10 Common Astrology Placements Of The Most Well-Liked People

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get along with everyone while others are more standoffish or tend to rub people the wrong way?

Astrology can show us why and which natal placements are responsible for making some more appealing and well-liked than others.

It is important to note that not all individuals with these placements will be popular and not having these aspects does not indicate being disliked. These are some of the most significant aspects, however, found in natal charts of famous and well-liked individuals.

Popular astrology placements of well-liked people

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1. Aquarius Sun

Aquarius is connected to the 11th house, or the collective, so being an Aquarius naturally means you are by nature social and drawn to others.

The 11th house is sometimes called the house of friends, so this becomes very important to Aquarius. The primary themes of this house include interaction with groups large or small, teams and teamwork, and an interest in humanity.

The Sun in Aquarius is considered to be at its debility, so the Sun energy that is typically focused on the self is in turn focused on others, rather than the self in this placement. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus and the latter is a bit unconventional and eccentric at times, but Aquarius makes an effort to pull others into their circle and take an interest in them.

They are also considered the humanitarians of the zodiac. Aquarius is always a unique individual who will go to bat for others especially those they believe have been unjustly treated.

Some famous Aquarians include Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, Harry Styles, and Ellen DeGeneres.

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2. Leo Sun

Leo rules the fifth house of love, friends and entertainment.

Leo's planetary ruler is the Sun, or the luminary that warms us and keeps the earth alive. Likewise, Leo is generally confident, determined and warm and makes a loyal friend.

Their natural tendency toward drama, sparkle and entertainment make them attractive to others, and they are generally very social and vivacious creatures unless they feel they are being ignored or mistreated.

Some famous Leos include Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Willow and Jaden Smith and Mick Jagger.

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3. Libra Sun

Libra is another popular Sun sign and is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, money and pleasure. Libra rules the seventh house of relationships and for the most part, this is where Libra’s focus lies, which can make them quite popular. 

Libra is a diplomat first and foremost and craves peace. They are often known as peacemakers and generally try to avoid serious confrontations or angry individuals. With Venus as their ruling planet, these are usually hospitable people who are welcoming of others.

Being an air sign, Libra typically has an original and creative mind and many of them are social butterflies, so how could they be anything but the most popular kid in school?

Famous Libras include Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Bruno Mars and Eminem.

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4. Cancer Sun

Cancer is generally one of the most popular Sun signs due to its compassionate nature, sensitivity and concern for others.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon which represents our emotions making Cancer the most sensitive of signs and they often are tuned in to the feelings of others.

Cancer attracts friends because of their commitment, loyalty and depth. To be invited for dinner to Cancer’s home will represent a culinary delight with free-flowing libations and great company!

Well-known Cancers include Meryl Streep, Cyndi Lauper, Ariana Grande, and Elon Musk.

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5. Gemini Sun

Gemini is a popular Sun sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Life is all about communication, which Gemini knows all about. This sign is popular due to their ability to discuss anything with anyone.

Gemini has a great deal of energy and likes to fill their days with excitement and different kinds of people. They are intelligent and easy to talk to making them an easy favorite.

Famous Geminis include Presidents Jefferson Davis and John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Queen Victoria, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan.

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The houses of the chart are just as important as the planetary placements in terms of being well-liked. While some houses represent ourselves and other personal matters, other houses relate to our social lives and those who come into our life. Of course, being well-liked often means having personal planets in these houses with good aspects.

6. Personal planets in the 1st house

The first house shows us how we come across to others and the world, so this is one of the most important things to look at, along with the Sun signs that naturally draw others to you.

The first house is sometimes called the window to the soul, and it represents you, your physical appearance, and how you interact with others and the world. It represents your body and your general temperament which is important in terms of generating friends.

In terms of popularity, Jupiter and Venus in the first house can attract others, as can the Sun and Mars. For example, someone with Jupiter and Venus in the first house would be able to draw others to them much easier than someone with Saturn in the first house. While there is nothing wrong with Saturn in this placement, Jupiter and Venus are considered the benefics.

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7. Venus in the 1st house

Venus in the first house can draw people toward you and generally make you well-liked. Since Venus is the planet of beauty, love and pleasure, individuals with this placement project the attributes that Venus embodies such as beauty or attractiveness, charisma and friendliness. 

Venus in the first house can indicate some type of artistic ability in some cases and it certainly gifts the individual with charm and grace. Venus in the first has a deep need for harmony in all things and to be loved by others. Most of the time there are many willing to accommodate. 

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8. Jupiter in the 1st house

Jupiter in the first house tends to draw others to you, and Jupiter is the most beneficial planet in the zodiac. In addition to money, Jupiter represents justice, wisdom and spirituality.

The nature of those with this placement is typically friendly and outgoing since Jupiter enhances and expands all it touches. This individual can come across as magnetic, helpful, honest and wise.

Many people with this placement gain a great deal of prestige in life and are trusted by others making them well-liked and often well-known, at least in their community.

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9. Personal planets in the 7th house

The seventh house is often referred to as the house of partnerships and marriage but in reality, it is the house of others. This is the house of all close personal partnerships whether romantic or otherwise which makes it important in terms of likeability and the ability to get along well with others. 

Those with multiple natal planets here tend to gravitate toward others and others toward them.

Of course, if multiple planets are involved in the 7th, the individual may gravitate toward romantic relationships as well, but partnerships can include business, close friendships and those in our lives on a day-to-day basis. These activities are enhanced with beneficial planets and aspects here.

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10. Personal planets in the 11th house

The 11th house is important in terms of likeability because it is considered the house of friends, groups, hopes and wishes and humanity. Many politicians, U.S. Presidents, entertainers and others have beneficial planets or multiple aspects to the 11th house that the collective can relate to.

The house and planets located within demonstrate the ways we act when at gatherings or dealing with groups that can include everything from a company to a gym membership to a church. The more beneficial the planets, the greater our popularity in the collective or even just our own social circle.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter would all be beneficial planets in this house that would draw others to you if they are in good aspect.

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