to conceal a deep vulnerability that many Scorpios struggle with.

Most are in denial of the fact that their emotions subtly control every aspect of their lives, and try to seem emotionless to compensate.

2. Intense: Scorpios often lose themselves in a rush of emotion.

Particularly in the context of romantic relationships, Scorpios become attached easily. They then find themselves succumbing to obsessive tactics in order to keep the relationship afloat.


When their partners express interest in others, even platonically, Scorpio men and women alike are likely to become possessive.

Which leads us to ...

3. Jealous: Scorpios want all to themselves.

People born under this zodiac sign are prone to letting their jealousy get the best of them and making assumptions about their romantic partners and friends.

It is difficult to earn a Scorpio’s trust, so if you have, you are truly someone special to them (and you likely had to work for it).

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4. Controlling: Scorpios need to be in charge.

Being the emotional coconuts that they are (hard exterior, soft on the inside), Scorpios are extremely passionate in and out of the bedroom — to the point of sometimes taking unnecessary or dangerous risks.

Their dominance and need for control show through the most in contexts, so it might be best to seek a more compatible partner if that doesn't work for you. This could be seen as a positive attribute, however, if you’re ready for the intense sense of attachment that follows.

5. Intimidating: Scorpios are the bossiest of the bossy zodiac signs.

Back to Scorpios’ roles as leaders; although they typically find themselves becoming successful and easily climbing the corporate ladder thanks to their charisma, they sometimes take it too far. Subordinates to Scorpios might agree that they are hyper-controlling bosses and micromanagers.

Working for a Scorpio can feel like working for your mother.


6. Insecure: Scorpios are driven by a fear of never measuring up.

Though they crave respect from everyone, Scorpios value the respect of those they perceive as being above them even more. They have a keen sense of focus that allows them to throw themselves into their work and achieve their goals quickly.

Like several of their other negative actions, insecurity and vulnerability underlie their need for control. If you find yourself a victim of this aspect of their nature, you might be a target of their jealousy, or you may have wronged them in the past. Scorpios aren’t quick to drop grudges.

Being close to a Scorpio who possesses these negative personality traits isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


In fact, at their best, Scorpios are inspiring and motivating. The loyalty and passion they bring to their relationships once fully formed is unmatched.

Truly, those born under the Scorpio zodiac sign are often misunderstood. They are deserving of love equal to what they are capable of giving (which is a lot!).

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