8th House Astrology: A Guide To The House Of Transformation

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8th house astrology

In astrology, the eighth house can help show you what secrets regarding transformation, sexuality and even finances are in store for you.  

There are 12 different houses in astrology that the zodiac is broken up into. These houses represent themes and experiences that you have in life. 

Everything from your own personal beliefs, relationships, and even travel are represented through them. 

8th house meaning in astrology 

The eighth house reveals something truly intense and unique within your life. 

Pluto and Scorpio are the 8th house's planetary and zodiac rulers, respectively. These two rulers represent themes of sexuality, intimacy, truth, and transformation that the eighth house is known for.  

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The eighth house is often simply referred to as the house of sex. 

Yet, sex also represents the transformation process that this house truly rules over. 

Transformation means that there is both death and rebirth. It is the house of the Phoenix. 

Anything in your life that begins first means that an ending had to occur. 

It also represents transformation within your personal relationships and career as one must end before another begins.  

The eighth house is representative of the taboo, the darkest, most illicit aspects of life. 

It brings an intensity, not just to your sex life, but to your life that keeps things always shifting, always changing.  

Because of this process, it also rules over shared finances. These are the aspects of your financial life such as inheritances or alimony which are shared with another person because it reflects the transformation of birth and death; both an ending and a beginning.  

The eighth house is also known as the house of magic, representing the process of alchemy when one form changes into something else entirely. 

It is the house that dives deep, brings focus to your own self and your relationships, and helps you continue to grow into who you are meant to become within this life.  

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The 8th house and money 

When it comes to money and finances, the 8th house rules over money shared. 

It can deal with shared finances through marriage, a settlement post-divorce, inheritance after death, or even a business partnership with another.  

Traditionally, the second house rules finances, however, that usually refers to your own Individual money while the eighth represents shared resources. 

For finances to fall under the eighth house there must be a death and rebirth process involved. 

For instance, in marriage, it is the death of life before your ceremony and the birth of yourself into your new relationship and life status. In divorce, it is the opposite; the death of a marriage and the beginning of a new life.  

Usually, money in the eighth house is tied to the relationship that you have with other people and if positive planets such as Jupiter are present in the eighth house, you may even have an easier time getting loans or credit cards.  

Having Saturn in your eighth house or transiting through it will often mean that you will have a financially stable life. For instance, if at the time of starting a new business, Saturn is in your eighth, then that would denote long-term financial success.  

If Venus is in your eighth then it means that your financial abundance will come through that of love and marriage, whether you are marrying into money, or you and your spouse create success together.  

The eighth house and money speak to not the finances being the major focus, but the benefit of first focusing on the relationship at hand as the eighth is all about intimacy in all forms as well as transformation.

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The 8th house and death 

Death for most is considered the extinction of life, the passing into the phase of no longer existing. 

However, death is merely a change within yourself or your energy. 

For many who have found themselves on a more spiritual path, they will encounter an ego death which is the ending of one phase of life so that they can begin another. 

Death in astrology only means that a belief or chapter of your life or even of yourself is ending so that a new one can begin. 

But the eighth house can also point to those moments in life when you may lose someone that is close to you or experience a near-death moment

For example, if Pluto, the ruler of this house, passes through your eighth house, it can represent the physical death of someone close to you such as a parent or spouse.  

The eighth house can take life away but there is also always the ability for rebirth which is something to remember when it comes to this house.

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The 8th house and sexuality 

The eighth house is all about sex but that is only because it is earnest desire is intimacy. 

When it comes to intimacy, sex is usually the first thing that you think of, but it also included mental, emotional, spiritual, and even domestic intimacy between people that live together. 

The 8th house can provide clues as to what your marriage will be like as you and your partner create a greater sense of intimacy the longer you're together.

When it comes to intimacy and the eighth house, sex is often the way that it is expressed, however deepening upon what planets move through this house it can affect these themes. 

For example, if Venus is moving through your eighth, not only can you expect some amazing sex, but you also would feel closer and more emotionally attached to your partner. 

However, if Saturn is moving through your eighth then it may represent a time when you realize you have been using sex to build intimacy, instead of first doing it through a mental and emotional connection.  

The eighth house also can represent those transformative sexual experiences that help shift you from one life to another and awaken within you a new desire and thirst for life and pleasure.  

It is all about not just feeling physical pleasure but the satisfaction that comes from truly feeling fulfilled mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually by a lover or romantic partner.  

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The 8th house and transformation 

Transformation is what the eighth house truly represents although it is most called the house of sex. 

Whenever you see planets such as Mars or even the Sun crossing into your eighth house then you know that you will be called to create substantial changes within your life which can affect your romantic relationship or overall life path. 

While this transformation and death are closely tied together, the meaning here is how many times will you have to let parts of yourself die within this life so that you may truly feel what it is like to live.  

Every time you learn something new or heal a wound that has held you back, you experience a phase of transformation tied to the old and new meeting. 

This is what transformation is; the in-between of both death and life.  

The eighth house hates stagnation and will help you transform yourself and your life so that you are embracing more possibilities, your own potential, and the ultimate magic that exists all around you.  

If for instance, Uranus, the planet of great awakenings and unexpected change, passes through your eighth house, then you can expect that something is on the horizon which will help jolt you awake and usher you into an intense transformation process.  

Transformation is all around you. 

It helps you move forward in life, to keep growing and to be able not just develop a deeper connection with those around you, but more importantly, with your own self.  

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