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How To Read A Natal Chart & Find Your Purpose In Life

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How To Read An Astrology Chart & Find Your Life Purpose

Everyone gets to a time in their life where they feel like they do not know their purpose. It can be extremely frustrating to not know how to direct your energy into a life goal.

Knowing how to read your natal chart can help you find your life purpose.

Pay close attention to your astrology chart, the house number your planets fall in, and the zodiac sign and the house of your Midheaven. Reading your natal chart makes finding your life path easier.

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Although it sounds a little unexpected to get your life goals from your astrology chart, it could be that perfect push in the right direction for you to learn something about astrology.

You might not know how to read your natal chart — much less extract your purpose from it — but I am here to help.

To find your purpose in life using a natal chart you must know your house number and Midheaven

The first thing you need to do is know what your natal chart says and where your Sun sign is located. To find your Midheaven, you will also need to know when and where you were born. You can find it out by using the free tools on the internet to aimed at computing your midheaven sign.

If you don’t know it off the top of your head, you can look up the day you were born and what zodiac sign category you fall into for free on Cafeastrology.

Your natal chart will help you determine which house your Midheaven is located in.

You need to know your Midheaven sign, also known as MC. It is the highest point in your birth chart and will give you more insight into which career path you should follow. Your Midheaven and house number signs go hand-in-hand.

Here is everything you need to know to read your natal chart and find your life purpose by house number and Midheaven:

Aries Midheaven or First house of personality and appearance

If your Sun sign rests in the First house, it could indicate that your life purpose relates to your identity and personality. You might realize you gravitate more towards opportunities where you get to lead with your unique and individual personality.

You might find yourself in a leadership position where you get to hold the reins for yourself and others. You also tend to have a lot of bravery so you would be great as a police officer, doctor, firefighter, or athlete.

Whatever it is you decide to be, you are incredibly capable of reaching your goals.

Taurus Midheaven or Second House of Money and Values

If your Sun sign rests in the Second house, it could mean that you are destined to accumulate wealth and make money. You can follow your path towards your life purpose by getting a job as a realtor or stockbroker.

You also have a lot of talent hiding beneath the surface that you might be ready to show off. In that case, you might find yourself pursuing a career in music, fashion, and even gardening.

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Gemini Midheaven or Third House of Communications and Intellect

If your Sun sign rests in the Third house, it indicates that your life purpose is related to communication, education, and transportation.

You might find yourself with a teaching, law, or writing career. You also tend to gravitate towards things that give you the chance to travel and sight-see more.

Cancer Midheaven or Fourth house of family and home

If your Sun sign is present in the Fourth house, you might discover that your life purpose goes hand-in-hand with family and home.

You are a natural-born caretaker and would be excellent as a teacher, actor, psychologist, chef, or any other profession that has a nurturing side to it.

You tend to use your emotions and intuition to bond with others, so use that to your advantage!

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Leo Midheaven or Fifth house of romance and creativity

If your Sun sign rests in the Fifth house, you might find that your life purpose is related to a career that involves a lot of creativity and romance. You always enjoy putting your heart into things that motivate you with love and desire.

You just love to love what you are doing. You might go after a career that allows you to show off your creative and intellectual side. It is also written in the stars that you could even be a celebrity one day.

You love to be a leader and inspire those around you. You would be an excellent entrepreneur, doctor, artist, or any other career that helps you channel the characteristics you possess.

Virgo Midheaven Sixth house of health and work

If your Sun sign is in the Sixth house, it is a telling sign that your life purpose involves working diligently towards your goals. You enjoy helping those around you and using your practicality in order to fix problems that arise in everyday life.

You find it rewarding to assist others, so you would be a wonderful medical professional and even a business professional.

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Libra Midheaven or Seventh house of marriages and partnerships

If your Sun sign is in the Seventh house it could mean that your life purpose is related to art and the community present around you. You tend to lead with honesty and always fight for what is right.

Therefore, you would be great with a career in law, public relations, or politics. You are also a master of relationships so you have the ability to work with people from all walks of life. You are drawn to fashion and culture and could also make a decent career in those industries.

Scorpio Midheaven or Eighth House of transformation

If your Sun sign falls in the Eighth house, it can be made clear that your purpose involves exploration and examination. You are intrigued by careers that have a lot of meaning and depth to them.

You also tend to be fascinated with things that have to do with the occult, transformation, death, and estate planning. You would do well in a career that relates to medicine, psychology, yoga, or the supernatural.

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Sagittarius Midheaven or Ninth House of travel and education

If your Sun sign rests in the Ninth house, it could mean that your life purpose mostly relates to uncovering the truth behind things while constantly learning in the process. You would be great as a judge or civic leader.

However, you love to travel, be spontaneous, and go on adventures, so you would also make for a great comedian, writer, or airplane pilot.

Capricorn Midheaven or Tenth house of career and social status

If your Sun sign rests in the Tenth house, you tend to gravitate towards a career that comes with status and honor. You are also always trying to be the greatest in whatever it is you do.

You are accountable and a great leader so would make a great entrepreneur. You always put in the work that is required of you in order to be successful and enjoy making money while inspiring those around you.

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Aquarius Midheaven or Eleventh house of friendship, hopes, and dreams

If your Sun sign lives in the Eleventh house, then you are often drawn to a life path that involves using your innovation and deep-thinking skills. Your goal is to make society and the community you are a part of, a better space for everyone involved.

However, you dislike being told what to do so you excel in a career where you have an opportunity to be independent. You would make an incredible teacher, scientist, psychologist, business owner, or something of that nature.

Pisces Midheaven or Twelfth house of psychology and secrets

If your Sun sign rests in your Twelfth house, then your life purpose is all about giving a helping hand to the underprivileged. You are a caring-visionary and are fulfilled when helping others.

Therefore, you would be happy working in places that allow you to care for others, like hospitals and government-run organizations. You live your life in your own dreamy world so you would also be a great addition to the theatre, music, fashion, and entertainment industry.

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