What Your Chiron Sign Reveals About Your Deepest Wounds And Healing Powers

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While there are 9 planets that make up a traditional birth chart, an often forgotten aspect of a natal chart is our Chiron sign.

In fact, Chiron will be in a specific house and zodiac sign in your birth chart.

And though it's a minor planet in astrology, your Chiron placement can reveal quite a lot about you.

What is Chiron?

Chiron (pronounced ki-ron) is an object in space that sits between Saturn and Uranus. Where Saturn is all about structure and restriction, Uranus represents boldness, change, and uncertainty — two very oppositional planets, indeed!

Originally classified as an asteroid, Chiron is now considered a minor planetary body, asteroid, or comet.

The namesake for this space rock comes from a centaur in Greek mythology. In the legends, Chiron the centaur — who had a horse's body and human upper body and legs — was the son of the mighty god Cronus.

Chiron was born with healing powers, along with being skilled in philosophy and teaching. And, just like any other god, he was immortal. However, after being hit by a poisonous arrow shot by Heracles, he gave up his immortality so man could create fire, becoming the constellation Centaurus.

The irony of Chiron is that he’s become known as the wounded healer (an oxymoron), meaning he can heal anyone other than himself.

What does Chiron mean in astrology?

In astrology, Chiron represents your deepest wounds or weaknesses, and how you work to move past them. Through your pain, it’s how you gain wisdom and your own personal ability to heal others.

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Due to its positioning in space, Chiron typically stays with each zodiac sign for around eight years. However, when Chiron is in Saturn's orbit, he can transit through a zodiac sign in less than two years.

Overall, it takes Chiron just about 50 years to move through all 12 of the zodiac signs.

Because of this 50-year transit, we experience what's called a Chiron return once this planetary body makes its way back to the zodiac sign it was in when we were born. During a Chiron return, our core wounds are reopened so that we can get to know our higher selves and heal once more.

How to calculate your Chiron sign

With Chiron, everyone has what’s called a natal Chiron sign, which is where the planetary body was when you were born.

In order to determine your Chiron sign, you can either see a professional astrologer who will create a full birth chart, use an online calculator or consult a table.

Unlike your Sun sign, which is determined simply by your birth date, calculating your Chiron sign requires your time of birth, birth date, and location of where you were born. An online calculator will also tell you the specific degree and house your Chiron sign is in.

Once you know your Chiron sign, you'll understand how your wounds manifest in your life, and then use that understanding to expand your wisdom and experience as it relates to healing.

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Chiron Sign Placement Meanings

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Chiron in Aries or the First House

Aries, your wounds are your anger management skills and highly competitive nature, along with your constant need to be first and comparing yourself to others.

So, how do you heal others? These wounds help you to be confident in your individuality and prompt others to do the same.

Chiron in Taurus or the Second House

Taurus, you can be extremely stubborn and because of that, one of your wounds is being resistant to change. You are easily attached to material things, such as food and drinks, to the point where it’s practically an addiction. That can lead to money troubles.

However, through this you’re able to become more financially capable and show others as well, and your stubbornness becomes the rock that people need during difficult times.

Chiron in Gemini or the Third House

Gemini, you have wounds from being alone which is also why you can be incredibly gossipy. You want to constantly be in the loop and talking, but also have anxiety and are afraid to be judged.

Because of your feelings, you know how others feel. You make people feel calm and easily connect with others, helping to make them feel included.

Chiron in Cancer or the Fourth House

Cancer, your wounds have to deal with insecurity, particularly with not feeling safe. You also have a strong fear of strangers and possibly family dysfunction.

However, you can use this to heal others because, due to your own struggles, you know how to build a safe haven so people don’t feel the way you have.

Chiron in Leo or the Fifth House

The wound for Leo is being in need of constant validation and approval. You always want all eyes on you, and need people to tell you that you’re doing well.

But this also works in your favor as it makes you want to encourage others.

Chiron in Virgo or the Sixth House

Virgo, you have wounds from trying to please everyone, and being highly critical of yourself and others. It’s so bad that it makes the view you have of yourself distorted.

On the bright side, because of all this criticism, you know how to help others better their lives.

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Chiron in Libra or the Seventh House

There are two big wounds for Libras: relationships, and forcing peace. You don’t want to commit to anything, but once you do, you have major trouble ending it. You also will try to make things peaceful no matter what.

Through this, you understand how to make peace with and between others, along with being a bit of a matchmaker.

Chiron in Scorpio or the Eighth House

Scorpio, your wounds are a matter of extremes. You go through power struggles (metaphorically or real), get very jealous, and have trouble leaving a toxic relationship.

But thanks to your major struggles, you help others through their big life events such as a birth, death, or any other life transitions.

Chiron in Sagittarius or the Ninth House

Sagittarius, your wounds are tending to be disruptive when you act like a nomad while following the newest trend, and being completely tactless.

Through your experience, you can tell the truth with compassion, and if someone’s sad, you’ve got your sense of humor to make them feel better.

Chiron in Capricorn or the Tenth House

Capricorn, your biggest wound is unhealthy ambition. While it’s good to have goals, you’ve made it your life, even turning your job into an escape from reality.

The silver lining from this obsession is that you’re super-focused, which means you stay level-headed and can make the most out of any situation for everyone.

Chiron in Aquarius or the Eleventh House

Aquarius, you have the wound of destructive rebellion. Being a rebel can work out fine, but you sometimes go too far.

However, because of your rebellious nature, you know how to fight for what’s right and inspire others to do so as well.

Chiron in Pisces or the Twelfth House

Pisces, your wounds are what cause you to want to escape from reality. You try to find any sort of escape and you don’t really live in reality, which can possibly lead to some sort of addiction.

But because of your not-grounded-in-reality thinking, you’re able to help others let go of their limits and let them live out their fantasies.

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