Your Most Striking Physical Traits, According To Your Rising Sign

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Not only does your Rising sign play a part in dictating how you motivate yourself to achieve success, but it will also show your physical traits.

While the Sun sign shows your most deeply ingrained traits that influence all parts of you, the Rising, or Ascendant, the energy of your Rising sign is how you show up in the world.

This includes not only the outward personality traits you display but also your physical appearance.

Rising sign appearance and traits

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Aries Rising sign appearance

Aries are known for their bravery and unstoppable nature. Having Capricorn at the summit of the chart will make them big dreamers that can create practical plans to make it to the top.

Those born with this Mars-ruled Ascendant will show the fierceness of the warrior. They will have striking features, might be lean and tall, and will enjoy wearing the color red and black.

It is easy for those with this Mars-ruled sign to appear intimidating or hard to approach before getting to know them.

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Taurus Rising sign appearance

Taurus Risings are temperamental, hold grudges, and are very aware of their goals and dreams. However, it is easy for them to captivate people with their beauty because they are ruled by Venus. These people can be beautiful inside and out. Depending on the condition of their Venus, they can either attract or repel people.

They will have gorgeous hair and can be curvy or muscular with conventionally attractive facial features.

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Gemini Rising sign appearance

Gemini Risings have eyes that capture everyone’s attention. They can be of medium height with slender features and a uniqueness that can resemble that of a runaway model.

They will be known for being curious and social butterflies. What will attract people to them is their ability to make friends with just about anyone as well as their compassionate side.

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Cancer Rising sign appearance

These folks are hard-working, determined, and extremely passionate about fulfilling their dreams. Those with a Cancer Rising can look tough and intimidating at first, but they will become friendly and loveable when they get to know you.

They will look like the boy or girl next door, having a familiar face even if they are strangers to us. Their affectionate and cordial personalities allow them to establish long-term friendships.

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Leo Rising sign appearance

Some of the defining physical traits of Leo Rising are their gorgeous smiles and welcoming eyes. Sometimes they can have voluminous tresses that resemble that of a lion’s mane.

Those with this Rising sign are confident, determined, fearless, and have the ability to make others feel warm, loved, and welcomed when they first meet them.

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Virgo Rising sign appearance

Virgo Risings will usually be lean, have a commanding presence, and will be conventionally attractive. They will have piercing eyes and their physical appearances could rival that of any Hollywood star.

Those with this Rising sign will usually be seen as intellectuals or bookworms. They enjoy learning and sharing their thoughts with others once they get to know them.

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Libra Rising sign appearance

Those with Venus-ruled Ascendants are gifted with natural beauty. Of course, they may not see it themselves but others will immediately be captivated by them.

Libra Risings are ruled by Venus so they may represent what everyone might desire in a partner when it comes to physical beauty. Because they are kind and friendly, it only helps to have people be more attracted to them.

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Scorpio Rising sign appearance

Magnetic Scorpio Risings knows how to make everyone in a room pay attention to them. They will have a powerful stare because this is a highly observant sign that can melt anyone with their eyes.

They tend to have long dark hair and may even match their clothes to fit their favorite color. Scorpio Risings could be tall, lean and seen as powerful because of how they carry themselves. They are very ambitious and driven.

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Sagittarius Rising sign appearance

Sagittarius Risings are known for their muscular builds and are usually above average height. They can have mischievous stares, and confidence in themselves and are not afraid to dress unconventionally. Their hair can be a trademark especially if they have a strong fifth house. They can have a commanding presence which will help them be respected by their peers.

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Capricorn Rising sign appearance

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn Risings seems to have physical appearances that are stopped by time. There is a glow and gratefulness to this sign because they carry themselves like aristocrats.

They are usually of medium height, lean, and full of life. Their aging process might appear to be slower because Saturn rules time. The native with this rising sign is usually refined, elegant, and dignified.

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Aquarius Rising sign appearance

Those with this Rising sign will appear to be otherworldly. They may not be conventionally attractive but there is an ethereal beauty to this sign that can only be matched by a Pisces Rising.

They can be extremely tall and will have poise and command like a Scorpio. It also helps that they have a personality that draws others in with ease since they can be extremely friendly and welcoming.

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Pisces Rising sign appearance

Pisces Risings take the elements of Venus and Neptune into account. They can be seen as beautiful with their mesmerizing features that make people think that they are in a dream state. They can be of average height, have a medium build, and have beautiful hair.

Neptune's influence might make them appear differently to everyone, where some might be caught in their bubble or are curious about their mysterious nature.

Pisces Risings are charming, social, and always willing to help others.

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