Sagittarius Decans: The 3 Different Types Of Sagittarius & Their Personalities

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different types of sagittarius decans

While there are officially only 12 zodiac signs in astrology, there are many more factors that go into building your personality. 

For example, though the Sagittarius zodiac sign dates are November 22 to December 21, not every Sagittarius you meet is going to be exactly the same. 

While some reason for this is due to different natal chart placements and planetary influences, another reason why is because, according to astrology, there are actually three types of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius decans

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter.

While traditional Sagittarius dates are November 22 to December 21, those dates are split into three 10-day periods to form the three different types of Sagittarians, or Sagittarius decans, influenced by the two other fire signs Aries and Leo.



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In general, fire signs are active, honest, creative, and impulsive. They look forward and outward, and don’t connect easily on the emotional level.

Aries is the independent loner, Leo the big-hearted performer, and Sagittarius the curious explorer.

Sagittarius decan 1 (November 22 – December 2)

Decan 1 Sag has passed through Aries’ impatience, Leo’s obsession with the self, and in full Sagittarius energy is now beginning the search for true spirituality and enlightenment. They’re fascinated by ideas from other cultures and religions and enthusiastically pursue new wisdom and experience.

They have a lot going on, and since they can’t turn down a new adventure (gotta know everything, right now!), they spend a lot of time catching up to themselves.

Sagittarius decan 2 (December 3 – December 12)

All Sagittarians have a strong philosophical side, and decan 2 Sag, influenced by Aries and Mars, tends to be the most intellectual and rational of them all when chewing on a new idea.

They trust their own logical abilities, but frequently get involved in the creative arts to help them understand others’ thoughts, express their own, or find hidden connections between unrelated concepts.

It’s difficult for them to connect with people on a personal or emotional level, but their creations will tell you a lot about what’s going on inside.

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Sagittarius decan 3 (December 12 – December 21)

This is the last stop of the fire signs. Now Sagittarius, influenced by Leo and the Sun, has reached the point where they can trust their own intuition.

They learn a lot about the world simply by following their own instincts, and those connections they were searching for in the previous decan are coming through loud and clear (even though they still might not be able to express them clearly).

The earlier spiritual and philosophical interests have evolved into a true passion for metaphysics and esoterica. Decan 3 Sag spends a lot of time searching for hidden truths in obscure books that cross the line between science and fantasy. 

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