What You Should Know About Cancer Men, For Better Or For Worse

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People with a Cancer Sun sign are born between June 21 and July 22. Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and is represented by its symbol, the Crab.

This Water sign is deeply intuitive and emotional, and is ruled by the Moon, making them empathetic and feminine. Cancer is also a Cardinal sign, meaning they are the initiators of change; however, they are soft and sensitive with strong leadership skills.

Cancer Man: Overview

The Cancer man is nurturing, gentle, loyal, and reliable, but also has the tendency to go through mood swings, hide his true feelings, and doesn’t easily trust others. But he’s truly a sensitive being, and connects with others through his emotions.

He feels a deep love for his family and friends, and will do anything in his power to make them feel safe and loved; and he wants the same in return. As a friend, partner or family member, the Cancer male is that person anyone can rely on to come through in tough times; they give great advice and truly care about their close friends and loved ones.

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Unfortunately, because he puts his loved ones’ well being so high up on his priorities, he can become needy and clingy. Despite this, Cancer men are trustworthy individuals and are the first ones who offer to help in any situation. They approach circumstances from a place of understanding and empathy.

Although they are caring and supportive, Cancer men also tend to be moody, overly sensitive, and suspicious. Their emotions and moods can change in an instant, making them difficult to be around at times. They are emotional, but will hide their true feelings.

Cancer Man In Love and Relationships

Despite being emotional and caring, Cancer men find it hard to hide their insecurities. They want to feel secure in themselves and a potential relationship, and at first may struggle to show that emotional side of themself.

If he manages to find someone he really likes, dates will be all about wining and dining, while steering clear of anything too fancy; he would rather wow you with romantic gestures instead of trite experiences.

When he eventually finds himself in a relationship, the Cancer man will want to get to know his partner on a deeper level, though he will be hesitant at first. He’s tender and loving, and goes to great lengths to show his partner how much he cares about them. And once he falls in love, relationships with a Cancer are based on commitment.

A Cancer man in love is totally devoted to his partner, and will shower them with affection any chance he gets. He’s adoring and pays attention to the romantic details, whether it’s making you breakfast in bed or writing you an emotional love poem.

Once the honeymoon phase subsides, he will feel comfortable just laying low. But his partner must be aware that he has a tendency to become jealous, fearful of being rejected and traded in for something better.

In terms of Cancer compatibility, this sign is a great match for fellow Water sign Scorpio, as well as Earth sign Taurus. Cancer and Scorpio are committed and intuitive, and feel secure in a relationship together; their primary focus is making one another happy. Cancer and Taurus are compatible because both are sensitive and kind, want stability, and desire a comfortable life at home.

Cancer Man Sexuality

Just like in other areas of his life, the Cancer man has an emotional approach to sex. This means a pleasurable experience is usually only possible with someone he cares for deeply and has a true connection with.

Sex with Cancer is intimate, and he’s most focused on the satisfaction of his partner. He’s a true giver, in every sense of the word. However, he can be a bit shy at first, so his sexual partner should support and motivate him to try new things.

Cancer Man Personality Traits

Out of all the zodiac signs in astrology, Cancer may very well be the most sensitive, sweet and romantic soul. He gives his all for his close friends, family and romantic partners, and is dedicated to their happiness.

This comes with a downside, however, as he has a tendency to overlook red flags in his relationships. Still, he’s quite emotional and deep, but before he will express himself, he needs to have the utmost trust in that person; otherwise, he becomes closed off and hides his true sentiments.

His emotions can also become a drawback when he becomes incredibly moody. He’s not only emotional, but sensitive, meaning his feelings can overwhelm him to the point where he doesn’t quite know what he wants. One moment he’s friendly, and the next he’s closed off; you won’t know why, but inside his mind, it’s because he’s secretly insecure and reserved.

Cancer men also tend to retreat inside themselves when they feel ignored, and start to disconnect from those around them. It’s also likely that his once-nurturing personality will become volatile and unstable.

Cancer Man: Career

Cancers are not only dedicated to their loved ones, but to their jobs as well. They stay loyal to their profession and workplace, and often form close friendships with their coworkers. But because they work so hard, they easily become overwhelmed and fatigued, often having to work long hours and seldom taking vacations. These long work hours affect their mood as well.

The best careers for Cancer men are those that allow him to work with people close to his life, like a business owned by a family member. Other great career options include being a real estate agent, interior designer, architect, therapist, nurse, or owning his own business.

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Cancer Man: Family Life

Cancer wants to be a provider for his family and takes this role seriously. He puts his family first, meaning everything he does is done with that purpose. As a father, he is nurturing and loving, and is more than willing to perform the tasks that are unsavory, like cleaning up after his kids. He uses a hands-on approach to parenting, spending as much time as possible with his family.

Because they also tend to be mama’s boys, Cancer men instill this same level of caring in their kids. His family values truly matter, and will make it a point to continue traditions and maintain balance in his home. Overall, he’s a true family man.

Cancer Man: Friendships

Cancer shows the same level of compassion and caring to his friends that he does to his family. They are empathetic and understanding with their close friends, and aren’t the type of people to lash out or intentionally hurt their companions. They enjoy surrounding themselves with their buddies.

There will be times when Cancer is off his game and causes friction in his friendships, particularly when he doesn’t openly communicate if there’s an issue. He may also have trouble detecting a superficial friendship, as he is often blinded by his caring feelings for people.

Still, this zodiac sign makes for a great friend who offers his support whenever it's needed.

6 Fun Facts About Cancer Men

1. Cancer men love being around people.

Cancers love their family and friends deeply, so he really does get along well with someone who describes themselves as a “people person.”

2. Family is the most important thing to them.

Cancers care about family matters; family is significant to Cancer men, and it tends to be their main priority. Those getting to know Cancer should take an interest in his mother, as Cancer men tend to have a close relationship with their moms.

3. Cancer is put off by those who come on too strong.

You don’t have to come off this way to win a Cancer over. The Cancer male is shy and reserved and is easily scared by predatory types. With that in mind, Cancer men are usually reluctant to open up. To gain his trust, take your time, and be caring, empathetic and a great listener.

4. These men are often afraid to make the first move.

Even though coming off too strong is a concern, his potential mates should make the first move. Cancer men love women who are a combination of soft and assertive. And due to his shyness, he’s unlikely to move things along. So, you have to be blunt in your interest in him.

5. Cancer guys follow tradition in romance.

Despite being a Cardinal sign and initiating change, he has a traditional view of love. Cancer men aren’t looking for a fling and want to settle down with someone he could consider his soulmate. He wants someone who is loyal and faithful, rather than someone who plays the field.

6. The best way to a Cancer man’s heart is through his stomach.

To impress a Cancer man, consider inviting him to dinner at your place. Prepare a home-cooked meal rather than ordering takeout. He has a strong sense of romance, so he enjoys candlelit dinners in intimate settings.

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Famous Cancer Men

These famous Cancer men are both sensitive and loyal, so it’s no surprise that they are fully committed to their careers.

Tom Cruise: July 3, 1962

Sir Patrick Stewart: July 13, 1940

Harrison Ford: July 13, 1942

Post Malone: July 4, 1995

Kevin Hart: July 6, 1979

Benedict Cumberbatch: July 19, 1976

Tom Hanks: July 9, 1956

Ricky Gervais: June 25, 1961

Chris Pratt: June 21, 1979

Will Ferrell: July 16, 1967

Derek Jeter: June 26, 1974

David Hasselhoff: July 17, 1952

What is a Cancer male attracted to?

Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon and is feminine, they seek out individuals who possess soft, womanly qualities. They are also attracted to people who aren’t afraid to be emotional and get into their own feelings.

How do you know if a Cancer man likes you?

When a Cancer man likes you, they won’t initially make an effort to win you over. Because they tend to be shy, they will keep you at a distance, eventually including you in his plans, both short and long term. After he’s certain you have chemistry and has gotten to know you better, he will express his emotions to you.

Do Cancers fall in love easily?

This compassionate and sensitive man can fall in love easily, but it might not be the romantic fairy tale he desires. When he gives his love to someone, he often neglects to pay attention to red flags and dangerous behaviors that will break his heart.

If, however, his romantic interest has true intentions, his love is never ending and sincere.

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