A Hospice Nurse's Fascinating Observations Reveal Why 'Astrology Can't Be Real, But It Low-Key Is'

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Astrology is considered a pseudoscience, one that has both its fair share of believers and deniers. While some religiously check in with their daily horoscopes, others find it hard to believe that, as unique as each individual is, our inherent traits can simply be boiled down to a date of birth represented by a single zodiac sign.

While astrology goes much deeper than Sun signs, our Sun signs are believed to reflect our identity and how we shine in the presence of others. Our Sun traits will be displayed when interacting with others. At work, school, or other social settings, people can see our Sun reflected in our actions.

When we don't have the energy to curate a persona for others, it appears that these may in fact be the traits that they see, as a person who works in hospice care explains in a Reddit post.

"i don't know if i believe in astrology or not but i work in hospice and nursing care and we have some observations," they write. "astrology can't be real. but it low key is. so here are the common things we've noticed."

Hospitals and hospices are ruled by the 12th house. I think the 12th house is where some of our vulnerabilities may be shown to others. The traits they described in the post were pretty spot on with some of the defining characteristics of each zodiac sign.


"aries are fully committed to letting you take care of them. they literally go limp when you have to carry or move them."

Their observation made me think of a 12th-house Aries Sun who would be cooperative since they are less ego-driven. They would be more focused on finding a good balance for everyone they are surrounded by. The Martian energy is cooled down in the 12th and utilized to help the collective, instead of the individual.

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“Taurus women dominate the arts and crafts scene, the bird feeding scene, and the 'nice spot' scene. They have silently called dibs on the best spots. They have an eye for it.”

The artists of the zodiac, Taurus, are naturally drawn to creating and building. Their fixed energy would also allow them to be more controlling and dominating in a group setting. They have a great eye for detail and love beautiful things. They are also naturally gifted when it comes to art.

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“Geminis are also great storytellers but a lot of them forget the ending to their story or change topics halfway through." and "Geminis are the best to talk to and have the most interesting life stories. they also cry the most. awesome people but painful lives most of the time."

Not only did this make me laugh but it made me think of how fascinating Mercury-ruled signs are. They know how to keep a crowd interested and can conjure up the most captivating tales. However, they can get easily distracted, so while we are all caught up and tuned in for the next chapter, they could simply start a new story. Geminis may have a rough go at life as they're often considered the most hated zodiac sign, which can lead to loneliness.

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“Cancers and Pisces are the most spiritual, but not in a religious way.”

“The only emotionally intelligent men I’ve ever met in my life are elderly Cancer men. They could charge money for their listening skills.”

Compassionate, nurturing, and caring, the crab knows how to bring the best out of others when they are emotionally evolved. Cancers listen and take their time to understand people around them because they want to create a very strong bond with potential friends. Their sincerity and warmth will make anyone trust and pour their hearts out to them.

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“Leos treat you like family. Sometimes you forget that you’re not related," though "Leo women are mean asf lol and they complain the most. but they seem to be the favorite of their friend groups and families."

Ruled by the Sun, Leos are magnanimous and loving people. It is easy for Leo to become the center of attention or to have a large circle of friends because it does not take much effort to connect with them. Falling in love with their personality is seamless and a reason that people gravitate toward them.

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“Virgos always help clean but they have the messiest personal spaces” and "Virgos have the funniest most specific opinions. this morning a Virgo client fresh out of bed told one of us that she shouldn't wear a hoodie under her scrubs because 'everybody thinks it looks sloppy.'"

Virgo is a sign that will go out of their way to help others but may not take the time to focus on themselves. Virgos are excellent people to have around because they will keep you together by telling it like it is. However, while they can make great listeners and will not shy away from offering their advice, they may skip out on following it themselves. Metaphorically, they can help you clean up your life but may ignore sprucing up their own spaces.

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“Libras are perceptive asf. They could all be sociologists. Some of them are really funny.” and "We kind of think libras don't like ugly people."

The evolved Libras know how to network and build lasting friendships. Libras know how people work, and this is why they can be either adored or hated. They know how to use their diplomatic skills to bring peace and calm. They know how to make people feel comfortable. They are outgoing and friendly. I agree with the hospice nurse that this is a sign that could make great sociologists because they analyze and understand people.

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“Scorpios are the most fearful of death. Tough about and pretty much everything else though.”

Ruled by Mars, this sign does not fear anything or anyone. However, the concept of the unknown and all other eighth-house matters can scare anyone. While Scorpio is synonymous with transformations, sex, and death, there is also rebirth involved here too. Scorpios are quite powerful. They can read people and see their strengths and weaknesses. 

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“Sagittarius have the best style, they are receptive to fashion trends which is cool. They don’t wear dated stuff.”

Sagittarius is a risk taker and is one of those signs that can 'wow' when they want to be in the spotlight. Although they could prefer to keep things casual, they are also the ones who can seamlessly rock something high fashion on their way to the supermarket. They enjoy learning about trends and because they socialize and network, they could be inspired by people from all over the world.

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“People get us gifts all the time but whenever someone gets us a gift we actually like it is usually from a Capricorn client.”

Capricorns treasure, appreciate, and value the people that work well with them and honor and respect them. It is not surprising that they would be splendid gift-givers because this is a sign that is observant and detail-oriented, especially with those who care for them.

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“Aquariuses are the most caring” and "Aquarius women are the quietest clients. also they remember little details about you and ask about your life."

Not surprising to see since Aquarius represents the collective. They will put others first, but not to the extreme limit of the Pisces since they usually honor their boundaries. They know what it’s like to be a team player and show their compassionate side to the underdogs.

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“Cancers and Pisces are the most spiritual, but not in a religious way. They have some trippy...ideas about reality, life, and death. It's awesome though”

Pisces have a way with words, similar to Gemini, but they can enchant you and sometimes even open up your heart and mind to new concepts. Neptune and Jupiter co-rule the sign of Pisces, a sign that is all about getting lost in your imagination and thoughts. This is a sign with many dreamers and visionaries. Pisces represents the unseen and is synonymous with the 12th house. Pisces can be a spiritual sign and their belief system will flow with what makes them feel comfortable. Their spirituality is not defined by society. They do what works for them.

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Fire signs

"Aries have the most visitors by far. the fire signs all have a lot of visitors"

Fire signs, including Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, are known for their friendly and sociable attitudes, so it's not surprising that they would have many visitors as they tend to create a lot of long-lasting friendships throughout life.

Air signs

"The air signs have a lot of divorces. or are the most talkative about their divorces maybe."

The air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are highly intelligent but also highly independent. They won't settle for a relationship that doesn't serve them.

Zodiac compatibility

"It's mostly fire and water combination couples that we witness being ride or die for each other and still in love. cancer with sagitarrius and leo with cancer pairs are the most common by a landslide. Leo and taurus is another common one. a lot of different mixes of fire and water signs."

little bit of a harsh truth that t i've learned from working with the elderly and sick is that a lot of men bail on their wives when their wives get sick by putting them in nursing care. and lot, probably most, of relationships are very one sided. it's usually one partner who's committed and pulling the weight and one partner who doesn't really return the care. kind of sad. but the beautiful side to it is that some people really are happily-ever-after ride or die for each other which is a beautiful thing. nothing more beautiful than seeing a couple who's been together forever still doting, loving and caring for each other. but yeah like i said it's more often than not fire and water combinations that seem to actually enjoy each other's company. and a lot of them have stories about hating each other when they were young."

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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.