Ariana Grande's Zodiac Sign & Birth Chart

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Ariana Grande's Zodiac Sign & Birth Chart

Ariana Grande was born on June 26, 1993, at 9:16 p.m. EST in Boca Raton, Florida.

Here's what astrology reveals about Ariana Grande's birth chart.

Her birthday and time reveal that she has a Cancer Sun zodiac sign. Her Moon sign is in Libra.

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Arianna Grande does not have a stellium, and her natal chart possesses the splay shape.

People born with a splay shape are generous with their resources.

To learn more about her, keep reading for her natal chart.

Sun in Cancer

The Sun gives you insight into your identity, ego, and path in life.

With Ariana’s Sun in Cancer, she likely is very protective and caring towards her loved ones.

However, Sun in Cancer people can be a bit reserved when it comes to expressing their deepest thoughts to people around them.

They tend to hide their sensitive side but learn to show it more as they get older.

They can sometimes dwell on the past and they can be pretty emotional.

They dislike change and seek comfort and stability in their life.

They listen to their gut feelings when they meet new people, travel to new locations, or are in new situations.

They love connecting with others and they are very loving, but they need time alone to recharge their energy.

Cancer zodiac signs can be delicate and often get scared or run away when people are too harsh or rude to them.

They aren’t confrontational but can be manipulative and sneaky when trying to make things go their way. However, they are known for their compassion, loyalty, and kindness.

Moon in Libra

The Moon rules your emotions, feelings, and moods.

With Ariana’s Moon in Libra, she likely values connecting to others and building strong relationships.

Moon in Libra people especially want a partner by their side who they can share their hopes and dreams with.

In fact, they have a tendency to get married or get into a serious relationship when they are pretty young.

They feel very comfortable and secure in relationships.

If they aren’t in a relationship, they usually have a good friend that is always by their side.

They simply have fun socializing and bonding with other people.

Moon in Libra people are also very delightful and lovely so they can lure others in with their soft and kind demeanor.

They aren’t too combative or hostile but they don’t like problems and if they notice an issue they will fix it.

However, they are very stubborn and if they are having a disagreement with someone they won’t back down until they win.

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury rules how you communicate, talk, think, understand, and express yourself.

With Ariana’s Mercury in Cancer, she likely speaks to others with emotion, sensitivity, and thoughtfulness.

Mercury in Cancer people take their time to respond because they are deep thinkers.

However, they make judgments and choices much faster than it seems.

They are wonderful listeners and they have a wonderful memory so they will retain what is being said to them.

They are also very emotionally intelligent and can read other people's emotions very well.

When communicating, they come off as very tender, kind, instinctual, and affectionate.

However, they can be sensitive and sometimes can take things personally.

They are very supportive in conversations and love to lend an ear.

They can also see things from other people’s perspectives so they also give great advice.

When they are upset, they won’t be very obvious about it because they hate confrontation or fighting with others.

However, when they are annoyed with someone they will subtly push their buttons and try to get a rise out of them but then they retreat when that person starts trying to pick a fight back.

Mercury in Cancer people need to be on their own when making a decision because they need to examine the situation from every angle and ruminate on it.

They don’t like when others try to interrupt their thinking process or push their ideas onto them.

While filming Victorious, Grande decided to pursue a music career and dropped her first single called “Put Your Hearts Up.”

When Victorious ended in 2012, Ariana Grande went on to do the spin-off called Sam & Cat with Jennette McCurdy who played Sam on iCarly. Sam & Cat ended after a year and then Ariana Grande began focusing solely on pursuing a music career.

Ariana Grande released her R&B and pop debut album called Yours Truly in 2013. It did well and a lot of people started comparing her voice to Mariah Carey.

She released her next album, My Anything, a year later and it reached number 1 on the charts. Her third album called Dangerous Woman came out in 2016 and she made history by becoming the first singer to have the lead singles from her first three albums debut in the top 10.

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In 2018, her fourth album called Sweetener came out and it had hit songs like “No Tears Left to Cry” and “God Is a Woman.”

With Sweetener, she received her first win at the Grammy's for Best Pop Vocal Album. Her fifth album called Thank U, Next came out in 2019 and had hits like “7 Rings” and “Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored.”

She also came out with a music video for the song “Thank U, Next” that paid homage to Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, and 13 Going on 30.

In May of 2020, she collaborated with Lady Gaga and they did a music video together for the song “Rain On Me” off of Gaga’s new album Chromatica.

Venus in Taurus

Venus rules what and how you love, and also what you hold dear.

With Ariana’s Venus in Taurus, it is likely that she craves a partner that is dependable and unsurprising.

They enjoy being comfortable in their relationships and want someone they can truly rely on.

They will also give that same level of commitment back to their partner and always be there for them.

However, a person with Venus in Taurus can be slightly possessive and controlling in their relationships.

They want to know what their partner is feeling and doing. Although, they will be very loyal in their relationships as well.

They also tend to be very sensual and their love language is usually physical touch.

Although, they want a partner who will show them that they are trustworthy but they may take their time when it comes to opening up to their partner.

You must be patient if you are in a relationship with a Venus in Taurus because they want to understand you before they let down their walls.

In terms of Ariana Grande’s personal life, it was announced that she was engaged to Pete Davidson in June of 2018. However, they broke off their engagement and split up by October of that year.

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Mars in Virgo

Mars rules aggression and determines how you take action, assert yourself, and how you act when you are angry.

With Ariana’s Mars in Virgo, she likely tends to keep busy and is always working on her goals.

Although they have lofty goals, they are very practical and approach tackling their goals in a very methodological way.

People with Mars in Virgo are excellent multi-taskers because they do not enjoy being bored.

However, they sometimes have too much on their plate. Although, they are very organized and tend to have a specific way they like doing things.

They like having a schedule and to-do lists that help them work towards their goals.

Ariana Grande is a singer and actress who has been working professionally at a young age.

In 2008, she landed her first major role on Broadway in the musical 13 alongside Elizabeth Gillies.

She had a couple more minor roles after her Broadway debut but then made a splash when she booked the role on the Nickelodeon show Victorious. She played the role of quirky Cat Valentine in the show, which was set at a performing arts high school.

It may take them a while to finish a project though because they like to bounce around from task to task.

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They always have to be busy and don’t give themselves too much downtime because they despise boredom.

They strive to be successful so they are usually perfectionists when it comes to their work.

They also tend to be very kind people and care about others. It actually takes a lot to anger a Mars in Virgo person.

However, when they do get mad they tend to throw a small hissy fit and complain but this stage doesn’t last very long.

Although, they often get very nervous and anxious if they feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed. They need a nice balance to find peace and calm.

When it comes to their sex life, they are very curious and enjoy trying new things with their partner.

They could also be a little shy and reserved at the same time but that is outweighed by their desire to satisfy and please their partner.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter rules optimism, growth, and romanticism.

With Ariana’s Jupiter in Libra, she likely is at her best when she is treating others with kindness and compassion.

Jupiter in Libra people are pretty fair and courteous.

They find people and relationships important and want to tackle the world with a partner by their side.

They use their allure and elegance to achieve their goals.

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn rules restrictions, limits, responsibility, fears, boundaries, and self-discipline.

With Ariana’s Saturn in Pisces, she likely feels uneasy with dramatic displays of emotion or sensitivity.

However, Saturn in Pisces people must let themselves express their sensitive side instead of keeping it bottled up.

They also tend to root for the underdog but they themselves never want to be seen as such.

They may become embarrassed if someone offers to give them help when they don’t ask for it.

Although, they generally enjoy helping others and often take on the role of a caretaker in their personal relationships.

When they spend time being the strong and supportive one towards others, they can feel upset that they aren’t getting those things in return.

However, they want others to treat them kindly and they seek the approval of others but will never outwardly ask for it.

They also don’t like to be in situations that they don’t have control over or don’t know what is going on.

When they aren’t feeling confident about themselves or certain events, they can feel anxious and fearful.

It can be difficult for them to open up emotionally but as they get older, they get more in touch with their feelings and get better at expressing them.

Uranus in Capricorn

Uranus remains in each sign for seven years, so it rules a generation. It rules innovation, progress, and rebellion.

Capricorn is an Earth sign, and it's also where Uranus is in its fall. 

With Ariana’s Uranus in Capricorn, she likely values innovation, changes, and breaking barriers.

Uranus in Capricorn people are individuals who walk to the beat of their own drum.

They want to redefine traditions, rules, and structures.

Although they want to make a difference, they can be a bit stubborn and can have a difficult time seeing things from a different perspective.

At times, they fight authority figures and rules if they are not beneficial for everyone.

Neptune in Capricorn

Neptune remains in each sign for fourteen years, so it rules a generation. It rules imagination and dreams.

With Ariana’s Neptune in Capricorn, she is part of a generation that generally abides by the rules and respects structure and discipline.

They usually have big goals and dreams but their aspirations have to be practical for them to follow through.

Neptune in Capricorn people have to genuinely enjoy what they are doing for them to continue doing it.

They could be very optimistic people but their optimism isn’t what pushes them forward, instead, their practicality motivates them.

If they believe that their goals are worth pursuing then they will pursue it with gusto.

Pluto in Scorpio

Pluto remains in one sign for up to thirty years, so it rules a generation.

With Ariana’s Pluto in Scorpio, she likely has strong feelings about sexuality, closeness, devotion, and comfort.

Pluto in Scorpio people can go to great lengths when it comes to getting close to others or achieving their goals.

They seek success and want to be different from others that it can be difficult for them to be at ease or satisfied.

They may even push themselves and put a lot of pressure on themselves so they don’t come up short.

They are kind as well as pragmatic. They are also incredibly observant and try to see things for what they are.

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