What Does A Sagittarius Look Like?

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What Does A Sagittarius Look Like?

Born between the dates November 22 to December 21, Sagittarius zodiac signs are some of the best-looking horoscopes in astrology.

Ruled by Jupiter, they are lucky, smart, and sassy.

Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, Bruce Lee, and Miley Cyrus are all Sagittarius zodiac signs. 

They each have a unique look but there are some similarities that make people born with this horoscope identifiable.

What does a Sagittarius look like?

The fire sign has welcoming features and they tend to be strong.

Sagittarians have this natural athleticism that makes up for their clumsiness and prevents any injury.

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The sign tends to look young for a long time and then suddenly ages overnight.

They also have a light-radiating personality.

What exactly does a Sagittarius look like, according to astrology?

1. Earthy

Even though Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, they are down to earth.

They can be untidy and bohemian, but they are youthfully attractive in a subtle way.

2. Intelligent

Sagittarius is associated with the ninth solar house in astrology which rules higher learning and education.

Rather than in a noble way like a Leo, it’s more in an intellectual way.

They tend to be profoundly critical, cynical, and very sarcastic. 

They are enthusiastic and eager to share wisdom and information.

3. Beautiful face

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a lucky planet. 

So, they have really good looks.

Their face has a nice oval shape and it’s shaped nicely.

Sagittarians tend to have a nose with good proportions. 

4. Big eyes

Wherever Sagittarius goes, things expand.

So of course, this includes big eyes. 

Their eyes are genuine and they say everything.

A Sagittarius’ eyes are full of merriment and they are shiny and happy.

Their eyes also notice everything that’s happening around them.

5. Fit

They tend to have two distinct body types.

The first being heavyset and gradually gets chubbier as a Sagittarius age.

With this body type, Sagittarians tend to be shorter with wider shoulders.

They are rougher and unrefined.

The other body type would be more powerful and lean.

A Sagittarius is taller and they are more noticeable because of their height.

6. Stealth-like

Sagittarius rules the thigh and leg body parts, so they have lots of muscular control over their movements.

They are quieter and they don’t make as much noise.

7. Dark hair

Sagittarians have brunette hair that shines in the light.

When their brunette hair is hit by light, their hair is actually golden brown or there may be a reddish-brown tint detected. 

Keeping their hair brunette is actually a good color for the fire sign as it’s low maintenance.

It’d be hard for the adventurous sign to keep up with a color like purple and red, especially in between their trips and escapades.

8. Voluptuous

Sagittarius is the sign of the hips and thighs.

Both Sagittarius men and women tend to have long and well-shaped legs.

They are graceful and coordinated as they are described to have a buoyant walk.

Walking tends to be the main means of relaxation for a Sagittarius.

Due to the sign be so related to the hips and thighs, they are susceptible to chronic aches and sometimes lameness. 

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