The Best & Worst Pisces Personality Traits

Their emotions know no bounds.

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As the twelfth and final sign of the Zodiac, Pisces is known for being the wisest, most unique Sun sign.

Just when you think you know everything about people born with a Pisces zodiac sign — whose birthdays fall between the dates of February 19 to March 20 — these slippery fish are sure to jump up a notch and surprise you.

What is a Pisces?

Since Pisces is the last zodiac sign in the cycle, it picks up the energies of all of those that precede it, and have an ancient soul.


The Fish is the symbol that represents Pisces, so it should come as no surprise that Pisces is also a water sign. Water signs are emotional and intuitive and, much like the depths of the ocean, are often quite moody and mysterious.

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Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, adding to the air of mystery these people give off. Neptune governs dreams and illusions, meaning Pisces is a deep thinker who is introverted and craves alone time, which they often spend napping or listening to music.

Pisces are idealists. You can expect them to be the first to offer a helping hand; however, because they’re so emotional, they’re sometimes hard to be around, especially when they aren't in the mood to have fun and take things easy.

Because Pisces are so in tune with their emotions, they tend to be super-romantic. Pisces plans the best dates and really knows how to sweep you off your feet. That and their wisdom make them great friends; they are always there for those who need them and are great at offering comforting words and a helping hand.

While they don’t like being criticized, they’re tolerant and forgiving, so though they tend to get taken advantage of due to their kind nature, they make wonderful friends and partners.


Best Pisces traits

1. Generous

Pisces is an incredibly selfless zodiac sign They're so generous that sometimes (well, most of the time), they put the needs of others before their own. They want to make sure the people they love are happy.

2. Compassionate

Those who are feeling down on themselves should seek out Pisces for comfort and advice. Pisces have a hard time leaving people who are suffering and demonstrate concern and sympathy towards those in need.

3. Forgiving

Pisces are famous for never holding grudges, unlike other water sign, Scorpio. They're perfectly fine giving people second chances (and third chances, and fourth chances..., letting problems fade away and forgiving quickly to avoid conflict.

4. Creative

Pisces are also incredibly artistic. They enjoy finding a solution that isn't the straight and narrow, preferring to solve problems with answers that are considered out-of-the-box.


5. Open-minded

A Pisces woman or man enjoys listening to others and learning new ideas. They don't judge others and listen intently and with an open mind when someone is speaking to them.

Negative Pisces traits

Pisces has a few negative traits to watch out for, just as all the other zodiac signs do. Pisces aren’t too keen on being stuck in reality. They’re big dreamers, which sometimes makes them out of touch with what’s really going on around them.

And because Pisces loves being there for others, they expect others to do the same. They are somewhat gullible in this sense and become susceptible to being played or scammed. They’re also prone to playing the martyr and often fall victim to self-pity.

6. Moody

Like their fellow water signs, Pisces feel very deeply about everything; therefore, they're often moody. Because they have all these emotions inside, they have a hard time controlling them.


7. Overly trusting

It's a good thing to trust people, but Pisces takes it a bit too far. Pisces likes to see the best in people, allowing them to trust easily. This usually leads to being disappointed by others or being taken advantage of.

8. Closed off

Giving is second nature to Pisces, but when it comes to receiving help, it's futile. They end up being discouraged in themselves when people offer to help, stemming from a need to protect themselves.

9. Lazy

Pisceans need constant motivation to get things done. If a task is too big and intimidating, they have no trouble turning away and withdrawing from it. This makes them seem sluggish and indifferent.

10. Escapist

Famous for daydreaming, Pisces have a hard time focusing on a single task. You can often find them drifting off into LaLaLand every now and then, causing them to miss out on the reality around them.


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Tips for relating to a Pisces personality

1. Be patient.

Pisces are closed books, and it takes time for them to open up. However, you can take up that time by opening up yourself, since Pisces loves to hear about your woes.

2. Stay calm.

Pisces have a lot of emotions rolling around in them, so they may get overwhelmed. If this happens, stay neutral and don't feel like it's your fault; more often than not, it has nothing to do with you. Hold them as they cry and let them know everything with be okay. Be the voice that grounds them in these moments.

3. Keep them busy.

Motivate the Piscean in your life by encouraging them to participate in activities they normally wouldn't do on their own. If they have a big project coming up, hype them up to complete it. When they start daydreaming, attract their attention with something to help them focus on what's in front of them.


Best Pisces compatibility & relationship advice for Pisces

With Pisces compatibility, the Fish is attracted to other water signs Cancer and Scorpio as well as earth signs Taurus and Capricorn.

While Pisces is very much compatible with fellow water sign Scorpio, the fish is naturally attracted to its opposite sign, Virgo. Since they are on opposite sides of the astrological chart, also known as sister signs, it causes a magnetic attraction.

Pisces will help Virgo let go and have fun, while Virgo brings Pisces back down to earth.

That said, Scorpio is the zodiac sign Pisces should marry. Their compatibility is nearly perfect! Both signs are exceedingly loyal and highly possessive, and while many see this as negative, in this match it makes each sign feel needed, secure, and safe.


Pisces gives Scorpio trust, never giving them a reason to suspect something is wrong. Pisces brings out the best in the Scorpio with their gentle nature, and this match connects on a very deep level, bringing satisfaction to both signs.

Pisces and Cancer

These signs have quite a lot in common and balance each out rather well. Cancer will likely be the one in control of the relationship, while Pisces will provide the understanding and emotional support each of these signs needs.

Pisces absorbs Cancer's untimely mood swings and makes sure everyone is on the same page. And while both signs will develop a deep emotional connection that could end up isolating themselves from reality, both are driven by romantic love and are affectionate partners.


Pisces and Scorpio

Scorpio is the best match for Pisces, and this couple has a certain softness to it. Scorpio's strength and protectiveness are a perfect foil to Pisces' selfless and vulnerable nature.

While Pisces will always put Scorpio first, Scorpio will make sure no one is taking advantage of Pisces. They remain interested and intrigued by one another over time, and are inspired by their respective creativity. But one thing Scorpio must be sure to do is not underestimate Pisces' dislike of confrontation.

Pisces and Taurus

While many would like to believe that Taurus is too headstrong for watery Pisces, this couple is very much compatible. Taurus not only helps bring Pisces back to reality, but they inspire Pisces to follow their dreams.

Taurus takes on the dominant role in a relationship, which Pisces has no problem with. Both signs also share a love of beauty and art, and would rather spend a night in cuddling together than going out. Taurus is also incredibly romantic, just like Pisces.


Pisces and Capricorn

A relationship between Pisces and Capricorn is made possible by their differences, which complement one another. Pisces provides emotional support and security in the relationship, making Capricorn more self-confident.

Capricorn feels more inspired to express their feelings thanks to Pisces. And while Pisces is romantic, Capricorn is practical and down to earth, making their lives equally balanced. This pair will learn a lot from compromise and meeting in the middle.

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