The Truth About The Taurus Zodiac Sign Personality Traits

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The Truth About Being A Taurus

Do you know a Taurus, or were you born with the Taurus zodiac sign? No matter the circumstances, Taurus falls between the dates of April 20 and May 20. If your birthday lands somewhere in those dates, congratulations — you have a Taurus personality!

What does that really mean? In astrology, people born under the Taurus sign are known to be stubborn and ambitious. But can their stubbornness be misconstrued for their tough and committed worth ethic?

Perhaps. That's because Taurus is an Earth sign, which translates to them needing to feel grounded, stable, and logical.

Taurus' loyalty is unmatched, which allows them to be devoted to their passions for great lengths of time.

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But this also means that change is not welcome. Additional Taurus personality traits include their preference to be aware and in charge of what’s happening, so anything drastic that occurs in their lives can shake them to their core.

Taureans can go from being happy and laughing, to being in a Hulk rage. They are passionate about life, which extends to their emotions, and that's why they can flip so easily.

These folks can be materialistic, but since they tend to work hard, they feel they can also play hard, even if that means buying a ring in the amount of a mortgage payment.

What are the details of the Taurus horoscope?

  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Colors: Green and Pink
  • Days: Monday and Friday
  • Strength: Reliable
  • Weakness: Stubborn
  • Birthstone: Emerald

What do we know about the Taurus personality traits?

Taureans love a nice night out or a calm and relaxed night in. Their stubbornness isn’t a trait that is locked on 24/7, so despite the Taurus being seen as hardcore, it’s not always that way.

But make no mistake — if they feel threatened, they will fight back like the raging bull their sign is so famous for. If you need advice, this zodiac sign is the one to turn to.

Because they are an Earth sign, they are full of common sense and their perspective is grounded in reality. Just be aware that they're honest to a fault. So if you can’t handle the truth, you might want to skip asking for it.

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If you do seek advice from Taurus and don’t follow it, don't be surprised if they grow impatient with you. Taurus hates wasting time and would prefer to be productive than just sitting around chatting with someone who won't take what they say seriously.

What does the Taurus symbol mean in astrology?

As for the Taurus symbol, it's a Bull, an animal that's content alone. But if engaged and attacked, a bull will attack hard — just like Taurus.

Taurus is often referred to as "bull-headed" because, like their zodiac symbol, they are strong-willed and determined, and not someone you want to mess with.

As for love compatibility, which zodiac signs are a perfect match for Taurus?

Because Taurus is an Earth sign and craves stability, they will look for that in a partner. Taurus wants someone who shares their ideals and values, but also their intellect.

They will likely want to find a mate that works in the same field as they do. At the very least, they will need someone who not only stimulates them sexually but also mentally.

Capricorn, another Earth sign, is the best astrological match for Taurus in the love department. They share the same values and are both materialistic, but also practical. Both are in it to win it, but Capricorn can be slightly held back in their sexual life.

Once they both feel secure with each other, Capricorn's aloofness can complement the dominating trait in Taurus and make for an amazing sex life. However, Capricorns have the tendency to be lazy which will really irk Taurus, who can't stand being bored.

What's the best career for Taurus?

Taurus knows what they want — and will get it. Once they find their passion, they will do whatever is needed to make it happen and keep themselves there. Taurus is powerful and reliable, so they're able to rise quickly to the top.

Many Taureans find success in politics and show business or any executive position. Their drive is strong and they can come off as snobbish, but don't take it personally. They are there to get things done, and if they think you are standing in their way, they'll make sure you know it. But then they'll buy you a drink after work, so no hard feelings!

As far as money goes, Taurus is an excellent saver. However, they can fall into a rut of staying in the same job for a long time because they don't like change.

Staying in the same position for years can lead to becoming comfortable with low pay. Taureans aren't fans of taking risks, so it's important not to push them into any. They'll move up when they are ready — it just might take a little more time.

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