The Best & Worst Personality Traits Of The Scorpio Zodiac Sign

They are the Scorpion for a reason.

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One of the most misunderstood signs in astrology, Scorpio is a Water sign. Scorpio traits include being passionate, hiding emotions, and remaining loyalty to their loved ones.

But the Scorpio zodiac sign is intense and can come off as intimidating, mainly because of their ability to keep up a front to hide their true feelings, as well as their tendency to to be jealous, stubborn, and vengeful.

People with this Sun sign are born between October 23 and November 21, and are notable for being quite serious in nature.


What is a Scorpio?

Ruled by Mars and Pluto — Mars is the planet of aggression and action; Pluto is the planet of obsession, transformation and power — Scorpios are extremely fiery, despite their watery temperament.

Due to Scorpio’s planetary ruler Pluto, nicknamed the lord of the underworld, this planet has a deep connection to truth and transformation, which radiates out from Scorpio.

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Scorpio’s symbol is a Scorpion, originating from the myth of Orion. In Greek mythology, Orion’s brother, Apollo, was jealous of Orion’s handsomeness. Apollo asked Mother Earth to send a giant Scorpio to kill Orion, and after being stung, Zeus (or Artemis in some stories) placed Orion and the scorpion in the sky, becoming a constellation. The star Antares represents the heart of Scorpio.

This sensual sign is most associated with mystery, and though intense and highly focused, their favorable traits sometimes veer a little too far to the dark side. Their bravery can lead to hubris and bad decision-making, while their incredible focus and determination makes them into leaders.

It's easy to believe in a Scorpio, but they are also supremely egomaniacal and their leadership can turn cultish if left unchecked.

Flexible Scorpio's energy is unafraid of changes, and can easily adapt and reinvent itself to fit whatever situation or life cycle it's currently in. This sign is also represented by life, death, and resurrection. Such a powerful, possessive sign always manages to rise up again.


When we think of Water signs, we think of the emotional sensitivity, like Pisces and Cancer; however, Scorpio is an entirely different class of its own. While Cancer is known as the Crab, and Pisces the Fish, Scorpio isn’t a water-related animal at all.

And much like the Scorpion that represents this sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio is patient, waiting for the right moment to act.

The 7 Best Scorpio Traits

1. Passionate

One of Scorpio’s most prominent personality traits is their passion towards everything they do in life. Because failure is one of their deepest fears, they will dominate any opportunity that comes their way.

2. Brave

Scorpios are the first people to volunteer themselves to help, especially if it’s a task or action that frightens others. If there’s trouble ahead, this is the sign that will throw themselves in harm’s way. And that’s particularly true if it involves a loved one.


3. Loyal

Scorpio is the kind of friend or partner you want around. They take some time to open up to others and become vulnerable, but once you’ve earned their trust, they have your back forever. The Scorpio personality is faithful to a fault, but once you break their trust or lie, you’re no longer dependable.

4. Charismatic

If you’ve ever been entranced by Scorpio’s personality, it’s because they act in a way that’s magnetic. They tend to have a way with words, listen intently when others are speaking, and can make those around them feel truly seen. It’s this demeanor that makes them difficult to walk away from.

5. Organized

There’s nothing Scorpios hate more than impulsive actions. They are calculating and always think before making a decision. Because of this, they also tend to have their minds in order before acting, and don’t choose based on a spur of the moment feeling.

6. Ambitious

Persistent and determined, this zodiac sign will stop at nothing to succeed. When there’s a goal they want to accomplish, they put it at the forefront of their mind. Never the type of people to quit or set limits, their strong will power can sometimes cause them to go to extremes.


7. Intuitive

Scorpio doesn’t just feel things on the surface; rather, they are deeply in touch with their emotions, and tend to be empathic, absorbing the emotions of others. Their intuition is also evident in their ability to tell when someone is lying. If you lie to Scorpio, they will find out.

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The 6 Worst Scorpio Traits

8. Stubborn

Because Scorpio is a Fixed sign, this means they have a tendency to strongly dislike change of any kind. If something requires Scorpio to change their mind or adapt to a new situation, they are resistant to move away from their own thoughts and feelings.

9. Jealous

Their intensity can manifest in negative ways, too. Ever the entitled zodiac sign, Scorpio can become jealous when there’s competition with another person. They think their own ambitions give them precedence, when they just need to realize that comparing themselves to others is a good habit to break.


10. Secretive

Hidden deeply in Scorpio’s mind is their emotions and their true feelings towards any topic. They don’t like exposing themselves, especially to people they don’t know well. Instead, they hide behind a rough exterior, all in an effort to protect their soft insides.

11. Controlling

Because they fear failure, this fierce sign always thinks they know best — both for themselves and others. This can lead to a domineering attitude, where Scorpio exerts control over situations.

The irony is that Scorpio hates being controlled! Without feeling some sort of dominance, they easily become angry and feel like their own lives are spiraling.

12. Aggressive

Anyone who has ever told Scorpio “no” has felt the backlash. Their aggressive tendencies lead them to manipulate others to get what they want, and their quickness to anger is mostly due to their unwillingness to compromise.


13. Unforgiving

Forgive and forget? Scorpio refuses to live by those words. Once you cross Scorpio, they will hold a grudge against you for the rest of their life. Any betrayal or slight is enough to send them over the edge, and they aren’t above using their scorpion stinger to show you the huge mistake you’ve made.

Tips for Relating to a Scorpio Personality

1. Never lie to Scorpio.

To keep your Scorpio friend or partner around, it’s important to always be honest with them. This astrology sign has zero tolerance for liars, and doing so with them is the quickest way to lose their trust. Even if it’s a harsh truth, it’s still better than a lie.

2. Be assertive and stand up for yourself.

Their intensity and need to control situations can feel overwhelming. But Scorpio will appreciate that you are fully able to defend yourself, and tell them to their face that their actions are off-putting.

3. Support them.

Scorpios are highly ambitious, so if you are to remain in their life, you need to support their endeavors, even if you disagree! Being able to stay strong and vigilant towards your own goals can actually inspire Scorpio to push ahead when they are falling behind. It’s the best way to gain their respect.


4. Give Scorpio a good laugh.

Believe it or not, this zodiac sign has quite a sense of humor! Their level of sarcasm and dark wit aren’t always evident at first, but once they start laughing after shedding their serious face, you’ll know they were only joking. If you have that same type of humor, it’s all the more reason Scorpio will gravitate towards you.

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Best Scorpio Compatibility & Relationship Advice for Scorpio

Love is probably where Scorpios are most misunderstood. Many assume that Scorpios are cold, unemotional people who have no time or need for romance, but this is untrue.

Scorpio longs for commitment and intimacy, but at the same time, is secretly afraid of these things. They have a difficult time opening up romantically and showing vulnerability, which can become a huge obstacle to finding a partner.


In terms of Scorpio compatibility, this sign works best with Water signs and Earth signs, particularly Cancer, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn and Virgo. Though they have the capability to make a relationship with Fire signs work, they are often challenging and take a true labor of love.

Scorpio and Cancer

Cancer likes to please and shares Scorpio's importance for devotion, which helps with Scorpio’s jealous streak, as they will never doubt Cancer's devotion. Cancer and Scorpio both go deep into their feelings, and their union is one that withstands the test of time.

Scorpio and Taurus

Both signs are stubborn and jealous, but once that level of trust is built, their “opposites attract” chemistry comes out in full force. Though this match is a bit tricky and the two will butt heads, they are evenly matched.


Scorpio and Pisces

Water sign Pisces is highly compatible with Scorpio because both are sensitive, understanding, and intuitive. These two signs find what they are lacking in one another; Scorpio gets kindness, while Pisces gets someone who appreciates their emotional depth.

Scorpio and Capricorn

Capricorn’s honesty is refreshing for Scorpio, who hates anything less than the truth. Capricorn may appear to be unexpressive, but they actually offer Scorpio the emotional support they so gravely need.

Scorpio and Virgo

Virgo is smart and creative, while Scorpio is passionate and intense; though this may cause some turmoil in a relationship, they have the power to overcome their differences. Their devotion to one another is unmatched in other zodiac pairs.

What are Scorpios good at?

Scorpio is good at getting what they want. They like success and work hard to achieve it; in fact, it's a point of pride with them to succeed. Fiercely competitive, Scorpio will tackle the hardest of tasks with the intention of being the best there is. Supreme focus makes them hard to beat, and their analytical tendency takes them even a step further.


Who should a Scorpio marry?

When Scorpios fall in love, they are devoted partners. This is especially true for the Scorpio woman, who goes above and beyond for the one they love. Scorpio’s ideal husband or wife is Pisces, as they have the ability to offer Scorpio the emotional support they need. Pisces is also a partner who can handle Scorpio’s tendency to be possessive.

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