What Does The Virgo Symbol Mean? Zodiac Sign Glyph Meaning

The meaning behind Virgo symbols revealed.

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Virgos are known for many things, including their femininity and powerful intellect.

What do the Virgo symbol and zodiac sign glyph mean?

To understand where these meanings come from, let’s first get more familiar with the Virgo symbol.

The Virgo zodiac sign falls between August 22nd and September 22nd, making them an earth sign. They are most compatible with the Cancer zodiac sign but get along with really anybody. Virgos are said to be the most supportive friends and hardest workers.


However, there are many more traits surrounding Virgo than just being hardworking and friendly. They are also incredibly grounded and sophisticated.

Keep reading to learn how these traits, and many more, are shown in the Virgo sign meaning.

What does the Virgo symbol mean?

Unlike the majority of other zodiac signs, the symbol for Virgo is not an animal. Instead, the symbol is the beautiful maiden.

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Why is Virgo sign a maiden?

Some people may ask, why is the Virgo symbol a woman? Well, the maiden stands for beauty, purity, and tranquility.

Virgo translates to "virgin" in Latin and the maiden is symbolic of this translation — but not in a literal sense. Her presence is considered a reflection of patience, integrity, and honor, all traits that the Virgo displays within their dynamic personalities.

A Virgo has endless potential and much to offer to the world around them, yet because of their patient manner they know to wait for the right timing to exhibit these features. Their patience to show their true colors is unmatched.

They will always stay humble and commit themselves to do the right thing and keeping their integrity intact. Virgos are also known for their femininity and beauty, making the gorgeous maiden the perfect Virgo symbol.


What does a Virgo sign look like?

virgo glyphPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

The glyph for Virgo is the letter M with a swirled loop at the bottom right corner. The loop is said to represent three different paths, all of which end up circling back to the beginning. This can be interpreted as never-ending life and rebirth or simply the natural cycle of life.

Some believe that the loop is symbolic of karma because of the way the three paths come back to the center. This represents the saying, "what goes around comes back around."


Others have interpreted the M to be an abbreviation for the maiden, the Virgo symbol. This would mean that the loop is a representation of chastity.

Some say that the loop represents an area where no impurities can enter. This interpretation is in keeping tone with the Latin translation of Virgo, virgin.

It has also been suggested that the loop is symbolic of a women’s legs being crossed. People who believe in this interpretation of the glyph still believe the M to stand for the symbolic maiden.

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Virgo's Ruling Planet

planet mercury symbolPhoto: Wikimedia Commons


Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, meaning that Virgos are quick and cunning. The Mercury symbol features a crescent moon at the top to represent both Gemini and Virgo.

The crescent ultimately stands for different aspects of the mind and is broken up into two features.

One side of the crescent is symbolic of the divine nature of the mind, Gemini, and the other side is symbolic of the physical presence of the mind, Virgo. The sharp points that sit on top of the crescent are symbolic of a pointed hat that the Roman god Mercury is said to have worn.

Virgo Spirit Animal

Some might ask what is the animal related to the Virgo zodiac, however, the Virgo symbol is not an animal like most other zodiac signs but they do have a spirit animal. The spirit animal for the Virgo zodiac is a fox.


Like a fox, Virgos are quick and smart in their actions and their thought process. Foxes are known for being small but feisty. Because of their smaller size, they always have to calculate their next move and make their actions count. The fox usually surprises people with its ferociousness due to its smaller size.

Similar to the fox, a Virgo will plan their next move in silence and put it into action only when they feel it is the right time. A Virgo will usually surprise people because while they come across to others as timid and reserved, they are secretly harboring immense talent.

These traits make the fox a super-fitting spirit animal for the Virgo zodiac sign.


Virgos are mysterious and hard to read, which makes their symbol and glyph fitting in every way. They are much different than the other zodiac signs and their symbols portray this clearly.

Virgos should learn the meaning of their symbol, glyph, and spirit animal and use it as a confidence booster. Virgos already know that they are great but being reminded of their beautiful and sophisticated ways never hurts.

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