The Best And Worst Taurus Personality Traits

This Bull doesn't play around.

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People born under the Taurus zodiac sign have a birthday between the dates of April 20 and May 20. If you were born somewhere in those dates, congratulations — you have a Taurus Sun sign!

In astrology, Taurus is known to be stubborn and ambitious, but tough and with a committed worth ethic.

What is a Taurus?

Taurus is an Earth sign, meaning they are grounded, stable, and logical. Their loyalty is unmatched, which allows them to devote themselves to their passions for great lengths of time.


But this also means that change is not welcome, as Taurus is a Fixed sign and is a creature of habit.

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Additional Taurus traits include their need to be aware and in charge, so anything drastic that occurs in their lives can shake them to their core.


That said, Taureans have a taste for comfort and the good life, and love a nice night out or a calm and relaxed night in. Their stubbornness isn’t a trait that's locked in 24/7, so despite Taurus being seen as hardcore, it’s not always that way.

But make no mistake — if they feel threatened, they will fight back like the raging bull their sign is so famous for. If you need advice, this is one of the best signs of the Zodiac to turn to. Honest to a fault, if you can’t handle their honesty, you might not want to ask.

They are full of common sense and their perspective is grounded in reality. They are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, so physical pleasures are strong with this sign.

Taureans can go from being happy and laughing to being in a rage. They are passionate about life, which extends to their emotions, and that's why they can flip so easily. These folks can be materialistic, but since they tend to work hard, they feel they can also play hard, even if that means buying a ring in the amount of a mortgage payment.


5 Positive Taurus Traits

1. Understanding

Taureans are understanding because they analyze situations from all sides, no matter how overwhelming it can be. They have strong observational skills that easily help them understand why people behave in certain ways. Not only do they get it, but they offer realistic solutions when asked for advice.

2. Patient

This sign has patience that many envy. Whether they are dealing with a project that deserves a long-time of focus or deciding what to do, in general, they don't get frustrated or stressed out.

3. Hard-working

Taureans are hard workers... when they want to be, that is. When they set their minds to it, it gets done. If they want to succeed at something, they will put in all the effort they have and more.

4. Easy-going

Along with their patience, Taurus is very down-to-earth and mellow. They have a calm aura that makes people want to be around them, and put others in that state of relaxation.


5. Organized

Taureans are natural multitaskers. They are the ones who say they can multitask at job interviews and can actually do it. This zodiac sign pays close attention to details and copes well with difficultly, adapting quickly to obstacles in their path.

They are rooted and conscious, so you can let them borrow your things without worrying they will lose them.

5 Negative Taurus Traits

6. Stubborn

Taureans are famously stubborn. There's a reason their symbol is a bull! One of the key personality traits of Taurus is standing firm in their position. This makes it hard for them to accept other people's points of view.

However, you can persuade them depending on how much evidence you provide to prove your point. It may take more than time, patience, and eloquence to do that, though, so come prepared.


7. Lazy

Contradictory, maybe, but Taureans get the procrastination bug for menial tasks. That includes things like household chores. They only take up activities they enjoy doing.

8. Jealous

Taurus can become very possessive when it comes to their significant other. Much like the bull, this signs gets angry very quickly when their relationship is threatened by someone else. And that green eye will come right out.

9. Dependent

Taurus seems to have it all together and may look independent, but they actually have a hard time with their autonomy. Many have difficulties flying the nest when they're older. This sign depends on others, which often leads to disappointment.

10. Perfectionist

They have a strong desire to have the best of everything, be the best at everything, and date the best they can find. So, when they find something that isn't up to their standards, they have no problem leaving it behind.


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Tips for Relating to a Taurus

1. Be thoughtful.

The one big tip for relating to a Taurus is to pay attention to them when they speak. Taureans love being the center of attention despite being so down-to-earth, so do your best to show that they mean a lot to you and you enjoy their company.

2. Be kind and don't waste their time.

Taurus will respond to kindness with their own. They give what they receive, so treat them how you would want to be treated.

If you do seek advice from Taurus and don’t follow it, don't be surprised if they grow impatient with you. Taurus hates wasting time and would prefer to be productive rather than just sit around chatting with someone who won't take what they say seriously.


3. Don't be aggressive.

When you have an issue with Taurus, try not to be aggressive and use logic instead of passion. If you tell a joke at their expense, don't even bother saying it, because it won't get you anywhere. Don't rile up the bull.

Best Taurus Compatibility & Relationship Advice for Taurus

Because Taurus craves stability, they look for that in a partner. They want someone who shares their ideals and values, but also their intellect. They will likely find a mate who works in the same field they do. And, at the very least, they desire someone who stimulates them, sexually and mentally.

That's why fellow Earth signs Capricorn and Virgo, and Water signs Scorpio and Cancer, make great matches for Taurus.

Taurus and Virgo

This pairing is a steady and reliable one. Both are very similar but have certain differences that will keep the relationship interesting. Taureans will admire Virgo's organized mind and witty humor, while Virgo will adore Taurus' patience and strong character.


Both highly value stability and commitment when it comes to relationships, which means they can depend on each other. These two signs make a great team.

Taurus and Capricorn

Capricorn and Taurus share the same values and live in a material world, but are also practical. Both are in it to win it, but Capricorn can be slightly held back in their sex life.

Once they feel secure with each other, Capricorn's aloofness complements the dominating traits In Taurus and makes for an amazing relationship. However, Capricorns have the tendency to be lazy which will really irk Taurus, who can't stand being bored.


Taurus and Scorpio

Taureans will see Scorpio's jealousy as endearing while others would be put off by it. The stubbornness in Taureans could conflict with Scorpio's, but since both signs are loyal, it won't become a big blowout.

These two signs are very similar at the surface, but underneath they couldn't be more different. While Taureans are very laid-back, Scorpios have a strong intensity and passion to them.

With both signs so stubborn and having a temper when pushed too far, they can get messy. On the bright side, the relationship is a keeper if it makes it past the first year.

Taurus and Cancer

These two signs have so much in common. They care very much about the home, friends and family, and having a stable partner. From liking a lot of affection to having a strong appreciation of food and cooking, Taurus and Cancer would make a comfy home for the relationship.


This pairing would rather Netflix and chill than go out on the town. But the downsides of this match are that both signs tend to become possessive and want to control the relationship.

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