Libra Friendship Style And Best Friend Compatibility

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What's there not to love about Libra? With ladies like Jenna Ortega and Kate Winslet being born under the zodiac sign, it isn't hard to see just how lovely Libras are. Libras make being fair-minded and generous look so simple when we can agree that it's not always that easy to be kind to everyone.

What we love most about Libras is that they are devoted to helping people because it's in their blood; they don't just do it to climb their way to the top.

Being best friends with a Libra comes with a lot of benefits. Since Libra is always looking to improve their own life, you can be sure that they will be more than willing to share advice so you can do the same.

Libras are all about making sure their friends are as happy and fulfilled as they are. Maybe they are trying to stock up on good karma, or maybe they just love being supportive. Either way, a Libra knows how to get the most out of life.

Having a Libra best friend is always an adventure, too. They are very social people who love to surround themselves with fun parties and new experiences. Even if you aren't an extrovert like they are, your Libra friend will always make sure they're by your side (especially if you're feeling uncomfortable in a new setting). Not only does Libra want you to have fun getting out of your comfort zone, but they also want their new friends to get along with her old ones. Think of your Libra BFF as your guide to being a better you. They're your cheerleader on the sidelines who want you to succeed.

We think Libras are great and definitely someone you need in your life. But what else makes them great best friends?

Libra friendship style

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They're social butterflies.

Libras thrive the most when they are surrounded by people. They live spending time with their friends and will make even the smallest occasions feel like big fun. They use their social nature to their (and your) advantage by helping you get out of your shell. Libra will never make you feel left out at a party or in a situation where you don't know anyone. Instead, they will make you feel at ease about being yourself and opening up more.

They always take the high road.

Libra is the most diplomatic of all the zodiac signs and makes sure you know it. You won't catch a Libra being anything less than thoughtful in any given situation. They pride themselves in being a person who can make the right decisions and still keep everyone involved happy. Better yet, Libra's intentions are pure; they only want what's best for their friends, which gives you the opportunity to follow in their footsteps and do as they do.

Libra is generous.

Libra loves sharing with their friends. Whether it is food, clothes, or even advice, you can count on Libra to be big-hearted all the time. Libra knows that they are surrounded by great people and big opportunities, and truly enjoys sharing the wealth. As Libra's best friend, you will be the first one they'll want to share good news and their wardrobe with, but don't take advantage of all they have to offer; their generosity is a gift, not a handout.

Libra always tries to be fair.

Libra hates the thought of being alone or even worse, being in a fight with a friend. Even when it gets them into trouble, Libra tries to be as fair as possible. Whether in the middle of an argument or just a heated discussion about which actor is cuter, Libra will defend both sides or simply stay out of it; they're like the Switzerland of conflict.

Libra gets along with everyone.

It's very hard to hate a Libra and they know the hold they have over people. The Libra motto is all about peace and harmony, which keeps them level-headed and open-minded. Being Libra's best friend means their good vibes will constantly be rubbing off on you, even if you don't realize it. Feel like a better person? Thank your Libra BFF!

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Libra friendship compatibility

Libra's need for balance is represented by their symbol, the Scales. When it comes to friendship, this means they get along best with open-minded people who are capable of a little bit of everything. Very social, Libras can fit into just about any crowd and thrive in friendships that allow personal freedom as opposed to possessive friendships prone to jealousy.

Libra best friend: Gemini

Fellow air sign Gemini makes the perfect friendship match for Gemini. The communication between these two zodiac signs flows like the wind. Both are ready for anything at any time and are an adventurous dynamic duo.

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