The 3 Most Challenging Sun Signs To Have, According To Astrology

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Some planets in the birth chart are more positive than others due to their placements, which could be by sign or by house. 

In reality, no sign is "better" than any other and each has its quirks and its advantages — but some placements work better and have stronger or more powerful energy than others. The stronger the energy of a planet, the more positive the results are based on what it represents in the chart.

Typically, most of us have at least some planet or planets in our birth chart that do not work well in the sign that it is in, so this is very common.

Weaker planets considered at their fall or debility require more patience and a great deal more work to achieve success. 

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In determining how well the planet works we must look at the essential dignities.

When a planet is said to be in its domicile or exaltation this means the planet is comfortable in the sign it falls in or in other words, it is in one of its favorite signs. If a planet is in a sign considered at its detriment or fall, it is in a sign that does not blend well with that particular planet.

Knowing this, it's possible to deduce the Sun signs that are the most difficult to work with. 

What is the worst Sun sign to have?



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1. Libra

Libra is the most difficult Sun sign because the Sun is at its fall in Libra. This means the Sun in Libra operates in a position of weakness concerning its function, which is our will to live and function, our creative life purpose and our ego.

The Sun is considered exalted in Aries which means this is one of its two favorite signs. Libra is the opposite of Aries so it is considered at its fall here.

According to TikTok creator and astrologer Alyssa Sharpe, "Libra itself is not a bad sign but the Sun here doesn’t know how to be or express itself and needs someone else there to mirror it back in order to see itself. That makes it very manipulative and relationship-focused instead of self-focused."

Libra is the sign ruling partnerships and is the natural ruler of the seventh house of partnerships and marriage. The Libra Sun does not feel comfortable here since Libra is concerned about the reactions generated in others which can lead to internal conflict.

Libra can end up operating in a polarized way and can waver back and forth between the individual desire and what they perceive as the desire of others. In this respect, the individuality of the core can be weakened as the Libra Sun person frequently allows their partners or other individuals to dictate what they will do. In some cases, Libra incorrectly determines what they believe others’ actions or thoughts will be concerning their attempts at self-growth and independence. 

Partners are everything to Libra and they often feel they are not able to function in the world without a partner.

The greater purpose for Libra, however, is to balance these two energies that can see-saw back and forth and find harmony within him/herself and others without minimizing their own worth and actions.

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2. Aquarius

The Sun in Aquarius is considered at its detriment in this sign. The Sun in Leo, which is opposite Aquarius, is in domicile, putting the Sun in detriment in Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus.

According to Sharpe, "Aquarius is all about the kingdom and about everybody else. Because of that it can’t really find its place in the world and know how to latch onto its ego and so it uses other people to feel good about itself."

The Sun in its detriment creates a difficult path to understanding or even creating their own identity. As a result, Aquarius Sun is likely to feel alienated and in some cases like a fish out of water in terms of society. This can result in an interest in counterculture through which friendships and community can become very important.

Since Aquarius rules the 11th house of the chart, or the collective, it has difficulties focusing on itself and its ego, so it focuses on society as a whole (which is why you'll find that so many politicians are born under this sign). Presidents W.H. Harrison, McKinley, Roosevelt and Reagan, as was Abraham Lincoln.

Since Aquarius rules the collective, its goal or job in life is to find its own identity within the context of community while still having a significant interest in maintaining a detached position since Aquarius is an air sign and working to find solutions to society's problems.

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3. Capricorn

“The third hardest Sun sign is Capricorn and this is because it’s ruled by Saturn," explains Sharpe. "It has a lot of hardship on top of it and you feel like you are working harder than anybody else and not getting as far.”

The Sun in Capricorn is neither at its fall or detriment; it is neutral. Capricorn rules the 10th house of work and career and most Capricorn Suns are focused on this area.

Saturn is the planet of work, responsibility and restriction, hence Sharpe’s comments about working harder than anyone else and feeling as though they aren’t getting ahead. Saturn can represent hardship and privation but at the same time, it can represent wealth and success after a great deal of hard work. 

Saturn is a slow-moving planet that is also associated with time, old age and karmaLearning life lessons is the key to Saturn and it brings with it a respect for tradition, conventions and wisdom.

Saturn requires perseverance and dedication and brings with it an air of authority, which Saturn represents as well. Without Saturn there can be no structure in life as it takes effort to build things, relationships and any type of business. Saturn is also associated with bones, building, buildings, certain lands, older men, fathers, longevity and authority figures. 

Many Capricorn Sun individuals are successful and accumulate much wealth over time. Some of the most famous Capricorns include Dianne Sawyer, Ryan Seacrest, Denzel Washington, Seth Meyers, and Kate Middleton the current Princess of Wales.

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