7th House Astrology: A Guide To The House Of Relationships

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7th house astrology

The natal chart is comprised of 12 houses, each one connected to an aspect of your life. Each house has a theme and when there are planets in these houses the themes become more pronounced.

7th house meaning in astrology

Placements in the seventh house reveal insights into all of the different relationships in our lives. 

Through the seventh house, we learn about what we seek in business partnerships and how we are in romantic relationships. Even the dynamic we have in close friendships can be seen through this house.

Overall, the relationship energy here is not just limited to romance. How we present ourselves to the world is seen here as well.

The seventh house is a cardinal house and it is ruled by the sign of Libra, which is connected to finding balance and grace in our lives. Venus is the 7th house ruler

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The 7th house and marriage

While dating is seen more through the fifth house of romance and pleasure, our seventh house is activated when we enter serious relationships. 

7th house placements can often reveal the type of person we're not just attracted to but likely to marry

Having Venus and Jupiter in the seventh can signify a relationship with an intense emotional bond, an otherworldly connection, a partnership that educates one another, and a desire for romance. Venus in conjunction with Sun or Jupiter can bring a pleasant relationship filled with care, expansion, and an abundance of love.

Mercury can work either way in this house, while Mars can bring some conflict because the relationship could feel more competitive.

Saturn in the seventh can cause some struggles in the beginning when both parties get to know each other, but it gets better with time. Saturn helps mature the relationship.

The seventh house can present us with a visual of what we can expect to see in the eighth house.

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The 7th house and business partnerships

Despite being a planet that's often feared, having Saturn in the seventh is fruitful for business dealings and contracts. The position can show that the native is reliable and trustworthy, but all other aspects will still need to be analyzed.

Generally, Saturn allows for discipline and structure. There is a need to get things done the right way and through ethical means, unless Saturn is afflicted.

Venus here is not as potent as Saturn, but the benefic can make the native a good negotiator, even if they could be a little lazy compared to Saturn.

Jupiter will allow the natives to seem worldly and prepared, even if they aren't. However, Jupiter, like Venus, can draw in many people and will make the native more approachable when it comes to building business partnerships.

The Sun in the seventh shows an expert that knows how to work with others and takes their time to make fruitful compromises that help further the business.

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The 7th house and enemies

When it comes to dealing with personal adversaries or work enemies, once again, having the benefics Venus and Jupiter in the 7th can be beneficial. Strong sixth and seventh houses and a powerful Venus can even make them win over their enemies.

Conflicts can arise with Mars or even Mercury in the seventh, especially if Mercury is weak. Mars can cause conflict since the native could come across as overly aggressive and lacking diplomacy.

Saturn is patient, wise, calm, and knows when to make their move when they must deal with adversaries.

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