Your Hidden Wounds + How To Overcome Them, Based On 12th House Astrology

Your astrology chart shows how to pay off those karmic debts!

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While astrology is not a science, you'll likely find that digging into your birth chart placements can tell you a lot about not only how you approach life and why you do it that way.

On the surface, zodiac signs don't appear to be that personal. After all, there are so many people that share Sun signs but who are totally different. That's often where more unique aspects of your natal chart, such as house placements, come into play.


A birth chart is divided into twelve segments, called “houses.” Each house is ruled by at least one of the zodiac signs, and the energy of that sign affects the particular area of life associated with that house.

Since the houses change signs every couple of hours or so, two people with the same birthday can have very different charts.

The chart shows a lot about a person’s life-long challenges — recurring behavior patterns and negative personality traits that they just can’t seem to grow out of. Sometimes these traits make sense in light of their upbringing and planetary aspects, but more often, they seem to have no connection to someone’s life situation.


That’s when an astrologer turns to the 12th House.

What is the 12th house in astrology?

The astrological 12th house is associated with the energy and karmic imbalances that we’re still carrying around from previous lives.

Ruled by emotional and intuitive Pisces and the planet Neptune, this house is one of the darkest of the 12 as it's directly connected to your unconscious mind.

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If someone has a lot of planets in this segment (especially if the Sun or the Moon is here), that usually means that they weren't able to solve some important problems in a previous incarnation. Their recurring problems seem to have no connection to their current situation because their soul is still dealing with serious spiritual wounds from before.

Because the astrological 12th House has to do with problems and challenges, the sign of this segment tends to express its negative traits more often than the positive ones.

But I’ve cast plenty of charts that show a lot of positive aspects for the 12th House planets, too. Not everyone was terrible or miserable in their past lives — some people are just traveling light this time around, enjoying a well-deserved karmic vacation! It’s up to the astrologer and the client to determine what “feels right” when examining the 12th house.

12th house meaning in each sign

Here’s a list of each sign’s generally negative aspects and how they might figure in your own past-life story. Use it as a guide or a meditation focus when you concentrate on your karmic energy. Your soul remembers what happened in its own long history, and the information is there if you’re open to receiving it.


12th house in Aries

People with their 12th house in Aries tend to struggle with solitary, rebellious, and war-like traits. They may display an inability to get along on equal footing with other people thanks to a past life filled with aggression.

In this life, this house placement will need to learn to set healthy boundaries and stay true to themselves.

12th house in Taurus

The 12th house in Taurus leads to traits such as stubbornness, materialism, and a tendency to be over-protective. This placement may spend time in this life searching for happiness in material things.

Remember that insecurity and greed bring too much focus on wealth and not enough on relationships.


12th house in Gemini

People with this 12th house placement may be flighty, insincere, and dishonest. In their past life, they may have gotten ahead by manipulating others which brings unfavorable karmic energy into this life.

12th house in Cancer

This house placement leads to surly, passive-aggressive, and neurotic traits. The 12th house in Cancer is uncomfortable in family environments, especially involving motherhood, as this placement indicates some idolizing of parents in a past life that likely led to letdowns.

In this life, your task is to realize that parents are just people too, and they sometimes get things wrong. Learn to forgive family members — and yourself — for wrongdoings.

12th house in Leo

People with the 12th house in Leo tend to be selfish, egotistical, and over-dramatic. You may have gotten too much (or not enough) attention in your past life, so now you're acting out and can’t connect well with others.


Focus on building your own self-esteem without needing validation from others.

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12th house in Virgo

This placement can be obsessive, critical, and pessimistic thanks to control issues that make it hard to get a handle on things and make progress.

Remember that in reality, perfection is unattainable. Learn to enjoy your talents without aiming for that perfection.

12th house in Libra

Libra in the 12th house can be shallow, indecisive, and aloof. Vanity and fear of confrontation and mistakes bring a sense of paralysis in relationships. 

Don't fall into the trap of hyper-independence in order to avoid being let down. 


12th house in Scorpio

This house placement struggles with negative Scorpio traits such as secrecy, control, and sadism. You may feel drawn to being hidden, controlling or being controlled, or possibly sexual deviance.

Don't be afraid to be open with others about your emotions, as they are strong and could destroy you from within if you hold onto them.

12th house in Sagittarius

This placement tends to be unreliable and a tactless daydreamer. You may feel constantly unsettled and lost, avoiding confinement or commitment.

Be careful not to look for what you feel is missing from your life in other people or other places. Don't be afraid to connect with your spiritual side to find what you're looking for within.


12th house in Capricorn

The 12th house in Capricorn is inflexible, demanding, and often too serious. They are committed to rigidly sticking to a plan, so focused on the goal that daily pleasures are forgotten.

Remember to take breaks for pleasure from time to time. You spent past lives working hard. This one is meant to be enjoyed.

12th house in Aquarius

Unemotional, confusing, chaotic: these traits describe the 12th house in Aquarius well. You may have difficulty relating to anyone or fitting in with a group. You can be unique without ostracizing yourself. 

12th house in Pisces

With the 12th house in Pisces, traits such as emotional fragility and clinginess may appear. Those who can’t seem to get a grasp on the real world and are overly reliant on an emotional support system may have this house placement. 


Don't spend too much time overthinking things. Get adequate rest and seek therapy for rumination and negative thoughts.

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