Aries Dark Side: Bad & Negative Traits Of The Aries Zodiac Sign

They are a force to be reckoned with.

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In astrology, the Aries zodiac sign is a Cardinal Fire sign. Symbolized by the Ram, Aries is also the youngest of the zodiac family and is the first to appear in the list of signs traditionally.

If you're looking for a metaphor, try imagining a very energetic young kid, running around like cyclone, from one activity to the other, and having an over-the-top tantrum when another kid takes his toys.

To phrase this is slightly more positive terms, what many consider to be Aries' bad traits are just one of the reasons why they are so driven.


The Aries personality is incredibly ambitious, pioneering and loves a challenge. Like a rocket, they burn bright and fast, and always take the lead.

Of course, with any character trait of the zodiac signs, there’s always a positive and negative side to them. The negatives aren’t always necessarily “bad,” per se, but they can be considered a part of one’s shadow self.

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Many times, the same trait can be viewed either positively or negatively depending on the way you look at it. But you did, however, come here to see just how deep, dark and dirty Aries really is, right?

So, here are the top negative traits of the Aries zodiac sign, per astrology.

1. Aries tend to be hot-headed.

You’d be wise not to anger an Aries, considering their crime is most likely to be accidental violence or murder! Meanwhile, their deadly sin is wrath.

Aries is quick to anger, often getting upset over the most trivial things. Even when you're not expecting it, they will suddenly explode.

They can also be combative. Just like some girlfriends you might know, even if there isn’t a problem, they will invent one just so they can confront you and provoke an argument, especially if they are really insecure.


So, watch out for this ram because you just might get the horns.

2. Aries are often impatient.

You could have guessed this one because Aries likes everything to be quick. They love fast cars, fast women, and fast food.

The phrase, “It's my money, and I need it now" from that ad very well could have been written by an Aries.

They have a penchant for racing and engaging in sports that involve an element of risk, like skydiving. Aries doesn’t have time for your BS and doesn’t want to be left waiting. There’s far too many rock walls to climb, and planes to jump out of.

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3. Many Aries are overtly sexual.

For many, an Aries in love is just a little too hot to handle. If you happen to become their love interest, prepare to be pounced on. You will be hunted down like a deer at the end of a scope.


They love to be the pursuer in any relationship, and will come on to you very directly — so direct that it's scary.

They also tend to be possessive. They expect no less than absolute commitment and fidelity from you, but not necessarily for themselves. And just as fast as an Aries can get into a relationship, they can leave it even quicker.

The old adage, “The grass is always greener on the other side” is a very familiar one to the short attention span of Aries.

4. Aries love to be the best.

Aries make excellent firefighters, not because they care about saving people so much, but because they love to be the hero. Being an Aries is all about being the best all the time. They hate to be stuck behind people, and will do just about anything to be in a position of leadership.


If you want to get an Aries to do something, like clean their room, tell it to them like it’s a challenge. Say, “I bet you can’t clean your room in 5 minutes flat!” and then stand back and watch the clothes fly.

Or, if you're dating an Aries and you're sick of all their compulsive shopping, tell them you bet they can't get richer than Bill Gates. You'll soon be a millionaire.

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