Sagittarius Woman & Cancer Man Love Compatibility

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Sagittarius Woman And Cancer Man Love Compatibility

Sagittarius and Cancer — it's almost too bad to be true, and yet there are a few traits there they can share and enjoy together.

In astrology, Cancer is the kind of sign that really wants things to fall into neat little boxes. It's all about security and trust with the Cancer man; however, the Sagittarius woman is a free bird. While she may have the same goals, she's not going to fit into anyone's little box.

With that in mind, let's explore the zodiac compatibility of the Sagittarius woman and Cancer man.

Their elements: Sagittarius is a Fire sign, and Cancer is a water sign.

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Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, making her a natural warrior beast; and Cancer is ruled by the Moon, making him a spiritually inclined homebody.

The Sagittarius woman wants one thing more than anything else in the world, and that is freedom. Independence and authenticity is her calling card. 

She will fall in love and experience the pain of that love with whomever she chooses, and if it happens to be a Cancer man, he will get to experience her somewhat cool take on love and romance, which basically translates as, "I do what I want."

The Cancer man will find her irresistible, as he envies her desire for the freedom that he cannot have due to his control freak nature and need for security. They can get along, and they do, but think of it this way: a crab and a horse? Get the picture?

Are Sagittarius and Cancer compatible in love and intimacy?

Well, it's not as though this coupling hasn't occurred before, and it's lasted, but the general consensus on the Sagittarius woman/Cancer man love and sex life is... snore.

She'll like his looks but not his personality, and he will want to change her, save her, and do all the things to her that she hates and resents. By the time they get into bed, she'll already feel like she's given too much.

If you can't capture a wild Sagittarius, you certainly can't please one in bed. The Cancer man is a romantic, but that romance is "his way or the highway," and she's not about to pay that toll.

She's certain to turn him off in bed as she's a bit wild and into trying new things, while he likes to fall back on the old tricks, most of which bore her and make her want to read a newspaper while having sex.

She needs more than whatever it is the Cancer man wants to give, which is kind of a shame, considering he really is a nice guy.

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Do these zodiac signs share any of the same values?

Both signs are highly intelligent and honor knowledge and wisdom.

They do value each other's opinions, and that's due to a certain openness in their natures. They are apt to admire what they hate most in the other, ironically.

The Cancer man will respect and value the Sagittarius woman's need for independence, while she will admire his love of family and the home.

How does this astrological pair express emotion?

These two don't really ignite much passion in each other, and this coupling is rare.

However, they are both emotional creatures, capable of profound feelings of love and compassion. The things that rock their worlds are diametrically opposed; she's fast like a racehorse, and so are her emotions.

If this relationship is to go deep, she's going to have to wait for him to catch up, which, in Sagittarius-speak, means, "Buh-bye."

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Is trust a priority in a Sagittarius-Cancer relationship?

The Sagittarius woman is like an army general. It's her job to distrust everyone, and play her cards correctly, according to her own rules.

The Cancer man is needy, overly sensitive, and will not be able to gather the kind of attention he needs from his Sagittarius mate. This causes distrust in both, but more in him, as she couldn't really care less.

Sagittarius, in general, are cold people, which is interesting for a Fire sign.

How do the Cancer man and Sagittarius woman communicate?

If there is one thing this couple is good at, it's talking to each other.

Being that the Cancer man is open and sensitive, he gives a safe space to the Sagittarius woman to express herself. She's confrontative, almost to the point of annoying; she's fearless and will say anything that she feels is true, and she'll ask all the questions of her Cancer lover that she feels are necessary.

These two can dive deep into heady conversations about the cosmos, interior decorating, creativity — you name it. They are both talented, though the Sagittarius woman can be intimidating with her "in your face, take no prisoners" approach to communication.

Is this zodiac coupling worth the effort? Of course!

But that's life, right? We win some and we lose some, and if we don't play the game, we don't get to know what the game has to offer.

Is this an ideal couple? No way; in fact, it's a dumpster fire. But when has that ever stopped a Cancer man or a Sagittarius woman from playing their hand? Never.

They are both bold, brave people. They'll take a chance on each other, even if they fail. Chalk it off as experience, they say. She, no doubt, will think of it that way.

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