Cancer Man & Leo Woman Love Compatibility

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Cancer Man Leo Woman Love Compatibility

There is no doubt that there is something going on between the Cancer man and the Leo woman.

Between his lunar shine and her sunlit personality, his sensitivity and understanding is inspiring to the Leo woman, as she needs to be understood. Her actions aren't always small or quiet; she requires patience and lots of love. And love is exactly what the Cancer man is equipped to give.

Both signs are ruled by light sources, which makes them attractive to each other.

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Cancer is ruled by the Moon and makes the Cancer man spiritual, sensitive, profoundly thoughtful, and open to new ideas. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which gives the Leo woman great warmth and tenderness. She's somewhat needy, but her needs are easily met by the Cancer man, who aims to please.

While these two have good zodiac compatibility to a degree, it's not all heaven-sent, as they tend to value different things — almost to the point of clashing. Great love can develop if they are willing to compromise, and with Leo in the mix, compromise doesn't come easily.

Let's explore the Cancer man/Leo woman love compatibility in astrology.

Their elements: Cancer is a Water sign, and Leo is a Fire sign.

Elementally, and metaphorically, we're looking at boiling water, or a steamy, hot relationship. The real question is: is that necessarily a good thing? Let's find out.

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Are these zodiac signs compatible in love and intimacy?

Both signs are highly emotional, and they are both looking for that high level of emotional support in a relationship.

Because they are both very sexual and very emotional, they may tend to "over-present," meaning they'll try to out-do the other one in the bedroom.

While that might sound excellent, it might also end up being tiresome, as both Cancer and Leo get bored easily and will grow weary of acting like God's greatest gift to the sexual world.

They will treat each other well, however, but their sex life will die down to a luke warm pulse of nothingness in time.

Do they share personal values in life?

In this department, they fall flat. It's just a matter of not believing in the same things and always having to compromise.

The Leo woman is radically opposed to compromise, and the Cancer man isn't about to change his tune, either. They love what they love and they focus on their own interests and, over time, those interests will send them further and further apart.

What she prioritizes, he scoffs at, and vice versa. Arguments over who is right or wrong occur way too often to make this a good coupling.

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How do the Cancer man and Leo woman express their emotions to one another?

Not too shabby here.

While Leo is represented by the lion, she's not necessarily about ruling the land or destroying her enemies with the swipe of a clawed hand. Yes, she's fiery and has a temper, but she's a lover, not a fighter.

She's drawn to the deep sensitivity and compassion of the Cancer man. He, on the other hand, though sensitive, wants to keep the relationship quiet and private, while she's a blatant show-off and will embarrass him, which will tick her off to no end.

They get along emotionally but, once again, compromise is key here, and that's where things get rocky.

Do they consider trust an essential part of their relationship?

The Leo woman is a show-off. She wants the attention, and sometimes she gets it through harmless flirting, which will destroy the Cancer man's mind and send him into fits of distrust.

The Leo woman only trusts the Cancer man because she can't imagine him wanting anyone else but her, so her trust is based on self-imposed ignorance.

The Cancer man, on the other hand, wants to adore his Leo lady, but he also wants her to stop being so flirty with other dudes. When she senses his jealousy, it makes her angry because she knows herself to be trustworthy.

They don't have major trust issues, but their partnership is not altogether perfect. Then again, whose is?

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How do these two zodiac signs communicate?

Both of these signs are good communicators and always wish to be understood by their lover. The irony is that, as good communicators, they veer off into interests that are completely different, which also bring up differences in opinion.

The Cancer man does not back down, and neither does the Leo woman.

This couple tends to avoid that which will lead to an argument, leaving an incomplete issue to ferment and rot. They both turn a blind eye to the things they don't want to know, and once they take a stand on some matter of importance, they stick to it like glue.

If they put in the effort to seek for a solution to their problem, they'd come out smelling like roses. Sometimes they whip up that courage, though, most times, they keep it to themselves.

The Cancer man and Leo woman have a good chance at a successful relationship.

It will never be perfect, nor will it be "even-keeled," and yes, there will always be arguments, but both the Cancer man and the Leo woman are dead serious about love, family, and caring for each other.

If they can adjust to the idea that relationships take work (an idea they both detest), then they can make a life together for themselves.

This is by no means a hopeless cause — they have everything they need to create a long lasting love affair — they just have to learn to compromise and be open to the idea that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even the person they love.

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