Leo Friendship Compatibility & 10 Truths About Having A Leo Friend

Get yourself a Leo friend. Now.

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We’re loud, we’re proud, and we’re pretty much the best friend you could ever hope for.

Take it from someone with the Leo zodiac sign: we know we’re the best and we’re not afraid to say it.

Leo friendship style

Well, Leos are the type of friends that will invite you over, take you out for drinks, help you flirt, encourage you to go just a little too hard, but then still carry you home and tuck you in with a glass of water waiting next to you in the morning.


Have you ever met a Leo? What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

They probably chatted your ear off, talked about themselves, invited you to some social gathering, and were quick to befriend you.

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Despite Leo's naturally self-centered demeanor, having a Leo as a friend is making a lifelong bond that you'll both value for years to come.  

Ruled by the Sun and representative of the lion, Leos are warm, energetic, and exciting people. They love making friends and are natural-born leaders.

And if anyone tries to mess with the friend of a Leo, they better beware, because Leo come out with full fangs and claws at the ready.


What it's like having Leo as a friend

1. You'll never have a dull moment.

Leos tell jokes, play, do impersonations, and just about anything to entertain.

In short: we’re social people. As fire signs, we’re driven and determined, and that definitely takes form in our ability to mix, mingle, and collaborate with pretty much anyone.

If you’re friends with a Leo, you can bet we’ll make you laugh. There's never a boring moment with us.


2. They will pay your tab, as long as it means you'll have a good time.

We love what we love, and love that we love it. And we share that love with you.

Leos love proving our affection through gift-giving. We want you to know how much we care, and oftentimes that takes the form of a nicely wrapped present. Or, you know, a bar tab. Whatever keeps you happy.

We’re there for the long haul and we’ll constantly let you know how much you mean to us — whether it's cuddling next to you to watch TV or showering you with gifts, compliments, or beer. 

3. But Leo friends enjoy lazy days, too.

As much as Leos love being in the spotlight, we get tired.


Leos are one of the zodiac signs that sleep the most (bringing a whole new definition to “cat naps”). We love to get our rest, and when we feel like having a lazy day, it usually involves gratuitous amounts of delicious junk food and Netflix.

If you ever want to just lounge around and chill, do it with a Leo. We’re quick to bring the snacks, comfy clothes, classic DVDs, and most recent bits of gossip that are sure to turn any lazy Sunday into an afternoon to remember.

But don't forget to order take-out — we get hungry!

4. They always have your back.

Hell hath no fury like a Leo whose friend is in danger. Loyalty doesn’t even begin to explain the depth of our relationships with those we care for. No matter what, thick or thin, Leos will always be there with an arm outstretched.


If someone tries to confront a friend or family member of Leo, you can bet we’ll step in before you can even blink. And we’ll roar. Even if our loved one is “in the wrong,” we’ll defend them.

We don’t take personal relationships lightly, so when we commit, we really commit.

5. They push you out of your comfort zone.

We’re free spirits. To try and contain us is probably the worst idea imaginable. Spontaneity is a staple for basically every Leo.

We love to explore, but we love to explore with you. We don’t like to be alone; we love the company of our friends, especially when adventuring into the unknown.

Leos don’t want to enjoy the ride alone. We’re the kind of people that, at a party, we don’t want to dance while you’re on the wall; we want to dance with you and enjoy the moment together. We’ll encourage (and sometimes force) you out of the realm of, “oh but I can’t…” and into a mindset of, “I definitely want to!”


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6. Leos tell it like it is.

Even though we're ditzy at times, we're not dumb. Leos are very perceptive and very honest. Well, brutally honest. If we don’t agree with something you’re doing, we’ll let you know. It’s not because we want to hurt you, but rather the opposite; it’s because we care.

Yes, sometimes we can come off a little abrasive and forceful, but it’s because we only want what’s best for you. Leos are quick “fixers,” meaning we recognize a problem and do anything in our power to fix it.

We’re always here to help you through hardships of any kind. 


7. They are really good wingpeople.

If you’re with a Leo, chances are you’re probably smiling. As generally happy people, we don’t like to see those around us in unhappy moods. Where’s the fun in that?

We want everyone to have fun at all times, so we’ll do everything in our power to put a smile on your face. And that includes when we're trying to get you with that lucky someone.

Leos are magnetic people. And beyond that, we're flirtatious. We'll use our charm and wit to get you with anyone you want in the party, bar, or club. We'll direct the conversation, be just flirty enough, and bring them in close to set you up perfectly.

From a Leo, you're welcome in advance. 


8. Leo will show you a good time, all the time.

When you’re at a party, we’re that person to pour everyone shots, to get the wall-watchers on the dance floor, and to talk to literally every person in the building.

We live for being social. We’ll introduce you to all our other friends, connect you with our business partners, and make sure you’re never left wanting.

You don’t know a party until you’ve experienced a Leo party. We’re natural hosts and we love ensuring everyone is having a great time. If you ever go out on the town with Leo, expect a long night full of laughing, bar-hopping, and memorable moments. 

9. They'll teach you tolerance and humility.

If you’re with a Leo, there’s a good chance they’re talking about themselves. Having a Leo for a friend will (quickly) teach you to be tolerant of other people’s (often extreme) personalities.


It does take some getting used to before you’ll be totally adjusted to Leo's natural self-indulgence. But after befriending a Leo, you’ll learn that sometimes humility is key, and some people are who they are (even our constant stopping in front of mirrors is an annoyance).

10. Leos truly value you.

Leos love hard. We don’t just like you, we don’t just appreciate you — we value you. We want to hear everything about you — your life story, your dreams, your passions — and we want to help you achieve happiness.

Once you have us as a friend, you’ve made a friend for life. We’re stubborn, and that stubbornness also manifests in the desire to keep friends close. We’re the person to remember your birthday, your favorite color, or favorite childhood candy.


Leos don’t judge, we love. And what's better than that?

Leo friendship compatibility

When it comes to the best friend for Leo, the zodiac sign needs friends who match their fiery nature. They like being on the go and in the spotlight, so Leo's best friends are those that can keep up. 

Leo best friends

1. Aries

One zodiac sign that will always be able to keep up with Leo's personality is fellow fire sign Aries. Aries and Leo are similar in a lot of ways, naturally making them the best of friends.

2. Sagittarius

Like Aries and Leo, Sagittarius is also a fire sign. Sagittarius' energetic nature and love for travel make Leo and Sagittarius a great platonic match.


3. Gemini

Despite their opposite personalities, Leo and Gemini are compatible when it comes to friendships. Gemini's dual nature will keep Leo on their toes while Leo's quick thinking can help Gemini overcome their indecisiveness.

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