15 Best & Worst Careers And Jobs For Libras, Per Astrology

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Libras are the best employees in astrology.

This astrological sign is the Scales, which symbolize balance; so, in the workplace, that translates to you being a well-rounded employee.

What are the best and worst careers jobs for you if you're a Libra zodiac sign?

Libras desire a job or a side-hustle that offers flexibility and career growth potential without a lot of stress.

As a Libra, you always strive to do your best and maintain harmony within the workplace. You aren't ones to entertain petty office drama; you opt to compromise instead.

Though Libras often struggle with confrontation, when it does occur you can handle the situation with a gracefully level head.

Due to your ability to compromise, Libras get along great with coworkers. Your enthusiastic and charismatic personality makes everyone want to talk to you.

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You have a way with words that allows you to brighten up a dull workplace environment. Libras are nothing shy of being complete social butterflies, but you know when and when not to be social.

When Libras aren’t being social, you prioritize your work. Most Libras are perfectionists so the quality of your work is extremely important to you.

The high standards you set for yourself is what motivates you to excel. But these perfectionist tendencies can negatively impact you if you don’t pace yourself.

Libras are great at balancing many tasks, but this Venus-ruled zodiac sign needs peaceful environments and plenty of good energy. So, it's important to make sure you don’t overextend yourself. Setting realistic expectations for yourself will keep you from burnout due to a lack of balance.

You tend to thrive in work environments that allow you to express your creativity and need for socializing.

Even with that knowledge, choosing a career path still can be really difficult. Due to the amount of jobs you have to choose from, it can even get overwhelming to pick the right fit.

So if you’re a Libra zodiac sign, here is a list of 15 best careers you'll love, and the worst jobs you may potentially hate, according to astrology.

Best Careers and Jobs for Libras

1. TV Personality and Influencer

You social butterflies have just the right amount of charisma and outspokenness that make people want to listen and keep up with what you’re doing. You are just really entertaining individuals, so being the center of attention won’t be hard for you at all.

2. Author

Libras tend to have a lot to say, so what would be better than a career that literally pays you for your thoughts? Creativity will allow you, Libra, to write anything from mythical fiction to a captivating memoir.

3. Sales Person

Libras can sell anything! Your bubbly personality and charisma will persuade people to buy any product you sell.

4. Interior Designer

Libras have an eye for all things beautiful, so designing homes would be a dream come true. You’ll enjoy challenging yourself by executing various styles of design. The creative freedom Libra will have as an interior designer will make each day feel like a new adventure.

5. Counselor

The diplomatic nature of the Libra allows you to advise people without allowing your personal beliefs and opinions to cloud your judgment.

Libras have a great listening ear and a curiosity about the human experience, so you’ll love being a counselor. This career allows you to empathize and help others improve their own lives.

6. Artist

Libras love beauty and creativity, so being an artist in any capacity will allow you to flourish. You don’t necessarily have to be a painter or sculptor to be an artist, because there are various types of artists.

7. Motivational Speaker

Libras have a way with words. You make everyone you encounter feel loved and appreciated, so being a motivational speaker will be quite easy.

Oftentimes, you give the best advice out of your friend group, so giving great advice isn’t new to you.

8. Judge

Balance and justice go hand in hand, so you will be able to come to a well thought-out verdict, and your indecisiveness will make sure you explore all the possibilities.

9. Teacher

Libras are typically selfless, so being a teacher will be a great fit. You’ll prioritize putting your students first, and harness their creativity to come up with fun and innovative projects to complete.

10. Non-Profit Owner

Libras are always willing to give a helping hand. If it's a cause you're passionate about, you'll excel. You are balanced enough to handle both the charity and business aspects of a nonprofit.

11. Chef

Libras are ruled by the planet Venus, so you'll prepare beautiful meals. You love creative freedom, so being a chef gives you lots of opportunities to create foods people love, which is why culinary is one of the best jobs for you.

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Worst Careers and Jobs for Libras

12. Mathematician

Libras are definitely smart enough to be mathematicians, but mathematics does not allow for much creativity. Being a mathematician will eventually become stressful and unsatisfying to any Libra.

13. Personal Trainer

You would not make great personal trainers because of your love for compromise and your indecision. As a trainer, you need to be able to quickly come up with effective workouts, and if you take forever to do so you inconvenience the client.

Any Libra might compromise by allowing a client to get away with doing fewer sit-ups. That works against you because the client will see results slower and might quit working out altogether.

14. Casting Director

You definitely know talent when you see it, but it may be difficult to decide who should get the role because you believe everyone has potential. This career could potentially make you feel as though you are crushing the dreams of others and are not giving enough people chances.

15. Accountant

Sitting at a desk all day and crushing numbers is not the ideal career for any Libra zodiac sign. You love to interact with people and such a job can get very isolating for you. Accounting won’t allow you to express your creativity at all.

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